M1TQ Hackathon & Acceleration

When 20-22 May 2022

Where Yerevan, Armenia

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  • Digitain is launching the M1TQ Hackathon & Acceleration program powered by Garage48 to crowdsource innovative technological solutions and empower the Armenian startup ecosystem. 🚀

    The program is going to start with a 48-hour hackathon, followed by a 2-month acceleration program.

    🧠  WHAT IS M1TQ?

    M1TQ is a startup boosting project that focuses on the potential and the innovation of the Armenian technology field. It is implemented in the framework of DigiTown project, initiated by Digitain.
    The first M1TQ acceleration program took place in 2021 giving a chance for 8 startups to go through an intensive 12-week entrepreneurial journey which ended with a Demo day. The Demo day was followed by investment contracts with some of the startups.


    Hackathon is a weekend-long intensive development event to work out new web and mobile applications or novel services and products and bring new startups to life.

    The event is open for both university students and already working specialists and visionaries. We start on Friday with one goal in mind - to have a working prototype by Sunday to present to the jury. All the teams will be supported by internationally experienced mentors throughout the event.
    Get ready for 48 hours of hacking, designing, coding, conceptualising, and working with industry experts to bring in new products and solutions to market! 🙌🏻

     🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ WHO CAN JOIN?
    The hackathon and acceleration program is open to professionals from all backgrounds.
    We invite business visionaries, software engineers, marketing professionals, project managers, educators, web/app developers, UX/UI designers, entrepreneurs, product/service developers, data scientists, and other interested individuals with the desire to develop change-making products and services with their knowledge and skills.
    The hackathon and acceleration will happen in English.

    - Best teams will be accepted to M1TQ acceleration program;
    - Pitch your prototype to a network of International and Armenian investors at the acceleration Demo Day;
    - The opportunity to pilot your ideas with Digitain;
    - The prize fund is growing, stay tuned for updates!

    Hackathons have proven to be a great opportunity to meet fellow talents, potential co-founders, employers, and employees, and work together with industry-leading experts who will support you in the process!
    Ideas across all sectors are welcome at the program. For example, have an idea to innovate EdTech, FinTech, GreenTech, E-Commerce, AI & Machine Learning, SaaS & more? Join the hackathon!

     ✍🏼You can join as an individual or a team. You can register with an idea and put together a team of skilled individuals who are looking for an idea to work on, or if you don't have an idea, you are very welcome to join a team with an idea you like.
    This is your chance to unleash your creativity and bring your idea to life under the guidance of industry-leading experts!

     🤩 HOW TO JOIN?
    Make sure you follow the M1TQ hackathon & acceleration events on Facebook and LinkedIn to not miss any hackathon-related information, registration is open until May 15th!

    👉 Register here: https://garage48.typeform.com/m1tqhack


    NB! Agenda is preliminary and might change. The latest agenda is always here on this website.

    17:00 - The doors are open, registration
    17:30 - Check-in, networking, coffee, snacks
    18:00 - Opening remarks
    18:30 - Pitching of ideas
    19:30 - Team formation
    20:30 - Teamwork begins

    09:00 - Coffee & light breakfast. Development continues
    10:00 - Checkpoint #1 with mentors
    11:00 - Teamwork & mentoring sessions
    13:00 - Lunch
    13:45 - Product development continues. Teamwork & mentoring sessions.
    14:00- 14:30 Pitch training
    16:00 - Checkpoint #2. Development continues
    19:00 - Dinner

    09:00 - Checkpoint #3
    10:00 - 11:00- Pitch drill session #1
    12:00 - 13:45 Pitch drill session #1 continues
    13:00 - Lunch
    14:00 - 16:00  Pitch drill session #2
    15:30 - Coffee break with light meal/snacks
    17:30 - Final event & LIVE stream
    20:30 -21:00 Jury decides
    21:00 - 21:30 Award ceremony & networking

    The address of the venue is Isakov 11, Yerevan Armenia Digitain's Downtown

    What to bring with you?

    Positive attitude, an open mind and lots of energy!

    But like with any other hackathon, please take your:

    • laptop

    • 3-5m power extension cord (as power might be on distance),

    • mobile phone

    • all chargers

    • if you have your own hardware things - bring them along

    • ID - otherwise you can not enter the building.


    We will provide some floor room at the venue for accommodation - so take your mattress and sleeping bag with you if you plan to stay and work through the night.

    We'll start on Friday at 17:30 with the doors opening. Please come on time, as the registration process might take some time - use it to get to know the crowd and to network. See the agenda for further information.

    The address of the venue is Digitain's Downtown building, Isakov 11, Yerevan Armenia.

    For pitching: 

    Consider the following key points:

    - Describe briefly your background (10 sec)

    - What is the name of the idea (5 sec)

    - What's the idea all about? What is the problem your idea solves? Target user count and description (30 sec)

    - Technical solution and if there is a revenue model (in case of non-profit idea, how the maintenance and further development costs will be covered?) (30 sec)

    - Minimum viable product and plan for 48 hours. Who do you need for the team? (20 sec)

    NB! Practice your pitch to your friends or family before you present! 90 seconds goes really fast!

    Team formation

    After pitching is over, we will put all the ideas on the wall. Every participant will choose their favorite idea and this is how teams will be formed. Usually, 14 to 16 best ideas will get enough interested people to get the "green light" for the implementation. The average team has about 4 to 7 people and the team should be "balanced" - covering all required roles like necessary engineers, a designer, and an expert in order to get the product/service ready in 48 hours! The minimum size for a team is 3 people and max is 8 people. If some ideas get too few people or not balanced teams (probably unable to build the product), the idea will be dismissed. But don’t worry, just choose another idea/team to join.

    Working in teams

    After forming the teams, organizers will give a space for every team for the weekend. You should start by dividing roles, setting the product vision, customer journey and start working right away.

    It is very important that you have a project manager (team lead) in the team - one of the tasks is to keep the focus of the team, one eye on the clock and the other on the team progress. 48 hours is really a short time.

    Food and drinks

    We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. So, you could focus on work and building your product. There will also be snacks available!


    We have arranged mentors to work with the teams throughout the weekend. Some of them are more technical, some more business savvy. Be open and ask for their advice and contacts.

    Please wear your name badge during the whole event this will help to encourage networking. Otherwise be open, get to know new people, share your ideas and give ideas/feedback to other teams.

    MOST IMPORTANT - have fun!



    The Mentors 

    Joao Rei
    Garage48 host, business and marketing mentor
    Jaanus Sakkis
    Creative Director and Founder at Feks Design
    Jüri Kaljundi
    Co-founder at Garage48 and Koosloodus Foundation
    Martin Verrev
    Creative Engineer at Littlebit and lecturer at TalTech
    Jana Saastamoinen
    Marketing Manager at Garage48
    Eduard Musayelyan
    Executive Director of UEICT and Co-Founder of Onex
    Rem Darbinyan
    Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor, Investor
    Ruben Osipyan
    Co-founder & CEO of Himnark
    Grigor Hovhannisyan
    Angel Investor, Partner at VC
    Levon Nalbandyan
    Founder @ Job.am
    Anna Tantushyan
    Director of Operations, Armenia, SmartGateVC


    Kadri Tiisvelt
    COO│ Project Manager at Garage48
    Triin Preem
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Tamara Bezljudova
    Chief Marketing Manager at Garage48