Base Camp Spring 2021

When 18-21 March, 2021

Where Online

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    DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO IMPRESS THE INVESTORS IN 72 HOURS? Garage48 and Superangel proudly present: Base Camp Hackathon vol 6!

    Base Camp is an exclusive and competitive 72-hour virtual product-focused hackathon for early-stage startups. Supported by valuable insights and shortcuts from top-class mentors, you can take your product to the next level and prove to investors that your startup can get sh*t done in just 3 days!

    PAST RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! Over the years Garage48 and Superangel have fine-tuned the hackathon to give early-stage startups a maximum boost within a limited amount of time.

    • Garage48 and Superangel have boosted 76 startups over 5 Base Camp hackathons.

    • Our alumni have been able to raise over 18M€.

    • Launched products: Built an app from scratch in 72-hours with 30 positive reviews, built and launched a new B2C product.

    • Moved a step closed to the future: Upgraded autonomous mobility of robot lawnmower, extended virtual reality by creating music using your hand movement.

    • Found clients: Signed 2000€ contract, signed 20 contracts for a B2B product, secured 50 first users, launched and reached 50k people with a Kia Stinger giveaway game.


    Superangel is carefully selecting up to 30 teams to Base Camp - a 72-hour fully online hackathon that will take place from 18-21 March 2021 to develop your prototypes or products even further.

    1. Laser focus for 72h - As an early-stage startup, it’s easy to float away and shift focus to some urgent things to fix. Base Camp helps set clear focus and take your product to the next level.

    2. Competitive insights - No death by 20-minutes-too-generic-mentoring-sessions. Gain valuable insights from top-notch industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs.

    3. Certificate of execution and progress during Base Camp by Superangel VC fund

    4. Prove your team’s capabilities and your accomplishments to a range of investors.

    5. Follow up support - Superangel will select TOP startups to continue working with on a 1:1 basis

    6. No geographic location limitations as the hackathon is organized fully online and you do not have to travel to move your startup forward.

    7. No strings attached, no hidden costs, or equity requirements.


    1. Submit your application (it takes less than 20 minutes):

    2. Up to 30 startups will receive a positive answer on the 11th of March to join the Base Camp online hackathon.

    3. Before the hackathon, you need to determine the scope of the 72-hour development sprint; schedule customer interviews for 18-20th of March; and identify the #1 growth challenge you need advice on.

    4. During the main event, you’ll:

    DAY 1

    1. Network with other founders

    2. Onboard additional talent joining your team for 72 hours (optional)

    3. Present your 72-hour plan and get valuable insights on setting the scope

    DAY 1-3

    1. Execute and iterate the 72 hours plan

    2. Morning and evening check-ins for feedback and accountability

    3. Carry out customer interviews to validate your plan

    4. Mentoring sessions on product development, marketing, design, business

    5. Workshops on product positioning, customer validation, pitching, and more

    DAY 3

    1. Submit a 3-minute video presentation of your team’s accomplishments

    2. Choosing the winners

    WINNERS of Base Camp hackathon: 

    • 10 startups are selected to showcase their accomplishments to a jury and online audience of investors.

    • One winner and two runner-ups are selected based on their actual results.

    • All teams receive certificates of accomplishment stating the goal and what did you actually deliver in 72 hours.

    • Superangel schedules meetings with TOP startups.

    • The best startups will receive tickets to the best conferences and festivals in the Baltics and Scandinavia that will support their growth even further.


    Base Camp is not for everyone. Superangel carefully selects up to 30 startups for the 72-hour hackathon. Startups are selected based on the expected benefits from the hackathon.

    You should apply if:

    • You are an up and running early-stage startup*

    • You have a Minimum Viable Product and have talked to potential customers

    • You want to get your product to the next level fast

    • You want to prove to investors that your team can execute

    *Superangel is interested in (but not limited to) AI/ML applications, Fintech, Mobility, Deep Tech, IoT, Robotics, AR/VR, and SaaS startups globally. This time we can’t offer value to HealthTech, BioTech, AdTech, and Blockchain startups.

    The deadline for startup applications is the 7th of March 2021!

    STARTUPS apply here: 

    There is also an opportunity for talented individuals! Developers, designers, bright business, sales, and marketing minds have a chance to join the startups entering the competition and support them with their skills and knowledge.

    The deadline for individual applications is the 3rd of March 2021!


    Base Camp is part of Superangel's Alpine House program offering value to the Estonian startup community. Alpine House is supported by European Regional Development Fund and Startup Estonia program EU50651.

