Anna-Greta Tsahkna Met Her Winning Team at Garage48 Women Special Hackathon

It has been 2 years since Anna-Greta Tsahkna met her team Timbeter (previously TimberDiameter) at the first ever Garage48 Women Special event in Pärnu. Since then the startup has turned out to be incredibly successful with many prizes and titles under their belt: the winner of Garage48 Women Special 2013, winner of Ajujaht 2014, Kuldmuna 2015 for Timbeter mobile app. Seems, this is only the start. This time Anna-Greta will participate as a mentor, ready to inspire women and men to start their own journey at the Garag48 Tourism Pärnu hackathon on November 13-15th.

When and how did you know that Timbeter could have potential?

2 years ago when we met up with the team at Garage48 – on Friday evening when I went home after the first brainstorm, I knew that this idea has potential. Now, after 2 years, when the product has finally successfully launched, I`m getting the feeling that my first impression was correct. 

Of course there have been ups and downs and points when you have doubts about everything. But this is simply part of the process and development. 

You worked at a big IT company before going to work full-time in a startup. What gave you the courage to leave a stable work behind for a startup?

It somehow felt so right. Of course I had my doubts and I thought it over and over but at some point it came down to really simple questions: when, if not now? Who, if not me? The only thing you need to cope with is your own fear. 

What has been the easiest and what the most difficult aspect in running a startup?

Running a start-up is always difficult; these difficulties just vary depending on the phase. I guess the really difficult part was getting the first paying customer and then raising the figure of paying customers month-by-month. Your yesterday`s record is todays minimal level and you always need to jump higher than last time. 

Raising money for product development is not also the easiest part. But all the difficulties teach you new things and as a result you get stronger and more experienced. Feeling like a complete idiot is a good ground for development. 

You also took part in the first ever Garage48 Women Special event in Pärnu. What experience did you get from the hackathon?

Garage48 event is something I recommend to all. It is something that takes your energy to a totally new level. You get new ideas, meet new interesting people and experience a real energy boost. 

As this time the Garage48 Women Special hackathon in Pärnu focuses on the tourism industry. What technologies and apps do you use when travelling or going on a business trip?

I must say, that I`m not really an app person, Google Maps and TripAdvisor are the only ones that I use. 

So I have high expectations towards Garage48 and hopefully after that I have many new apps that I will be using. 

What have been some of your favourite travel destinations?

Italy is a country I always love to visit. Oman I visited many times thanks to my previous work – I would recommend this as travel destination as well. 

Do you also enjoy domestic tourism? What tourism spots or activities in Estonia would you recommend for your foreign friends?

I really do enjoy domestic tourism and I think it is wonderful that there`s always new places to discover. For foreign friends I would recommend Lahemaa national park and the manors, and islands: Muhu, Saaremaa and Kihnu.

What recent startup has impressed you the most?

I like start-ups who solve problems in conservative and tech-poor industries. I just recently head the VitalFields story and that was very inspiring. 

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Ask, don`t assume. Works always in all life situations.  

Your message to Garage48 Tourism Pärnu participants?

Teams coming out from Garage48 Pärnu event are really strong and I believe the reason is diversity, which these teams have. If you`ll make it here, you`ll make it anywhere.

Do you want to be the next success story or just want to challenge yourself? Register for the Garage48 Tourism Pärnu hackathon on the 13-15th of November in Pärnu at

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