Sharing Economy hack in full gear - check out the ideas!

The weekend hackathon in Riga kicked off yesterday with a room buzzing with ideas. This time we joined forces with the very fresh Latvian hackathon brand Startup Slalom to hack sharing economy ideas in 48 hours. There were 77 participants out of whom 25 were brave enough to take the stage and introduce their idea in 90 seconds. After the team formation - a live marketplace to find your needed team members - 10 projects were submitted to the hackathon. By now all the teams are in full-on work mode to deliver awesome results by Sunday.

While the teams are working away, you can check out all the ideas pitched on Friday. The ones marked in bold are submitted teams:

1. Holm Care - Website that allows to book care for older people.

2. Make TV great again - Television status sharing platform, to avoid ads | notification app, that tells you that the add is over.

3. Sharelt - Lets make Airbnb for anything | to rent anything for a day or 2 like gopros, skateboards, cameras...

4. Walle - A new payment method with QR code using mobile app.

5. Tea Time - Live video sharing to see others people videos that are live right now (adventure oriented).

6. Dormat - Mobile app to share things that student have/rent stuff that student dont have.

7. Piratsky Gruz joined #18 - Delivery app | app like blablacar only without people.

8. SurveillanceHub - Share the security cameras, to stream video from cameras to a community.

9. Grid Wallet - Marketplace to P2P to share energy and to sell it back.

10. - Convenient platform for connecting private teachers and students.

11. Persona People - Create a web platform like CRM where the companies will buy a client persona.

12. WePick - online platform for courier delivery services from point A to B.

13. Meet John - Deliver food to office for 4 €, subscription business.

14. 3D Gifts Awakens - 3D printed gifts with custom message or lettering.

15. Calary Center - information base product where people (confidential) share their salary.

16. Hitch surfing - App that connects drivers and hitchhiking people.

17. Beer BNB - Beer BNB, App for finding a booz (when someone has some) | sharing booze.

18. Lithuanian delivery - Platform to deliver stuff (joined Piratsky Gruz).

19. Wallet - App for loyalty cards and transfers money as well.

20. iShit - To save time from the apps, starts "throwing" poo on your screen when you procrastinate online.

21. Sharefood - Platform to share food that you are going to throw away.

22. Tartu-Sven - Meeting places to share/rent like airbnb for places to party, meet etc...

23. Kaspar - Last minute flights from multiple destinations.

24. Slava - People come together to cook and share food.

25. Val - Put ads on cars.

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