Empowering the Startup Community


When 19-20 August

Where Nairobi, Kenya

  • Overview
  • Garage48 is coming to Kenya- this time around to boost the local startup ecosystem and strengthen the ties between the key organizations of the ecosystem!



    Empowering the Startup Community Workshop is a 2-day long workshop dedicated to

    creating new connections and strengthening the old ones between the startup ecosystem support organizations in Kenya and East-Africa. We will handpick 25 representatives from the key players in the startup ecosystem support community, bring everyone together into one spot and ran series of

    brainstorming sessions, that will contribute to a stronger, smarter and more connected startup ecosystem. The sessions will be led by the professional moderators from Garage48.

    Apply now: https://garage48.typeform.com/to/CvVh3SGQ

    Goals of the workshop

    - to bring together different types of organizations /programmes /companies who play a role in the local startup/entrepreneurial ecosystems.  

    - network- getting to know each other better and understanding each other’s strengths.

    - positioning the organizations into different categories in the startup ecosystem support network. Mapping out all the other organizations as well (who do not participate in the workshop) who play a vital role in the startup-support-ecosystem!

    - to map out the most standard problems that the early-stage startups /companies stumble upon in the East-African region

    - to map out the key funding opportunities for the startups (public and private sources)

    When and where?

    19-20 of August

    Pangea Accelerator, Nairobi, Kenya

    Exact agenda will be announced shortly!

    Who is invited?

    Representatives from up to 25 East-African organizations, who are helping the startup ecosystem to grow and flourish! There is a possibility to travel and attend the workshop in person (all costs covered for the selected participants) or online(free!)

    Applications are open until 02/08/2021!

    Apply now: https://garage48.typeform.com/to/CvVh3SGQ

    The program is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Development Cooperation Fund and carried out by Garage48 and Pangea Accelerator.


    Jonas Tesfu
    Co-Founder and CEO at Pangea Accelerator
    Anne Lawi
    Managing Director at Pangea Trust
    Joan Mwangi
    Community & Programs Manager at Pangea Trust
    Waithera Wambugu
    Project Coordinator at Pangea Trust
    Abel Muhatia
    Communication Associate at Pangea Trust