    📌The whole agenda is in Tallinn time (GMT+2) 📌

    Thursday, 18/03
    15:15 Opening remarks, introduction to the event
    15:30 Panel discussion with Rainer Sternfeld, Liina Laas, and Marek Kiisa "How to impress VC-s in 72 hours?" 
    16:15 Discussion with Base Camp Autumn 2020 Alumni teams 
    18:00 Checkpoint #1 - tell us your plans for the 72-hours

    Friday, 19/03
    09:00 Checkpoint #2
    10:30 - 12:00 Coaching workshop by Lior Shoham "Creating impact in 20 seconds". Exclusive to startups competing in Base Camp Spring 2021 
    12:00 - 17:00 1:1 mentoring sessions with experts
    18:00 Checkpoint #3
    19:30 Mentoring rounds

    Saturday, 20/03
    09:00 Checkpoint #4
    10:00 Sales Workshop by Patrick Collins "From 0 to 10K hero" 
    11:00 - 15:00 1:1 mentoring sessions with experts
    16:00 Demo tips and tricks
    18:00 Checkpoint #5
    19:30 Mentoring rounds

    Sunday, 21/03
    10:00 Deadline to upload the 3-minute video of your demo of the prototype and pitch
    12:00 Panel discussion "How to deal with burnout and take care of your employees in an early-stage startup?"
    16:00 Final LIVE: showcasing the TOP10 demos and Q&A with the top teams
    18:00 Jury decides
    19:00 Announcing the winners

    The Mentors 

    Joao Rei
    Garage48 host, business and marketing mentor
    Veljo Otsason
    Managing Partner at Superangel
    Marek Kiisa
    Managing Partner at Superangel
    Rain Rannu
    Managing Partner at Superangel, Founder of Fortumo
    Rainer Sternfeld
    Managing Partner at NordicNinja VC
    Kalev Kaarna
    Venture Development Manager at Superangel
    Marko Oolo
    Investment Manager at Superangel
    Diāna Lāce - Davidova
    Dealflow Manager at Superangel 
    Merilin Lukk
    Lead mentor at Garage48
    Tim Vaino
    Community Manager at VNTRS / Fundraising and Partnerships at Latitude59
    Maarika Truu
    Garage48 host & mentor, Head of partnerships at Single.Earth
    Zuzana Padychova
    Digital Marketing Strategist / Business Development Manager at Mind the Gap
    Jordan Valdma
    Co-founder at Producement
    Maido Parv
    Senior Product Designer at Wise
    Piia Sander
    Business Development Manager at Messente
    Erik Raudsepp
    Head of Sales at Pactum
    Helen Kokk
    Design Product Lead
    Triin Kask
    CPO at Reverse Resources | Program Manager at sTARTUp Day | Board Member at Estonian Founders Society
    Liina Laas
    Founder at The Better Fund
    Sven Kirsimäe
    Chief Architect at R&D, Software and Data at Salto Network
    Kaspar Triebstok
    CTO and Co-Founder at Handies
    Paolo Ramazzotti
    Digital Marketing Strategist and Founder of Mind The Gap and Digitools
    Vahur Singa
    Founder and  CEO of Doping Digital Agency
    Lauri Välja
    Product Engineer at Wise
    Mariana Hagström
    Founder and CEO of Avokaado
    Patrick Collins
    Head of Growth at Startup Wise Guys
    Lior Shoham
    Founder and CEO of Lior Shoham LTD
    Aleksander Tõnnisson
    Venture Partner at .Cocoon / Co-founder and CEO of Buildit Accelerator
    Madis Lehtmets
    Co-founder and CEO at Remato
    Toomas Savisaar
    Co-Founder and Sales Manager at Remato
    Karel Nappus
    Co-Founder and COO at Montonio Finance
    Kristel Tuul
    Data-Driven Growth Marketer I Consultant
    Maido Janke
    Co-Founder and CEO of EZIIL
    Audrius Janulis
    Industry Manager, Export and Startups at Google
    Kristina Randver
    Industry Head at Google
    Olle Tischler
    Head Of Surveillance Systems Department at Cybernetica
    Ragnar Kurm
    Lead/Senior back-end developer and mentor at Wunder
    Martin Villig
    Co-Founder of Bolt and Garage48

    Jury members 

    Veljo Otsason
    Managing Partner at Superangel
    Marek Kiisa
    Managing Partner at Superangel
    Rain Rannu
    Managing Partner at Superangel, Founder of Fortumo
    Marko Oolo
    Investment Manager at Superangel
    Rainer Sternfeld
    Managing Partner at NordicNinja VC
    Liina Laas
    Founder at The Better Fund
    Rando Rannus
    Member at EstBAN


    Merit Vislapu
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Kaari Kink
    Venture Development Associate at Superangel
    Kalev Kaarna
    Venture Development Manager at Superangel
    Helena Eglit
    Volunteer at Garage48
    Eliise-Berta Tarto
    Volunteer at Garage48

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