Base Camp Autumn 2020

When 01-04 October 2020

Where Online

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  • DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Garage48 and Superangel are inviting startup teams and talented individuals all around the globe to a new type Base Camp hackathon!

    Base Camp is an exclusive and competitive 72-hour virtual product-focused hackathon for early-stage startups. Supported by valuable insights and shortcuts from top-class mentors, you can take your product to the next level and prove to investors that your startup can get sh*t done in 3 days!

    The deadline for startup applications is the 25th of September 2020! Apply here:


    • Take your product to the next level within 72 hours

    • Insights from top-notch mentors and industry experts

    • Certificate of execution by Superangel venture capital fund

    • Prove your team’s capabilities to a range of investors


    • For startups with an MVP

    • It only takes 72-hours!

    • No fee nor equity for participation

    • No long-term commitments or relocation (it’s virtual)

    • No mandatory lectures

    • No death-by-20-minutes-too-generic-mentor-sessions

    PAST RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! Base Camp has boosted 47 startups over 4 Base Camp hackathons.

    In 72-hours startups have:

    • Extended their product portfolio by building an app, launched it in Google Playstore, and received over 30 positive reviews

    • Signed 2000€ contract

    • Networked with Investors who later participated in their seed round

    • ...and built many more valuable upgrades


    1. Submit your application (it takes less than 20 minutes):

    2. Up to 50 startups will receive a positive answer on the 28th of September to join the Base Camp hackathon. 

    3. Before the Event:

    • Determine the scope of the 72-hours development sprint
    • Schedule customer interviews for 1-3th of October
    • Identify #1 growth challenge you need advice on

    4. The Main Event:

    Day 1

    • Network with other founders
    • Onboard additional talent joining your team for 72 hours (optional)
    • Present your 72-hour plan

    Days 1-3

    • Execute and iterate the 72 hours plan
    • Morning and evening check-ins for feedback and accountability
    • Receive feedback on your plan from your dedicated mentors
    • Validate your plan with customers
    • Support from mentors to speed up your progress: design, scope, machine learning, architecture, etc

    Day 3

    • Submit a 3-minute video presentation of your team’s accomplishments

    Optional Benefits Daily
    • Fundraising guidance
    • Sales growth tips
    • 2-hour deep-dive with mentors on #1 growth challenge
    • Fundraising guidance
    • Assistance gathering customer feedback

    • 10 startups are selected to showcase their accomplishments to a jury and online audience of investors
    • One winner and two runner-ups are selected based on actual results
    • All teams receive certificates of accomplishment stating the goal and what did you actually deliver in 72 hours
    • Superangel schedules meetings with TOP startups
    • The best startups will receive tickets to the best conferences and festivals that will support their growth even further


    Base Camp is not for everyone. Superangel carefully selects up to 50 startups for the 72-hour hackathon. Startups are selected based on the expected benefits from the hackathon.

    You should apply if:

    • You are an up and running an early-stage startup

    • You have a Minimum Viable Product and have talked to potential customers* 

    • You want to get your product to the next level fast

    • You want to prove to investors that your team can execute

    *For Deep Tech and moonshot startups MVP is not mandatory

    Superangel is interested in (but not limited to) AI/ML applications, Fintech, Mobility, Deep Tech, IoT, Robotics, and SaaS startups globally. Superangel has already invested in startups from the USA, Singapore, Bangladesh, Lithuania, UK, Netherlands, and Estonia.

    The deadline for startup applications is the 25th of September 2020!

    STARTUPS apply here:

    There is also an opportunity for talented individuals! Developers, designers, bright business, sales, and marketing minds have a chance to join the startups entering the competition and support them with their skills and knowledge. 

    The deadline for individual applications is the 25th of September 2020!


