Garage48 e-Residency: The Ideas From The Pre-event in Tartu

The 2nd Garage48 e-Residency Pre-Event: Idea Garage is now successfully over! The participants gathered at the soon-to-be-opened Garage48 HUB Tartu and grouped into 4 teams. They then brainstormed ideas ranging from family management to enabling the use of various technologies for the e-Residents of Estonia. Like in the previous pre-event in Tallinn, the teams were supported by the e-Residency Mentors and our Garage48 Mentor Priit Salumaa who together helped to guide the idea owners.

Pro tip for pitching: try to make your idea as understandable as possible, otherwise you won’t be able to make it as people will not join to implement it. And as we say here in Garage48 – ideas are nothing without execution!

The ideas of the pre-event of the Tartu pre-event are the following: 

  1. It’s required by law that your bylaws describe your actual business processes. Otherwise the commercial registry will not accept that. The solution: We can avoid repeating mistakes by generating bylaws with legally vetted templates. Individual bylaws will be generated using a wizard that collects information about your BPs.
  2. Creative works vault. Artists need a better way to manage the selling of their content, collecting money from compulsory licenses, asserting IP rights. The solution: a vault that identifies the creator/owner of the IP and timestamps it to prove when it was created, easy to legally assert the identity of the owner with e-ID.
  3. Visa submissions. Problem: You have to go to the embassy twice to get a visa - to apply and to receive. Time-consuming, inconvenient. Even if you get a visa for the second time to the same country. The solution: Application for visas using all the data that has been collected for e-residency anyways.
  4. A business as a service for global freelancers. So freelancers wouldn’t need to do bookkeeping, they would help with legals etc. a online platform that has different service levels, a legal body that takes over your work and does it for you.
  5. E-union – a private institute for marriages and partnerships.
  6. To build a platform that lets e-Residents to log in securely through a beautiful button, like people do to log in via Facebook.
  7. A platform for e-Residents like LinkedIn, where all users are legally bound. Each member who signs up is legally authenticated.
  8. A network where you can validate the people you are in contact with.
  9. A platform that works as a dating site with digital authentication.
  10. A platform for universities and other education providers to offer online education. As today e-schooling platforms do not know who they are teaching, the platform would authenticate the students in order to give diplomas.
  11. A online platform. To use the new digital tools for data – block chain technology. For database. With block chain we are going to make e-notary much better, it would benefit from recorded transactions.
  12. They want to implement ID-based authentication for companies for which we need to provide open protocol enabled solution.
  13. A distributed Dropbox. The problem with e-Residency is that it lacks popularity. e-Residency as a service would expand sharable community and give them goodies.
  14. A platform that would make secure sharing stuff in Dropbox
  15. AirB’n’B for cars. It is a platform for users which can provide car-sharing.
  16. To bring a community of the total aspect of the e-Residency platform.
  17. To provide e-Residents with committed a personal assistants.


Thank you to everyone for the ideas!

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