Meet the VUNKers!

Meet the 12 teams that continue on the hopes of being in the top 5!
1. QuikCamp
By visiting QuikCamp website, you can easiliy browse through offered camp sites, that are offered by other people, or organizations. If you want to wake up in a beautiful garden or you just need a cheap, flat piece of land, to crash on, then go and pick your location, with dates you need the spot for, look for additional information provided and just book the spot - it´s that simple.

Team: Sander Gansen (CEO, founder), Maiko Saluorg (business development, marketing), Magnus Pääru (front-end developer, designer), Tõnis Truumaa (back-end developer), George Groshkov (designer).

2. Need2Park
Need2Park is a system that solves off-street parking problems, and renders parking solutions profitable for businesses. Offering an all inclusive package which covers everything from running costs and administrative costs via a transparent business model intended for property owners. This transparent model is aimed at reducing expenses while increasing profits in order to maximize revenue. This system allows the parking facility owner to apply a liquid pricing model that enables them to maximize their profits. The liquid pricing model is calculated through the data gathered at that particular time in relation to demand and supply. Everyday parkers will discover that it is a convenient solution for finding, paying and booking a parking spot – all this within one handy mobile application. Need2park will certainly bring innovation to parking.

Team: Madis Lempu (co-founder), Kaspar Kikerpill (co-founder), Kaitti Kattai (CTO), Mariliis Niine (design and marketing), Indrek Värva (fullstack developer), Kert Pjatkin (back-end developer (NFC))

Marina Ahoy is a platform connecting sailors and marinas. Our device independent platform, Marina Ahoy, will allow marina managers to track real-time traffic and manage their services. Yacht captains can easily connect to the harbours ecosystem and use preferred services. Marina management is time consuming and often the marinas are small and operates with limited resources. Offering smooth marina services to sailors, will generate requiring visits and return business from sailors and pleasure craft. Ahoy will streamline operating the marinas, present available marina services to visitor, give pleasant end user experience and generate more revenue for the marinas. No more filling the check-in forms when entering the port. Choose the length of your stay. Check the services marina is providing. Choose the additional services your require from booking the sauna to ordering the waste water treatment. Pay with one click.  

Team: Relika Metsallik-Koppel (project manager, founder), Hannes Koppel (marketing, co-founder), Meelis Malk (marketing), Gleb Stsenov (software engineer), Simmo Sedrik (designer), Taavi Talvik (software developer), Rasmus Kuusmann (software engineer), Sami Keskiaho (marketing).

4. AirsofTracker
Airsoftracker is a platform for the airsoft community, which helps game master to make awesome games with thrilling scenarios, to easily receive registrations for the games, to provide extra features for players, to easily receive payments, to control the whole process of the game via Tablet or PC. Gives players the opportunity to join the game with the most exciting and breathtaking scenarios, to see everything on the map during the game, to communicate with the game master or other participants, to track objectives of the current scenario during the game, to get more fun from the game using new features!

Team: Ali Baloi (Visionary/Project Manager), Kaspar Kuus (Marketer), Aleksei Ignatjev (UI/UX Designer), Juha Kovanen (Back-End-Developer/Android Developer), Marc Seitz (Back-End-Developer), Olli Helenius (Back-End Developer), Michael Strobl (Front-End-Developer)

5. FeelingStream
Happy customers. Less churn. More profit. 
Feelingstream is an online customer experience platform. We map out happy and unhappy customers as easily as Google Analytics shows your web data. We want to help you turn your customers happier, since they are more loyal, recommend you and generate more profit. 

Team: Terje Ennomäe (visionary), Maarit Cimolonskas (marketing), Mervi Sepp (data scientist), Pirje Tumm (designer), Ester Eggert (Big Data developer), Lauri Ilison (Big Data developer)

6. RebelRoam

RebelRoam is a global mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot as a full service for chartered transportation. We take the hassle of managing cross border Wi-Fi service and make it easy to use without the need of constant management. RebelRoams business model is validated with Hansabuss, a major chartered coach company in Estonia, ready to sign-up after successful pilot.

Team: Tarvo Topolev (business development), Kaido Pähn (visionary), Chris Nichterlein (designer), Henri Ploom (project manager, engineer), Magnus Rüütel- marketing

7. Get_It_Fixed

Get_It_Fixed makes realestate management agile. It is a simple and social tool where:
- property residents can report isuues on the fly;
- realestate managers respond promptly and take care of the reported problem.
Property residents will have shorter and transparent service;
Realestate managers will have simple and efficient planning tool that connects clients and technicians.
And clients will make most of the selling by themselves :)

Team: Jürgen Kask (visionary, founder), Jüri Siilivask - UX, Steve Perkson - backend developer, architect, Leelo Rand (frontend developer), Mati Vait (backend developer, wireframe), Paul Are - UX/business

8. Connecty

Connecty, the service for you to make money by sharing your internet. Or a service for you to get contract-less internet access and pay for what you actually use.

Team: Mario Karu (visionary, founder), Maksim Tšelpanov (full-stack developer), Eduar Yesid Rodriguez Caro (full-stack developer), Anna-Liisa Reinson (designer), Davis Paipa (marketing), Marc Picornell (project manager)

9. CactusJam 

CactusJam is a social music making app which allows you to find and play with music lovers around the world.

Team: Silvar Laasik (marketing), George Groshkov (ux), Johan Laiv (front-end developer), Hanna Jõers (graphic designer), Priidu Tammeorg (back-end developer), Andrus Asumets (full-stack developer),
Taavi Lindmaa (ux lead), Ottavio Cambieri (visionary)

10. IOT Security

IOt security is vulnerable, there exists a techniogy which can secure it  ´-  end to end using publick and private key pair. it is not used in IOT at the moment

the hypothesis or a shortcoming could be that this method cant be used with low processing power devices of IOT systems.  What we are doing is the experiment - we are encripting publick private key end to end security in ardino network.  if it works then the idea is viable.

Team: Reem Bayoumi (founder, engineer), Marko Lindepuu (project manager), Archil Nasrashvili (marketing), Madis Merila (back-end developer), Meelis Kaldalu (marketing), Alvis Kundzins (engineer)

11. Tippy

Provide the possibility to tip your waiter/waitress for great service when with your mobile when don't have cash on you.

Team: Hedi Hunt (marketing), Ardo Huul (business developer), Alar Huul (project manager),Raivo Malter (back-end developer), Henri Toivar (back-end developer), Marek Fraczyk (front-end developer), Tarmo Annus (back-end developer).

12. Keskus

KESKUS is central marketing platform that empowers retail marketers to painlessly manage their campaigns in all their necessary channels and in dedicated mobile application of KESKUS. By providing only the right content for distributors and giving extra communication channel for shops, shop owners will get effortless access to millions of shoppers and save thousands of work hours when managing campaigns.

Team: Olle Kaidro (visionary, project manager), Toomas Pippar (designer), Kristjan Vallimäe (full-stack developer), Kristiina Keelmann (marketing), Rene Rumberg (marketing).

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