Sas48H event in Muscat showing promising projects!

Garage48 has been invited to Sultanate of Oman this week-end to organize a 48-hour intensive hackathon format event Sas48H supported by the Information Technology Authority. More than 130 people gathered yesterday for the beginning of the event and we have 20 projects in development. Follow the constant live-stream of the event on Youtube and listen to the final presentations of working prototypes starting 20th September at 17:00 (GMT+4) from the same channel. 

Maha Mohamed Albulushi, the manager of Sas Centre of Entrepreneurship commented on the event: "It is great to see the energy of the event and the competitiveness of the teams. As this is 
the very first such event in Oman, we were definitely not expecting such engagement and mixture of different people in the event. We have gathered true professionals, jobseekers, freelancers and college students working in teams over the week-end." Maarika Susi, the main organizer for the event from Garage48 side added: 
"It is really inspiring for me to see the
great amount of women engaged in the event and working hard to show results tomorrow. Knowing the cultural background and traditions here we appreciate women challenging themselves for that. Women in Estonia should take it as an example and come out with their ideas. Garage48 Pärnu 2014 Women Special event already 10-12 October is giving a great possibility for that:)". 

We had 36 ideas pitched yesterday and 20 are currently actively working on their projects in competing for the grand prize of 10 000 OMR (around 19 000€) of 50% in cash and 50% on mentorship and help to finish their mobile application. 
Below the list of projects in development: 

1. Run Along - gamification of running: compete, motivate, real-time 
2. OTaxi - Taxify-like app for Oman 
3. Desert Eagle / Mowati - online user cars showroom booking 
4. OOT - Oman Online Transportation 
5. Glam Gift - mobile app to send gifts 
6. Med Scan - app to identify medicine through barcode 
7. Deals Mobile App - targeted advertising app 
8. Cylinder - home gas provider in Oman 
9. Time Worked - Toggl-like android app that calculates time worked in different projects 
10. Augmented Reality - service for oil and gas companies for helping to monitor fixes 
11. Home Automation - automating your home to an app 
12. Citizen Eye - mobile app to announce damages found in the city 
13. Crowdfunding Portal - Kickstarter-like portal for Arab countries 
14. Parking / OTM - find a free parking slot 
15. Wayak - mobile chat 
16. Khalfan & Saleema - a mobile game for making buildings 
17. USSD - mobile payments & advertising app 
18. Mazar - tracking traffic around you  
19. Kruki - Real-estate sales & rent portal 
20. E-Partime - TaskRabbit-like service for jobseekers   

Follow the event: Youtube, eOman FB, Garage48 FB
Instagram: eoman_ita 

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