The exciting ideas of Garage48 Tbilisi 2017!

Garage48 Tbilisi 2017 started on a sunny Friday evening with 70 participants at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, where we kicked off our hackathon! There were 22 ideas pitched, out of which 17 teams were formed. Below are the ideas that were submitted for development and who will work towards creating a top notch prototype for the Sunday’s Grand Finale!
1. RehabGlove
Rehab glove for patience to recover and rehabilitate more effectively.

2. Book AR
Vizualising knowledge. 3D visualized physics, chemistry et al.


Using LIFI build demo using only lights.

4. Hologate
Hologram museum guide.

5. Educational Logical Toy
Develop coding skills in children. Module allows doing miniprograms.

6. PixLab
Voice translation of subtitles

7. Masterbattle
A battle game where you shake your phone as hard as you can. The one who wins gets the food.

8. BrailleReader
E-book reader for blind people.

9. Reactive rainbow
Android application that uses arduino to react to music.

10. Ecoland
Trash can that rewards you for recycling.

11. WIFIve
Application that connects to WIFI only when the app is installed. Exchange infromation by WIFI, information against points.

12. Fake News Hunter
Game that allows people to vote if news is fake or not

13. Lunchathon
App that connects you with random people for lunch in your area.

14. Instant
3D printer that prints a product entirely in seconds.

15. Meets the maker
Platform that will connect upcoming artists from around the world. Structured by themes/fields.

16. Adopt a tree
Mobile app, gaming, social function. Will allow users to play a game with populating Tbilisi with trees. Social impact is whenever a tree is under a threat, they can alert other users. Problem to solve is lessening the amount of trees.

17. Hamilton
AI assisted financial analytics tool that will help you with stocks and will make everybody a millionaire.

Big thanks goes to all of the teams who had the courage to pitch, but didn’t get submitted this time! You did great!

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Show your support and see the final demos on Sunday, April 23 at 5:30pm Tbilisi, Georgia time!

Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners who are helping us make the magic happen!

This event is organized by Garage48 with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid

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