Garage48 Pärnu 2016 Women in Tech Hackathon Is Making Estonia’s Tech Sector Gender-Equal

Garage48 Pärnu 2016 Women in Tech hackathon in partnership with the Pärnu City Council and Pärnu Entrepreneurship & Development Center has kicked off with lots of ideas and innovative thinking! Participants not constrained by nationality, language, or borders have gathered to build working prototypes under a tight time frame in any industry they choose to. We are off to a great start by also having over 50% of the participants to be women, while the name of the event hasn’t scared off men either.
Garage48 also celebrates the 4th year of hosting Women Special hackathons in Pärnu. We together with Tech Sisters aim to bring more women to the IT and Startup Scene.
Are we on to a winning combination - having mixed teams hacking for the goal of unlocking the next treasure box in technology? You bet!

On 2nd of December, we were greeted with warm and hopeful words by our long-term friend and Pärnu’s most active startup life organiser, Aare Raev. Mr Raev also had some great news to share with us, as Pärnu is finally getting its first hub, Forwardspace.

The evening was followed by celebrating the successes of previous Garage48 Women Special alumni Timbeter, GoWorkaBit, Sorry As A Service and Shipitwise. All four of them, have been able to generate loads of success after having their initial idea formed in Garage48. Sander from Shipitwise, even shared plenty of his tips and tricks to the newly formed teams on how to make these 48 hours really count.

And of course, after the teams were formed and they had got their timetables, we all had pizza.

We have 10 teams working non-stop in full brainpower-mode at the premises of Tartu University Pärnu College, let's introduce the ideas that attracted team members and are off to a promising start.

These are the 10 teams developing their projects in the hackathon this week-end:
* 3D Aftermarket - Owning 3D Printer is overrated, as there’s not that much you can do with it. But it's not completely useless. Thus, let's make a 3D (printer) Aftermarket.
* Art Kompott - Directory of designers making art that Art Lovers can buy. Like Etsy, but more sophisticated...
* Augmentifly - a real smart application for scanning pictures and making them come alive. Bring Tanel Padar to PokemonGo?
* TicketFriends - Have you ever had any problems with tickets? Upload it and we'll take care of it for a small commission. E.g. sell it to someone who wants to buy it in last minute.
* MikaHelps - Uber for services helping you do everything. Let's make a bot together!
* Immigration Experts - Immigration to a new country is hard. Let's make it simple make it simple together.
* Swhen - Package tracking bot with funny story telling.
* Vital Foods - Food exchange (B2B) platform for farmers to sell their organic food to restaurants.
* Blanket - Platform for donating all kinds of stuff you need when relocating to those moving to new places.
* Assist Me - Connecting travelling professionals with local students offering local assist.

Better luck next time:
* MyVehicle - Oh my car! Let's bring all car related services into one app.
* - Remote gardening for people with no time to take care of the garden by themselves.
* Pop My Form Up - Turn your long surveys into small Pop Up forms.
* Relationship guardian - Make your partner shut up when you're describing a problem and vice verse, helping relationships last longer.
* Uniglo X - The first P2B2P parcel courier delivery company in Europe.
* BrainText - One-Click Highlighting on any platform to make it faster to highlight and copy sentences.
* New Tinder - Like Tinder but fun and upside down. First buy the tickets and then go to a date. Big market. Big market!
* People are constantly late for meetings. Let's track people coming to a meeting so they wouldn't be anxious where the other party is.
* What's that? - Snap a photo. Capture your location. And real people from the area let you know if you should eat it.
* Ride sharing app with in-app voice messaging and Pocopay integration so I'd not have to share my phone number or cash with a stranger.

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