The IoT hackathon in Dnipro has started with great ideas and amazing people!

Garage48 together with Estonian Development Cooperation and I coworking hub are in Dnipro, Ukraine for the first time. On October 28th 70 participants joined their forces to share some interesting ideas for hacking the world of IoT. Altogether 16 ideas were pitched and 11 teams formed. While our teams are developing their prototypes you can read all of the pitched ideas here. Submitted teams are marked in bold.

1. A-Qua

Smart aquarium for people who have no time to take care of fish bowls. A Click & Grow for fish.

2. Smart Hotel

App for booking a hotel and checking in/out of the hotel. An online system + hardware for managing a customer's hotel stay


Online tool to help with networking with people around you

4. BRDbox

World’s first connected smart breadbox that makes sure you always have fresh bread.

5. Breezly

A novel performance mask monitor that will guide your breathing during the exercise. You will look like Darth Vader, Luke. A smart performance for monitoring breathing when you workout.

6. G-Button.

A button to push after a very hard project that helps you calm down

7. MyParking

A smartcity project for parking management in the city

8. Planta

A smart system to care for flowers

9. Explosive Cats

Rails based tracking cameras that observe surroundings until "the cats start to explode". Can be used in homes and hospitals.

10. Magic light

A smart lamp for a smart home.

11. TeamCook

Smart kitchenware that lets you know when your eggs are boiled dry or steak is burnt. TeamCook is a device to help you measure cooking times

12. IoT Smart Boiler

A boiler to save energy and control water temperature & time of using

13. Liker Machine

Social media marketing device that offers free cookies for the paying/liking customers.


Catalogue of photos of interesting places

15. Jamspot

First public sound system for recreational zones. It's like wireless audio for outdoors for personal use.

16. Always full

Smart cups for cafes gathering data and keeping clients happy.

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Show your support and see the final demos on Sunday, 30th October at 5.30pm GMT+2.

A shout out goes to all our sponsors and partners for making this awesome weekend happen!

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