Garage48 e-Residency

When 11-13 September, 2015

Where Vormsi, Estonia

  • Overview

    Want to end the summer with a cool trip to Estonian nature?! FREE TRIP from Tallinn to Vormsi, GREAT PRIZES and COOL PEOPLE included. Join the e-Residency hackathon on Vormsi island!

    Can you imagine a world where people do not need to waste time on bureaucracy and declaration of taxes? Can you imagine, that setting up a business is so welcomed that you can do it in less than 20 minutes?

    All this and much more is possible in Estonia. The northern European country introduced the e-Residency project on the 1st of December 2014 and gained immediate interest from all over the world. Estonia now offers e-Residents access to the same digital services that Estonians have used for years already to manage their daily lives, be it managing their bank accounts, signing documents online, etc.

    The possibilities that the e-Residency project can offer are limitless. This is why Garage48, Enterprise Estonia, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Information System Authority have teamed up to create an international e-Residency hackathon! The goal is to develop these e-services further as well as to develop additional e-services into working prototypes in an intense 48 hours of inspiration and hard work!

    Read more about the current services for e-Residents here:

    The Garage48 e-Residency hackathon welcomes participants with a wide-ranging skillsets: IT and mobile developers, UX and UI designers, project managers, marketeers, entrepreneurs and visionaries in the field. All these specialists are welcomed to develop e-services that will benefit e-Residents around the world for a more cutting edge and entrepreneur-friendly future.


    JOIN us to create services for e-Residents to put e-Estonia on the world map! We organised 2 pre-events (Idea Garages) in Tallinn and Tartu and NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE main event (Garage48 e-Residency hackathon) on Vormsi island. 


    2 pre-events took place to help you kick-ass at the main event. The goal was to meet experts in the field, validate your idea, brainstorm new ones and meet your potential teammates. Participation is for free with food, inspiration and fun provided! The events in Tartu and Tallinn were a great success and you can read about the ideas from our blog:


    Let’s do things differently! If you’re crazy enough to get lost in the beautiful nature for a weekend to put e-Estonia on the world map then join the main event: Garage48 e-Residency hackathon takes place on 11-13th September on Vormsi island.

    Trip to Vormsi, food and refreshments throughout the weekend, awesome mentors and lots of inspiration provided for free!


    Friday, 11th September
    Bus leaves Tallinn 7.45 (Garage48 HUB, Rävala pst 7)
    Ferry from Rohuküla 10.15
    Ferry in Sviby, Vormsi 11.00

    11.30 Arriving in Hullo village, Vormsi. Registration
    12.00 Lunch
    13.00 Let’s start! Opening remarks
    13.30 Pitching ideas (90 secs per idea)
    14.30 Break (coffee/tea)
    15.00 Pitching ideas (continues)
    16.00 Forming teams, everyone will choose the idea they want to work with over the weekend
    16.30 The DOs and DON’Ts from a tech mentor
    17.00 Team work begins. Put down your action plan!
    19.00 Dinner
    21.00 Checkpoint #1 - Teams show a clear action plan what they want to build by Sunday. First things to show. 

    Saturday, 12th September
    09:00 Breakfast
    10.00 Checkpoint #2 - What happened in the night?!
    10:30 Presentation: introduction to e-Residency
    11:00 Development continues. Mentors go around.
    13:00 Lunch
    14.00 Development continues
    17.00 Presentation: How to prepare for a perfect pitch (Now go write your script!)
    17.30 Checkpoint #3 Hard at work or hardly working?!
    19:00 Dinner
    20.00  First round pitch training (until 22.00)

    Sunday, 13th September
    09:00 Coffee & breakfast. Work continues
    10:00 Checkpoint #4
    10:30 Pitch practice (10min per team)
    13:00 Lunch
    15:00 Final event: demo of finished products
    17.00 Coffee/tea, snacks (break when the jury decides)
    17.45 Winners!
    18:00 Wrap-up and bye-bye

    Leaving Hullo, everybody on the bus 18.30 LATEST
    Ferry from Sviby 19.05
    Ferry in Rohuküla 19.50
    Arrive in Tallinn approx 22.00 (Garage48 HUB, Rävala pst 7)

    NB! Schedule is tentative, changes are possible and likely to happen.


    1. Tallinn-Vormsi island-Tallinn 
    There is a bus for participants leaving Tallinn Friday morning (7.45 am !!!) and arriving back Sunday night (approx 10pm). The event will be taking place in Hullo village on Vormsi island. 

    * If you'd like a bus from Tartu go to the Facebook event and give us a shout. If we get enough people we will arrange a bus from there as well :) 
    2. Accomodation
    If anyone has time to sleep, we have dedicated sleeping areas in the local school. We ask you to bring your own sleeping gear - mattress, sleeping bag, favourite pillow etc. There are showers for your use.
    Or you can bring a tent :) 

    OR you can check out one of these places in Vormsi:

    3. Food
    We have full catering at the event during the weekend made by local chefs. You can request a vegetarian menu.


    There are just a few places left for designers and developers.

    NB! Participants of the pre-events will be invited to the hackathon first. 

    Garage48 e-Residency events are taking place in the framework of EU Structural Funds programme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society" and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

    The Mentors 

    Siim Sikkut
    Government Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications / Member of the Advisory Board of AccelerateEstonia
    Taavi Kotka
    CIO of Estonia, Head of Estonian e-Residency program council
    Kaspar Korjus
    E-Residency Program Director
    Priit Salumaa
    CEO & Founder at Better Medicine
    Martin Grüner
    CTO, Tech Entrepreneur and Co-founder at Aplefly Games
    Konstantin Tretyakov
    Bioinformatics Group, Institute of Computer Science, PhD Student, Researcher
    Katrin Sepp
    Legal Advisor of e-Residency Team
    Katre Kasmel
    Head of Marketing and Communication of e-Residency Program
    Victoria Saue
    Head of Risk and Compliance for e-Residency program
    Martin Paljak
    Chief Specialist, Cyber Security R&D at Estonian Information System Authority
    Ott Vatter
    Managing Director at e-Residency
    Toomas Seppel
    Attorney at Hedman Partners Attorneys-at-Law
    Jaanus Sakkis
    Creative Director and Founder at Feks Design
    Andres Kütt
    Former Architect at Estonian Information System's Authority
    Raigo Lilleberg
    UX/UI Designer and Founder at Kreit
    Annika Ljaš
    Full Stack Marketer〡Visiting CMO〡PR Expert
    Calum Cameron
    CEO of DP Innovation Labs and Edasi Labs


    Kai Isand
    Host, mentor and pitch coach at Garage48 

    The Programme is brought to you by: