Garage48 SpaceTech 2016

When 27-29 May, 2016

Where Tartu, Estonia

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    Garage48 is inviting everyone on board for the sensational Garage48 SpaceTech 2016 hackathon!

    We are welcoming engineers, developers, designers, researchers and project managers - students and professionals - to participate in the most ambitious hackathon yet. Garage48 SpaceTech 2016, co-organised by TTÜ/Mektory Space Centre, Tehnopol Science Park, University of Tartu, Tartu Observatory, ESTCube and Tartu Science Park, will take you out of your comfort zone and put you on a innovation ride of a lifetime! Expect eye-opening innovations and new space technologies that our future relies on.

    Why should you join:

    *to work on an exciting idea with great teammates, explore space technologies with companies like RadiusSpace, Crystalspace, Open Cosmos (UK) and get access to space aquired data from companies like ICEYE, Planet OS, Carto DB.

    *to meet and greet with all the important players in the Estonian space field and your potential future employer

    *to HAVE FUN! Let's finish the hackathon season with a Big Bang (pun intended)! :) We have SAKU as a sponsor, sauna for networking the Nordic way, lots of cool prizes from €1000 as the main prize to gadgets from Microsoft AND of course the best participants!

    The aim of the 48-hour-long prototyping hackathon is to build hardware or software projects both for every day use and to get the space agencies buzzing. 

    Are you ready to start innovating?!

    Join our Facebook event for updates and more news:
    Registration is open:

    ATTENTION! Reserve a seat for the FREE participant bus en route Tallinn-Tartu-Tallinn here

    The bus from Tallinn leaves on Friday at 14.30 at Rävala pst 3 in front of Radisson Blu hotel. Arriving in Tartu at the venue approx 17.00. We come back from Tartu on Sunday straight after the event approx 21.30. Arriving back to Tallinn around midnight.

    ATTENTION! Reserve a seat for the FREE participant bus en route Riga-Tartu-Riga here:

    Leaving Riga on Friday at 13.00 at Elizabetes iela 24, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1050, Tallink Hotel.
    Coming back from Tartu on Sunday straight after the event approx 21.30. Arriving back to Riga around 1am.

    Have any other questions? Write to us at
    Friday, 27th of May

    17:30 - Check-in, networking, coffee, snacks
    18:15 - Opening remarks
    18:45 - Presentation of ideas (90 seconds)
    19:45 - Coffee Break
    20:00 - Presentation of ideas continues
    21:00 - Team formation
    22:00 - Team work begins!

    Saturday, 28th of May

    09:00 - Coffee & light breakfast. Development continues
    10:00 - Checkpoint #1
    11:00 - Mentors go around
    13:00 - Lunch
    13:45 - Mentoring continues
    17:30 - Pitch training
    18:00 - Checkpoint #2.
    19:00 - Dinner
    19:45 - Development continues.
    Sauna for the participants powered by SAKU 

    Sunday, 29th of May

    09:00 - Coffee & light breakfast. Development continues
    10:00 - Checkpoint #3
    11:00 - Pitch drill session #1
    13:00 - Lunch
    14:00 - Pitch drill session #2
    17:00 - Coffee break with light meal/snacks
    17:30 - Final event & LIVE stream
    20:00 - Winners & networking

    We'll start on Friday at 17:30 with opening doors. Please come on time, as the registration process might take some time. This time before the official opening is a great opportunity for getting to know the crowd and to network. See the agenda for further information.
    Positive attitude, open mind and lots of energy! Everything you need for a rapid product development. We will have equipment and materials on site, let us know in the registration form what you need. 

    Please take your:
    3-5m power extension cord (as power might be on distance) 
    mobile phone
    all chargers

    photo camera to take and share photos
    mattress, sleeping bag and towel (in case you want to sleep over at the venue)
    credit cards for domain registration
    business cards (if you have any)


    Ideas are presented based on "elevator-pitch" method within 90 seconds on Friday night. Event host and audience can ask 1 to 3 short questions.

    You can prepare 1 (one) PDF slide to support your pitch. You should send the slide by Friday noon, at the e-mail (Subject: name of your project).

    Consider following key points:

    • Describe briefly your background (10 sec)

    • What is the name of the idea (5 sec)

    • What's the idea all about? What is the problem your idea solves? Target user count and description (30 sec)

    • Technical solution and if there is a revenue model (in case of non-profit idea, how the maintenance and further development costs will be covered?) (30 sec)

    • Minimum viable product and plan for 48 hours. Who do you need for the team? (20 sec)

    NB! Practice your pitch to your friends or family before you present! 90 seconds goes really fast!


    After pitching is over, we will put all the ideas on the wall. Every participant will choose their favourite idea and this is how teams will be formed. Usually ca 15 ideas will get enough interested people to get the "green light" for the implementation.

