You can’t believe the crazy ideas of Garage48 Gamehack Minsk 2017

Garage48 is back in Minsk, Belarus to hold the Garage48 "Gamehack" Minsk 2017! On Friday, March 24 we welcomed 130 participants in our amazing venue Eventspace Minsk. There were Estonians, Belarussians, Latvians, Ukrainians, Georgians and even participants from Argentina and Brazil!
We had 34 great ideas out of which 23 were submitted for development. Below are the submitted ideas and their short descriptions.

1. Turn Left
Real-time puzzle, about a car, which could turn only one direction.

2. Bull Milkman
Throwing cats at the milk truck to stop it

3. Deepsinking
Endless 2D platformer where 2 players have to make the same movements to explore the ocean with submarine

4. Drunk run    
Running game where you drink, shoot and run

5. Eat or be meat        
The goal of the game is for the square to move around and eat everyone.

6. Eternal leakage      
Adventures of a brutal hero through time to stop a leakage

7. Luminexus  
A simulator for psychoanalysis

8. manhunt | Piu Piu Piu
Shooting game for hunting men.

9. MinskGO    
Players will move around Minsk and get schooled about the city.

10. Moortir        
Cubes fighting each other

11. Nalanga      
Educational game about mathematics

12. Outback Defender  
Tactical shooting game with elements of tower defense and RPG

13. Octofighters
Mobile game about finding the octopus with attack and defence mode

14. Profitland    
Game where you feel yourself like a real business man. You get to buy land and build houses.

15. Legend 2
Player game to rescue the princess in the middle of a map

16. Nero Dog    
A virtual pet

17. Light Rise    
Platformer with puzzle solving elements

18. Twisted Nipples      
Fighting game where you have to twist nipples.

19. Gonec
Endless runner

20. Holy place is not empty      
Turn based strategy game about religion

21. Blast
Action game

22. Lose yourself  
Mutiplayer musical fighting game

23. No idea      
No idea yet, looking for an idea

Here’s also a shoutout to the teams that didn’t make the cut this time, but did a great job with pitching!

Business academy of new times      
A world where every hex matters    
Kickinass in suburbs  
See, Solve, Cats        
Citizen of the world
Heelo everione          
Wasp vs World and Walk the Dog    
Brainfuck on speed

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Show your support and see the final demos on Sunday, March 26 at 6pm Minsk, Belarus time!

Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners who are helping us make the magic happen!

This event is organized by Garage48 with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid

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