Aviation Online Hackathon

When Fall 2020

Where Online

  • Overview
  • Make a change: be the part of the world's first-ever online Aviation Hackathon – registration will be opened soon!

    Are you ready to help us tackle the crisis in the aviation sector? Do you have ideas on how the aviation sector can cope in the post-COVID19 world? Estonian Aviation Cluster and Garage48 are inviting you to join the world's first-ever online Aviation Hackathon!


    The aviation industry has always been a driver of change and that’s why it’s one of the most innovative industries in the world. Unfortunately, the world that we are living in at the moment has changed tremendously due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the aviation industry and sector has been hit hard by it.


    There are several ways though, on how the aviation industry and air travel could recover from the pandemic more swiftly. We've collected it together with the help of the experts and these are the topics, we would like to see tackled at the hackathon as well:

    - Supply Chain Resilience - In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed sheer complexity and vulnerability of the global aerospace supply chain. We shall make the European aerospace supply chain more resilient. In order to complete this task, skills such as supply chain expertise; mapping skills; blockchain technology; data-integration, data protection, etc might be needed.

    Contactless - “Hands-free” touch-points and checkpoints, which rely on biometrics for contactless digital identity, will be key to ensuring passenger health and safety when traveling by air. It will need re-engineering of business processes and promotion of innovative solutions in order to go contactless.

    Health screening - Adoption of social distancing will make it socially unacceptable to travel with a cold or any symptoms. Airlines and airports have already started to think about health screening options to monitor the temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate of passengers.

    Autonomous mobility – Limiting human contact will be among the main keywords. In the airport environment, autonomous vehicles and systems are attracting more attention than ever before. This applies to robotics, self-driving vehicles, airport parking services, airside operations, and drones.

    Aerial mobility - COVID-19 is accelerating the development and deployment of aerial mobility technology worldwide. Surveillance drones enforcing quarantines; rapid transport of medical goods; drones for food and consumables delivery are just a few among many examples.


    The main question revolves around how we can achieve growth in the aviation industry in the post-COVID-19 world in a responsible and therefore sustainable way by combining all the technology, knowledge, and information we have in our hands. The aviation industry will restart and recover once the coronavirus pandemic is over, but we need your help to do it!


    The above list is not complete and challenges are added ongoingly! You are also more than welcome, to bring in your own bright ideas to the hackathon, outside the scope of the challenges mentioned above.


    Join us if you are an:

    1) aviation expert

    2) mobile/app/web developer

    3) software engineer

    4) UX/UI designer

    5) data scientist/specialist/analyst

    6) marketer/PR expert

    7) project manager/team lead

    8) business developer/visionary.

    We’re on the lookout for different people with different skillsets. To be even more clear: this hackathon is meant for everyone - we don’t discriminate by age, gender, nation, or the ideas, as long as they all carry that spark of hope for a better future for the aviation industry.

    We're also in the search for additional partners and supporters!
    For more info on how you can contribute to the hackathon, please contact the General Manager of Estonian Aviation Cluster, Kristo Reinsalu, kristo.reinsalu@eac.ee.


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    The Mentors 

    Toomas Välja
    VP of Software Engineering at Hepta Airborne
    Siim Maripuu
    Co-Founder and CTO at Hepta Airborne
    Christer Loob
    CEO and Co-founder at Operose OÜ
    Andrus Järg
    Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Tallinn Airport
    Georg Liigand
    UTM Expert at Estonian Air Navigation Services
    Erich Loob
    Co-Founder at Operose Labs OÜ
    Pärtel-Peeter Kruuv
    Interior Project Manager at Magnetic MRO
    Jonas Stjernberg
    Partner and SVP at robots.expert, CEO BVdroneOy 
    Talvar Tari
    Senior Airworthiness Engineer at Magnetic MRO AS
    Damir Tomicic
    Chief Financial Officer at Axinom Group
    Sebastian Babiarz
    Head of Strategic Business Development at AirMap
    Siim Lindmaa
    Threod Systems
    Mikk Murumäe
    Co-Founder and Software Engineer at Threod Systems


    Merit Vislapu
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Kristo Reinsalu
    General Manager at Estonian Aviation Cluster