    Average team has about 5 to 7 people and the team should be "balanced" - covering all required roles necessary like engineers, designer, a project manager (team lead/visionary) and marketer in order to get the product/service ready in 48 hours! 

    If some ideas get too few people or not balanced teams (probably unable to build the service), the idea will be dumped. Those people should choose another idea/team.


    After forming the teams, organizers will give a room/space for every team for the weekend. You should start by dividing roles, setting the product vision, customer journey and start working right away.

    It is very important that you have a project manager (team lead) in the team - one of his tasks is to keep the focus of the team, one eye on the clock and the other on the team progress. 48 hours is really a short time.

    Food and drinks. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. So, you could focus on work and building your product.

    Mentors. We have arranged mentors to work with the teams throughout the weekend. Some of them are more technical, some more business savvy. Be open and ask for their advice and contacts.

    Please wear your name badge during the whole event, this will help to encourage networking and gets you inside through security guards. 


    The venue is opened 24/7. We will have separate sleeping areas, so please bring your mattress + sleeping bag if you'd like to stay there. There are showers and also a sauna on Saturday night. Catering and snacks/drinks/refreshments will be provided throughout the event. 

    MOST IMPORTANT - be open, get to know new people, share your ideas & HAVE FUN! 



    The Mentors 

    Prof. Ene Ergma
    Member of Estonian Parliament, prof of Astrophysics, Jury Member @ SpaceTech
    Anu Reinart
    Director at Tartu Observatory, Jury Member @ SpaceTech
    Erika Ilves
    Chief Commercial Officer at OffWorld, Co-founder @ Shackleton Energy Company, Jury Member @ SpaceTech
    Mart Noorma
    Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs @ University of Tartu, Jury Member @ SpaceTech
    Alo Lilles
    Senior Project Proposal Writer/Consultant at TalTech
    Silver Lätt
    Estonian delegate to European Space Agency (ESA): Industrial Policy, Space Technology and Earth Observation programmes; Project manager/Mission Director  @ ESTCube-1
    Katri Truu
    System Analyst at Nortal, Advisor @ ESTCube
    Jaan Praks
    Doctor of Science (Technology), Space technology and remote sensing at Aalto University
    Mark Cowan
    Software and Payload Engineer @ Open Cosmos
    Ilya Khamushkin
    Developer Evangelist at PlanetOS
    Andres Luhamaa
    Data Integration & QA Engineer @ PlanetOS
    Juris Klava
    product design, prototyping, 3D printing
    Pekka Laurila
    Co-founder & CFO at ICEYE
    Pätris Halapuu
    Co-founder of Crystalspace, software architecture and development
    Jaan Viru
    CEO & Co-founder of Crystalspace
    Jaanus Kalde
    Co Founder at Crystalspace
    Veli-Johan Veromann
    Designer and UX/UI Guru
    Jaanus Sakkis
    Creative Director and Founder at Feks Design
    Martin Grüner
    CTO, Tech Entrepreneur and Co-founder at Aplefly Games
    Mart Vihmand
    Head of Space Centre at Innovation and Business Centre Mektory
    Andris Slavinskis
    Postdoctoral Researcher at Aalto University, Senior Researcher at University of Tartu
    Jouni Envall
    Research Scientist at Finnish Meteorological Institute, Payload Engineer @ ESTCube-1/2/3 and Aalto-1
    Kaupo Voormansik
    Head of Remote Sensing Department @ Tartu Observatory, System Engineer @ ESTCube-1
    Andrus Kurvits
    ESA BIC Estonia Manager, Member of the Business Managament Board @ Tartu Science Park 
    Vaido Mikheim
    Project Manager at Tartu Science Park 
    Priit Salumaa
    CEO & Founder at Better Medicine
    Paul Liias
    CEO at Radius Space Ltd
    Alvo Aabloo
    Professor at University of Tartu, Board member at NPO Robootika, Mentor at BuildIT
    Indrek Rebane
    CTO at Hedgehog Electronics Engineering


    Kai Isand
    Host, mentor and pitch coach at Garage48 
    Triin Liiv
    Social Media Marketing @ Garage48, Marketing Manager @ Lava Media
    Marie Jaksman
    Project Manager @ ESTCube, marketer @ Greenhouse
    Mariana Mutso
    Talent Recruiter @ Helmes
    Triin Mahlakõiv
    Program Manager @ Tehnopol Startup Incubator
    Mariana Kukk
    Communication specialist at Institute of Technology University of Tartu
    Karin Sepp
    Incubation Manager @ Tartu Centre for Creative Industries
    Kadri Tiisvelt
    COO│ Project Manager at Garage48

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