    Thursday, 1/10  
    15:00 Opening remarks, welcome keynotes, introduction to the event, mentors, format, workshops, and panels/speakers
    15:30 Startups from Base Camp 1-4 share their story
    18:00 Checkpoint #1 - tell us your plans for the 72-hours
    Friday, 2/10
    09:00 OPEN for the public, FB live: "How to have peak performance for 72 hours?" - Kristel Tuul 
    10:00 Customer validation workshop 
    All customers are unintentionally lying to you just to be nice. How to ask the right questions? How to get meaningful insights out of the ocean of feature requests submitted by customers? How to test your product-market fit as early as possible? Kalev Kaarna has pulled together the wisdom of customer validation gurus from YC Combinator, Rahul Vohra, Rob Fitzpatrick ("Mom test"), April Dunford ("Obviously Awesome"), Steve Blank ("Four Steps to Epiphany"), and Erik Ries ("Lean Startup").
    13:00 Checkpoint #2
    15:00 Mentoring rounds
    20:00 Checkpoint #3
    Saturday, 3/10
    10:00 Checkpoint #4
    12:00 Mentoring rounds
    13:00 Demo tips and tricks
    14:00 OPEN for the public, FB live: Sales talks - Best Insights to Build Up Your Sales
    How to build up your sales? How to get seasoned sales experts to give you the best insights? What are the common mistakes of startups in building up their sales processes? Mor Eini and Kalev Kaarna will share their lessons learned on these essential topics.
    15:00 Sales workshop - The NorthStar Consulting Group and Kristi Märtin
    Special workshop for Base Camp startups to check your sales processes and get insights for improvements. Kristi Märtin has years of experience in B2B sales and working with tens of startups (including training sales teams of Bolt). Her workshop includes practical examples and templates of GDPR compliant cold emails and LinkedIn messages.
    18:00 Checkpoint #5
    Sunday, 4/10
    10:00 Deadline to upload the demo of the prototype + pitch (all combined 3min) on Youtube
    12:00 Fundraising and investments - panelists Rainer Sternfeld and Gleb Maltsev. Moderated by Kalev Kaarna 
    16:00 Final LIVE: showcasing the TOP10 demos and doing the Q&A with the teams after their demo has been played
    18:00 Jury decides
    19:00 Announcing the winners




    The Mentors 

    Joao Rei
    Garage48 host, business and marketing mentor
    Marko Oolo
    Investment Manager at Superangel
    Kalev Kaarna
    Venture Development Manager at Superangel
    Veljo Otsason
    Managing Partner at Superangel
    Merilin Lukk
    Lead mentor at Garage48
    Tim Vaino
    Community Manager at VNTRS / Fundraising and Partnerships at Latitude59
    Triin Preem
    Startup Segment Manager at Swedank Eestis
    Rainer Sternfeld
    Managing Partner at NordicNinja VC
    Taivo Pungas
    AI product lead at Veriff
    Marek Kiisa
    Managing Partner at Superangel
    Andres Peets
    VUNK Co-founder and Partnerships at Telia Eesti
    Erik Raudsepp
    Head of Sales at Pactum
    Maarika Truu
    Garage48 host & mentor, Head of partnerships at Single.Earth
    Sven Kirsimäe
    Chief Architect at R&D, Software and Data at Salto Network
    Kristi Märtin
    Partner at The NorthStar Consulting Group
    Zuzana Padychova
    Digital Marketing Strategist / Business Development Manager at Mind the Gap
    Gleb Maltsev
    Co-founder at Fundwise | Founder at Stoneful | Pitch coach
    Martin Villig
    Co-Founder of Bolt and Garage48
    Kristel Tuul
    Data-Driven Growth Marketer I Consultant
    Christjan Schumann
    Partner and Head of Product at Clanbeat Education
    Ragnar Kurm
    Lead/Senior back-end developer and mentor at Wunder
    Annika Helendi
    Experienced B2B SaaS growth leader, founder, SEO-driven content marketing strategy consultant
    Paolo Ramazzotti
    Digital Marketing Strategist and Founder of Mind The Gap and Digitools
    Heidi Kakko
    Partner of BaltCap Growth Fund
    Ieva Sibilla Strupule
    CEO and Co-founder at Material Mapper
    Rando Rannus
    Member at EstBAN
    Kristjan Jansen
    UX designer, engineer, and educator
    Mor Eini
    Strategic Partnerships and Growth at APX
    James S. York
    Director of US Business and Innovation at Enterprise Estonia
    Jaanus Sakkis
    Creative Director and Founder at Feks Design
    Madis Lehtmets
    Co-founder and CEO at Remato
    Emil Syundyukov
    Co-Founder at Koatum
    Olle Tischler
    Head Of Surveillance Systems Department at Cybernetica
    Piia Sander
    Business Development Manager at Messente

    Jury members 

    Marek Kiisa
    Managing Partner at Superangel
    Heidi Kakko
    Partner of BaltCap Growth Fund
    Veljo Otsason
    Managing Partner at Superangel
    Marko Oolo
    Investment Manager at Superangel
    Joao Rei
    Garage48 host, business and marketing mentor
    Nicole LeBlanc
    VC, Startups and Strategy
    Rando Rannus
    Member at EstBAN
    Karen K. Burns
    CEO and Co-Founder at Fyma


    Merit Vislapu
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Kalev Kaarna
    Venture Development Manager at Superangel
    Marko Oolo
    Investment Manager at Superangel
    Kaari Kink
    Venture Development Associate at Superangel

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