Single Digital Gateway | Taxation

When 26-27 April 2019

Where Palo Alto Club, Tallinn

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  • Welcome to the #SINGLEDIGITALGATEWAY, a series of high-level hackathons hosted in cities across Europe where citizens, businesses, professionals, students, NGOs - all creative minds put their heads together to map out and shape the all-in-one digital gateway for smarter e-services and information anywhere in Europe.

    The Tallinn teams’ challenge for 24h hackathon is…

    To develop and design a new gateway to access and understand all relevant taxation anywhere in the European Union

    While the EU has managed to harmonise to some extent the rules governing VAT, Member States retain full competence in the field of direct taxes. This means 28 different income tax systems! Under the SDG Regulation, companies need access to relevant tax information to facilitate cross-border dealings. In particular, SMEs need to know what tax rules and obligations apply in the Member States where they conduct their business, regardless of whether they have a legal presence in that country or not. And relevant information on foreign tax systems must be available in a few simple, self-evident clicks.

    The European Commission is tasked with reducing the burden on national administrations by streamlining the data already available at EU level. This is where the hackers come in. The best place to start is YOUR EUROPE and online databases already available at EU level.

    This challenge relates to both corporate and non-corporate business and includes all company sizes and sectors. Emphasis is on practical solutions for integrating taxation data from different sources into the gateway search results and for linking them with information provided at national level. Hackers should take into account the trade-off between search paths and free-search solutions.


    You are based in Estonia? Register as a solo participant or as a team and compete to win the 5.000 EUR reward! Be aware that max 40 people are handpicked for this hackathon!
    Basics: Teams will be selected based on what they offer and their ideas. Four members per team with different profiles. Teams or individuals can apply (solo participants will be paired with a team matching their idea/interest). Only participants located in Estonia are considered.
    Applicants pay a 15 EUR registration fee, which is reimbursed if not chosen to participate or after attending the hackathon as a participant (no refunds to anyone selected who did not attend). No expenses (travel, meals, accommodation) is reimbursed. Meals are provided on-site during the 24-hour event.

    The event is organized by European Commision (DG GROWTH) 

    Friday, 26th April
    11.00 - Doors are open, networking, snacks
    12.00 - Introduction and welcoming speech
    13.00 - Presentation of ideas / pitching
    13.30 - Team formation
    14.00 - Let's start hacking! 
    15.30 - Workshop 1: Minimum Viable Product by Joao Rei
    16.00 - Lunch
    20.00 - Dinner
    21.00 - Workshop 2: Pitch theory
    ... hacking continues

    Saturday, 27th April

    8.00 - Breakfast
    9.00 - Workshop 3: Pitch drill
    12.00 - Time's up, let's network and get some snacks 
    13.00 - Pitch session in front of the jury
    15.00 - Award ceremony
    ... cake drinks and networking! 


    Positive attitude, an open mind and lots of energy! Get to know new people, share your ideas and give ideas/feedback to other teams. MOST IMPORTANT - have fun!

    Please take your:

    - Laptop

    - All chargers (mobile, laptop)

    - Water bottle/thermos (help us reduce the use of plastic in this event) - although we have cups prepared for you as well, of course


    - Photo camera to take and share photos
    - Mattress
    - Sleeping bag and towel (in case you would like to stay overnight)
    - Credit cards for domain registration
    - Business cards (if you have any)

    We provide:

    - Meals and refreshments

    - Fully equipped venue

    - Goodies and surprises

    - Workshops and topnotch mentors



    The Mentors 

    Joao Rei
    Garage48 host, business and marketing mentor
    Martin Verrev
    Creative Engineer at Littlebit and lecturer at TalTech
    Jana Viia
    Head of User Experience (NUX) @ Nortal
    Johannes Siig
    Full-Stack Developer @ GrabCAD
    Helen Pahapill
    Adviser @ Tax Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance
    Kristo Madrus
    Chief Expert  @ Customs and Excise Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance
    Evelyn Liivamägi
    Head of Tax Department @ the Tax and Customs Board


    Liis Linn
    Project Manager at Garage48

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