Hacking Obesity Europe

When 5-7 November

Where Online

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  • Today, over 650 million people worldwide live with the disease, yet it is still widely untreated and poorly understood.

    We invite you to offer innovative ideas and hack obesity - a global chronic disease that profoundly impacts individuals, families, and healthcare systems. 

    Hacking Obesity Europe is a hackathon program brought to life by Novo Nordisk and implemented by Garage48 to come up with innovative digital solutions to help people living with obesity and to engage more physicians and other healthcare staff in offering professional help.

    We are bringing together the Novo Nordisk community and all individuals who feel passionate about driving change in obesity for a 48-hour online hackathon. The goal of the program is to come up with new ideas and form teams around them to build the idea into a prototype and to test if the idea is valid.

     The best ideas will also win :

    • A hot desk in Copenhagen for 3 months
    • Mentoring from Novo Nordisk experts
    • A chance to pilot your idea with Novo Nordisk
    • The total prize fund is 10 000 Euros

    Join us on a journey to a healthier tomorrow

    Register Now


    • 14 July REGISTER for Hacking Obesity Europe

    • 18 September Idea submission deadline

    • 24 September Announcing the ideas accepted to the hackathon

    • 15 OctobeRegistration and Team Formation Deadline

    • 5 November Hacking Obesity Europe hackathon

    Who are we looking for?


    We are looking for bright minds who feel passionate about health and not only programmers but also:

    • designers,
    • marketers,
    • scientists,
    • sociologists,
    • researchers,
    • business developers,
    • innovators.

    And everyone with ideas that improve the way people see, prevent and treat obesity. You can register with or without an idea, as an individual or with a team - the hackathon is a space for like-minded people and we will match together teams, ideas and people. 

    We will accept the TOP20 teams to the hack. So be quick and register now. Join us on a journey to a healthier tomorrow!

    We are looking for new ideas that use digital tools to support individuals and physicians in four challenge categories.


    The challenge categories are:


    • A) How to empower people living with obesity to reach out for adequate treatment to lose their desired weight?
    • B) How to offer a sense of belonging and understanding to people living with obesity to support their health outcomes and reduce psychological barriers?
    • C) How to tackle negative attitudes and beliefs manifested by stereotypes that can lead to inequities towards people with obesity?
    • D) How to increase the participation and commitment of healthcare professionals in offering professional healthcare options for people living with Obesity?

    Helping you on the way and to validate are mentors from Garage48 and medical industry experts from Novo Nordisk. 




    By the end of 48-hours, the expected outcome is:

    • First feedback from stakeholders, customers, end-users
    • The initial business case
    • First marketing ideas
    • A prototype of the digital solution

    Anything you can really imagine makes the jury believe you are the next big thing to tackle issues surrounding obesity!


    Novo Nordisk’s commitment to changing obesity


    Obesity is a serious, chronic disease that affects more than 650 million people around the world with a profound impact on individuals, families and healthcare systems. At Novo Nordisk, we are dedicated to making obesity a healthcare priority. Changing Obesity is our long-term commitment to improving the lives of people with obesity by changing how the world sees, prevents and treats obesity.

    Learn more about Novo Nordisk and the ways Novo Nordisk is partnering to change obesity: www.novonordisk.com/disease-areas/obesity

    If you are new to hackathons or have any questions please read the FAQs.

    The goal of the program is to come up with new ideas and form teams around them to build the idea into a prototype - to test if the idea is valid.

    By the end of 48 hours, the expected outcome is feedback from stakeholders, customers, end-users, the initial business case, design layouts, first marketing efforts, the prototype of the digital solution and anything you can really imagine to make the jury believe you are the next big thing to tackle issues surrounding obesity!

    Day 1: 5th of November - kick-off and 1st workday

    10.00 kick-off. Welcome words by G48 and NovoNordisk.

    11.00 Checkpoint #1 Lead mentors check the teams for their plans for the hackathon. Understanding what problems the teams are solving.

    13.00-16.00 Teams work on their idea with the help of mentos. Mentors go to dedicated teams to help them reflect on their action plan and concept.

    18.00 Checkpoint #2 Evening check-in with lead mentors.

    19.00 Work continues

    Day 2: 6th of November - work, focus, work, repeat

    10.00 Checkpoint #3  Lead mentors check the teams for their PPP- progress, plans and problems. Understanding which skills are needed from mentors.

