Creative Startup Bootcamp

When 4-7 July

Where Eco Resort Butuceni

  • Overview
  • Just imagine, how many talented painters - don’t paint, how many doctors - don’t treat, how many dancers - don’t dance and how many entrepreneurs - have given up and don’t innovate anymore? On the other hand are painting, treating, dancing, and innovating those who set their goals and choose to take part in Yep!Moldova community

    And because we care about our community, we, Yep!Moldova team, are inviting you to come back to the origins and live 4 intense days like a startupper. Nature. Work. Startups. Networking. Inspiration.

    Or, in other words – CREATIVE STARTUP BOOTCAMP
    In 4 days, we will help you develop your startup idea, innovate and generate hypotheses to validate and test on the right clients.

    At the Creative Startup Bootcamp you will have the opportunity to:
    ✅ better understand the ecosystem of a startup;
    ✅ obtain individual mentoring sessions from our experts;
    ✅ identify the best product-market fit for your product;
    ✅ discover and better understand your clients;
    ✅ analyze your competitors and evaluate the market;
    ✅ discover methods of funding a startup;
    ✅ go through the best pitch training and even hold your own pitch or your ideas.

    We have prepared for you an intense programme of trainings, workshops and quality networking, with extraordinary mentors and our partners from Garage48, Estonia.

    🗓 When?
    Creative Startup Bootcamp will take place between 4-7 July, when the summer is wearing its greenest coat, and we look our best with a glass of lemonade in our hand.

    🪵 Where?
    We’ll spend 4 yepic days at Eco Resort Butuceni, one of the most picturesque places in Moldova.

    🔍 Who is it for?
    We expect at the bootcamp:
    - Youth that are developing a startup idea;
    - Entrepreneurs that want to develop a new product;
    - Freelancers that want to develop a new idea;
    - Professionals from the creative industry.

    ❗️ It is important for you to have a startup idea and a team to develop this idea with.
    Age for participation: 18+

    Join us at the most Creative Startup Bootcamp and try on your own skin what it means to live and to create like a startup founder. 

    This event is organized by Garage48 and Yep!Moldova, with the financial aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, within the Fund for developing and humanitarian aid.




    Viorica Cerbusca
    Executive Director at Artcor
    Maria Miron
    Project Manager at Yep!Moldova
    Silvia Soitu
    Project Manager at Yep!Moldova
    Jana Saastamoinen
    Project Manager at Garage48

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