Garage48 e-Residency: The Ideas From Tallinn Pre-event

The Garage48 e-Residency hackathon has already grasped attention all over the world. Journalists, current and future e-Residents and programmers are excited of the services the ID-card based identification offers for the digital residents of Estonia. 
The event will take place on the 11-13th of September in the beautiful island of Vormsi. But as every hackathon of Garage48 attracts a multitude number of ideas, we decided to host 2 pre-events to validate the ideas, give feedback and to see if some idea owners could join forces for the hackathon already! So that when the day arrives in Vormsi, the participants could choose from the best!
The first pre-event took place in Tallinn at the inspiring premises of Kultuurikatel. Kaspar Korjus, the main person responsible for the e-Residency project, gave an overview and introduced us to the core of the program. The day then involved further with brainstorming and a pitching session.
The second pre-event will be held in Tartu, on the 2nd of Sept at the new Startup HUB of Tartu.

Pitched ideas:

1.     Idea - solve public services problems. To change fundamentally how the social tax money is managed: move it from government side to the end-user side – as a tax payer people could choose their service provider.

2.     Idea - Startup information kit for e-residents. Through e-residency the people outside of EU will have the opportunity to open up their information about bank accounts and transferring services, as the European legislation will change in a couple of years.

3.     Idea - A unified digital environment with all the necessary information and contacts for services. Visual roadmaps for different goals – like creating a business. This should be a part of the e-Residency customer support solution.

4.     Idea - Residents should have the verified profile right away. To have SDKs to integrate the “Login with e-Residency” button. Make it open source available on Github. As many programming languages as possible, PHP and nodeJS first.

5.    Idea - Secure product communication, a platform that sits on top of an communication channel (like fleep, skype), which get automatically encrypted, so you can send secure files.

6.    Idea - Imagine you are an entrepreneur and you want to establish a company, you are overwhelmed with information, they want to build a consultancy business, which works like Uber for e-residency. To help foreigners by connecting with them to local services.

7.    Idea - A tax calculation app for entrepreneurs, especially if there are foreign board members.

8.    Idea - To kill LinkedIn, the build the most secure business connecting platform, to bring together startup community.        

9.    Idea - An ID-card based bank card that works like any bank card that exists. The problem is the maintenance for bank cards is very expensive (the card infrastructure). They will show how the communication work and the processing. A retail card payment.

10.  Idea - B2B service, the possibility to tap in the database of Estonian e-residents. To verify the identity of the transaction. Block chain.

11.  Idea - Online service for e-residents to get the best startups implemented in Estonia. The service will bring together Estonian incubators and startups.

12.  Idea - The best information portal, where e-residents can get info on legal, tax etc. they get pre-approved partner, who do your taxes, banking, legal etc.

13.  Idea - You can manage or access easily online and the businesses can get all the data that you currently get from your loyalty cards. To have only 1 card and 1 key in your pocket.

14.  Idea - To build an online voting tool. Much like Doodle but a lot more secure thanks to the e-Residency card.

15.  Idea - For people without identities, eg asylum seekers to use services needed for their everyday life.

16.  Idea - Making setting up a business really easy, using a questionnaire that gets the basic information and then uses an automated tool.

17.  Idea - The EU law is that each country has to accept digital signatures. The idea is to build a container that accepts the signature.

18.  Idea - A platform that helps e-residents in Estonia to communicate for work and get hired.

Garage48 e-Residency events are taking place in the framework of EU Structural Funds programme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society" and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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