    11.00-12.00 Mentor check-in

    12.00-15.00 Mentoring hours. Teams can reach out to mentors when needed.

    15.00-16.00 Pitch training for team leads. How to prepare your demo.

    18.00-19.00 Checkpoint #4 Teams show their prototypes. Get last feedback from the mentors. Mentors join the checkpoint to give feedback on the demos.

    19.00 Work continues

    Day 3: 7th of November- final

    10.00 Deadline to upload the final demo videos.

    11.00-12.30 THE FINALS-  all the demo videos are showcased and broadcast with the jury asking questions.

    12.30 Jury makes the final decision

    13.00 Final awards and closing ceremony

    I am new to a hackathon. What is it and how does it work?

    A hackathon is a weekend-long sprint where ideas get built into prototypes with teamwork and mentoring support. The organising team guides you through all the steps of the hackathon, from idea submission to mentoring and final presentations to the jury for selecting winners.

    Will this be an online or a physical event?

    Hacking Obesitey Europe will be a fully online hackathon program.

    Can I join if I am not a developer, UX/UI designer, or engineer?

     Of course! You can join with a variety of skills – whether you are an idea owner with a great vision or a specialist in any of the challenge areas. The most important thing is your passion for the field and solving the problem of obesity.

    What kinds of ideas are expected?

    We’re welcoming ideas aimed at solving the problem of obesity. The intent of this hackathon is to develop ideas that are prototypeable in 72-hours which could help solve the problem. 

    When is the deadline to register myself and submit my idea?

    The deadline to submit your ideas is on the 18th of September.

    The deadline to register for the hackathon is the 15th of October.

    How can I participate?

    1. Go to Eventornado: https://eventornado.com/event/hacking-obesity-europe#participate
    2. Click “Participate” at the hackathon platform and sign up or sign in with your social media profile. You do not need a password- an email address is enough and the sign-in link will be e-mailed to you.
    3. Look at the challenges. Click “Post Idea” to submit your idea to the hackathon

    Watch the Participant Video Tutorial of Eventornado if you are still struggling with questions like how to participate.

    Who will own my idea?

    The developed product’s IP remains the property of the team participating in the programme. If any outside party (investors, other companies or governmental organisations ) wishes to proceed and acquire the prototype developed during the hackathon, a mutual agreement must be reached. An agreement between both parties must be signed about intellectual property.

    The organisers, partners and sponsors of the programme will not take over any rights or equity in the ideas at the hackathon. The team will agree among themselves on who owns what part of the idea.

    Can I submit an idea as an individual?

    Yes, of course, all the ideas are submitted by individuals; you have to add your team members to your idea later to form a team. If you know you are missing some needed roles to work with your idea during the hackathon, we strongly advise you to put your network to work and find the missing skillset and expertise.

    While we let you sign up for your idea as an individual participant, if your idea gets chosen, you have to put together a team to compete at the hackathon.

    Also, see the rules for team submission.

    What are the rules for team submission?

    Each team needs a minimum of 4 people to get submitted to the hack.

    Skills you need in your team:

    1) Project manager - team leader who will coordinate the workflow, divide tasks, and take part in the checkpoints.

    2) Technical people: developers, engineers, UX/UI designers - they will build the prototype of the product, you can always use prototyping platforms like Figma instead of writing code.

    3) Business & marketing people - they will build up a business case, look for product/market fit, validate with customers etc.

    4) Field expert - people with expertise in the topic of health.

    How does team formation happen if I’m applying as a solo participant?

    If you are a solo applicant at the time of the idea submission, then start working on gathering a team with the expertise needed to build your idea into a prototype. Put your network of friends, family, and colleagues to use to gather your team.

    We will also have an online matchmaking session where you will be able to meet with other teams and participants to put together a team. Links will be shared on the event’s Facebook page, so make sure to follow that for the most up-to-date news!

    I do not want to participate, but I would like to join as a mentor.

    Super! We are looking for mentors with a wide range of skills.  Get in touch with us at siim@garage48.org.

    I did not find the answer I was looking for. Where can I contact you?

    Email us at siim@garage48.org and we will get back to you shortly.


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    Siim Eesalu
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Tamara Bezljudova
    Chief Marketing Manager at Garage48
    Kai Isand
    Host, mentor and pitch coach at Garage48