Garage48 Empowering Women Kabul

When 6-8 December 2019

Where Kabul

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  • A new era is upon us! The winds of change are wiping away all the blockages and gender-based stereotypes, reshaping the face of business and technology as we know it.


    We at Garage48 have always been strong supporters of this trend, having witnessed and followed more than a few new female leaders being born out of our hackathons. In fact, some of our most successful hackathons have been EMPOWERING WOMEN series with companies like Timbeteer and Vitalfields starting their journeys from there.

    On December 10-12, Garage48 is coming to Afghanistan for the very first time, to encourage even more women to sculpt their own future and choose the entrepreneurial path!

    Afghan women are among the most resilient ones in the world since they work against multiple odds and challenges constantly in their everyday lives.

    There are more than 1150, small and medium-sized, female-owned enterprises active in different sectors across Afghanistan and the number is constantly growing. According to the statistics, approximately 300 women entrepreneurs started their businesses last year alone. Many of the female-owned companies have grown out of the country’s borders and are now exporting their products to various parts of the world.

    JOIN Garage48 Empowering Women Kabul Hackathon to empower WOMEN to participate more actively in a very male ruled world! Of course, men are also invited to apply, but we would like to see at least 50% of the participants to be strong 💪 and entrepreneurial 🤔women!

    We expect participants of ALL SKILL SETS: engineers, developers, designers, marketers, passionate visionaries - to come together and work on their ideas with a target to have fun while doing it! 

    Registration is closed!

    Prepare yourself for 48 hours full of fun, coding, building, designing and thinking big!

    ✔️everybody will get a chance to present their idea on the 10th of December in a 90-sec pitch
    ✔️teams are formed on the spot around the best ideas
    ✔️ 48 hours that follow will be filled with vibrant community energy, brainstorming, and hard work, all in order to turn the initial idea into a working prototype
    ✔️all the teams will be supported by top-notch local and international experts
    ✔️ all the finished prototypes will be presented at the Sunday finale in a 3 min pitch
    ✔️ best teams will receive amazing prizes and follow-up mentoring that will support them in developing their ideas even further!

    Have questions? Contact us at, subject “Empowering Women Kabul”

    The event is organized by Garage48 and ASARA in partnership with the financial support of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid.

    December 10
    8:00 Registrations, networking, snacks and coffee
    9:00 - Opening remarks and introduction to the day
    9:20 - Presentation of ideas (90 seconds per idea)
    11:00 Team formation
    11:45 Team's pick their working areas
    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 Teamwork begins
    14:00 Mentors go around
    15:30 Checkpoint #1  Homework is assigned
    Doors remain open till 17:00.
    Homework time!

    December 11
    08:00 - Coffee & snacks. Development starts
    09:00 - Checkpoint #2
    11:00 - Mentors go around
    12:00 - Lunch
    13:15 Pitch training (theory)
    15:00 - Checkpoint #3
    Doors remain open till 17:00.
    Homework time!

    December 12
    08:00 - Coffee & breakfast. Development continues
    09:00 - Checkpoint #4
    10:30 - Pitch drill session #1
    12:00 - Lunch
    12:30 - Pitch drill session #2 with demo
    14:00 - Final event 
    16:00 - 17:00 Winners & networking&cake!


    The Mentors 

    Joao Rei
    Garage48 host, business and marketing mentor
    Jaanus Sakkis
    Creative Director and Founder at Feks Design
    Hamid Afghan
    Senior Software Engineer at Jahan Technologies
    Mehreen Najm
    Web Developer in ZeerSign
    Mozamel Aman
    Founder, CEO Startupistan
    Sayed Ahmad Fahim Masoumi
    Afghanistan as Head of Organizational Development in VNDO
    Shakiba Ibrahimkhail
    E-Programme Specialist at UNWOMEN

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