Student Startup SuperCamp 2023

When 31.01.2023

Where University of Tartu Delta Center

  • Overview
  • Ladies and gentleman - Student Startup Supercamp is happening!

    Why super you ask? Cuz this year marks 10 years of Student Startup Camp! And it will be the most awesome one yet! 


    💥 WHAT IS IT?
    It is an annual entrepreneurship bootcamp designed to build your idea into a working prototype and to learn the basics of launching a tech startup.

    Basically, we will take your hand and pull you on a journey of becoming a STARTUP ENTREPRENEUR! You'll either get rich… or die prototyping. Everyone says that Gen Z is lazy. This is your chance to prove them wrong.

    The 4-day course consists of teamwork, intensive mentoring, hands-on talks on specific topics around launching a tech startup and inspirational talks by the #EstonianMafia founders, including people behind Garage48 and many more.

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