Student Startup Camp Tartu 2020

When 4-7 February, 2020

Where University of Tartu Delta Centre (Narva mnt 18)

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  • NB! The registration has finished

    Student Startup Camp is an annual event held together with University of Tartu sTARTUp Lab and Institute of Computer Science. It is an entrepreneurship bootcamp designed to build your idea into a working prototype and to learn the basics of launching a tech startup. You will be guided through the most important steps by active startup entrepreneurs and trainers who collaborate to create a hands-on learning experience.

    The 4-day course consists of teamwork, intensive mentoring, hands-on talks on specific topics around launching a tech startup and inspirational talks by the #EstonianMafia founders, including people behind Garage48 and many more.

    For whom?

    The bootcamp is aimed at students from Estonia and elsewhere with a background in IT, engineering, design, marketing, and business. The camp also welcomes participants from other disciplines, especially those who bring along with them novel ideas and an entrepreneurial can-do attitude. Every participant will be able to pitch an idea for the camp and/or join an idea one likes the most.

    Credit points

    Students enrolled in Estonian higher-education institutions may obtain 3 ECTS for successful participation in the camp. Please tick the "3 ECTS" box in the registration form if you wish to obtain credit points. 


    Students from all universities are eligible. No need to register if you have already signed up to the course in ÕIS. 
    NB! The registration has been closed. 


    University of Tartu Delta Centre (Narva mnt 18)

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    Any questions?

    Please contact us:

    Tuesday, 4 Feb
    Where: University of Tartu Delta Centre (Narva mnt 18)
    Theme: Ideate what to build / Get team on same page

    15.30 Registration
    16.00 Intro, How things will work;
    16.15 Pitching ideas in 90 seconds
    17.30 Team formation 
    18.00 Talk: how to build your MVP + wireframing
    Task: MVP Canvas
    Goal: Draw/wireframe your MVP + assumptions
    19.45 Finish

    20.00 Gathering @ Forrest Tartu (Rüütli 7)

    Wednesday, 5 Feb
    Where: University of Tartu Delta Centre (Narva mnt 18)
    Theme: Who wants it? Validate & talk with customers

    11.00 Morning checkpoint
    11.30 Talk: customer discovery
    Talk: dirty tricks and tools for hacking, "fake it till you make it"
    12:00 Work in teams
    14:30-16:30 Mentoring hours
    17:00 Evening checkpoint
    18:00 Startup talk #1 - Jüri Kaljundi, founding and scaling startups (Weekdone, CV-online) 

    Thursday, 6 Feb
    Where: University of Tartu Delta Centre (Narva mnt 18)
    Theme: Building your product / Business modelling

    11.00 Morning checkpoint
    11.30 Talk: business models and tools 
    12:00 Work in teams
    12:00-16:30 Mentoring hours, mentors going to teams to give feedback 1-on-1
    16:30 Talk: preparing your story
    17:00 Evening checkpoint
    18:00 Startup talk #2, Teet Saar, working for a tech company (Playtech)

    Friday, 7 Feb
    Where: University of Tartu Delta Centre (Narva mnt 18)
    Theme: Finish up your prototype / Final pitch

    11.00 Morning checkpoint
    11.30 Tech teams carry on finishing the prototype
    11:30 Pitch drills start
    Mentors go round for final touches
    15:30 Final pitches in front of a jury
    17:00 Finish

    The most important thing is to bring a positive attitude, an open mind and lots of energy! But here's a few more important things to consider:

    1. *IDEA* The important thing before the event is to come up with an IDEA. Take the opportunity (on your own or with a team) to think about problems that could be solved with technology. Think about everyday problems in your school / professional / personal life…

    • Repeating activities
    • Tasks which require a lot of manual work
    • Annoyances
    • Processes which are way too slow
    • Processes which are way too expensive
    • Blockages

    How could you solve these with technology?

    2. *PITCHING* If you have an idea to pitch, please prepare a 90-second-pitch, you can also prepare 1 SLIDE to support your pitch.

    Make sure you consider the following points:

    • Describe b r i e f l y your background
    • What is the name of the idea?
    • What is the problem you are solving? What is the idea about?
    • Target user, technical solution, revenue model etc
    • What do you want to build/achieve as the prototype?
    • Who do you need in your team to win this event?

    After pitching is over, all participants choose their favourite idea and teams are formed. Do not feel bad if your idea doesn’t get picked, just join someone else’s team and use the experience later to build your own thing.  

    3. *AGENDA & MENTORS* It will be an intensive week mostly focused on independent team work. Every day starts with a checkpoint at 11am - if you want your credit points you have to be there ;). Then a few presenters will set the theme of the day with short lectures. After that it is all you - share roles in the team, create an action plan and get to work. Full agenda TBA. 

    4. *WHAT TO BRING* Bring everything you need for rapid development:

    • laptop
    • mobile phone, test devices
    • camera/equipment for marketing content
    • all chargers
    • extension cord
    • business cards (if you have any, you'll meet people you want to contact later!)

    PS We don't provide any food at the event, please make sure that you bring your own brain food.

    PPS We will open a participant message group later for easier communication.


    #ssc2020 # ssc

    The Mentors 

    Kai Isand
    Pitch Coach and Host at Garage48; CEO @ Eventornado
    Maret Kruve
    Product Manager at Pipedrive, Co-founder @ Student Startup Camp 
    Andreas Roosson
    Graphic Designer at Hmmm Creative Studio


    Kai Isand
    Host, mentor and pitch coach at Garage48 
    Maret Ahonen
    Head at sTARTUp Lab
    Andres Vaher
    Marketing and Communications Specialist @ sTARTUp Lab

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