Sulev Kõks Is Helping To Kickstart The Personal Medicine Movement With Idea Garage

This Saturday, on the 13th of June, about 100 people are gathering in Tartu to revolutionise the healthcare sector with personalised medicine. The event has been brought to life by Garage48 Foundation and Buildit Medical. 
The Idea Garage offers an opportunity to all those interested in personalised medicine to propose and validate new ideas on how personalised medicine can better solve medical and healthcare related problems. 

One of the Mentors at Idea Garage is Sulev Kõks - Professor of the University of Tartu, physiologist and senior researcher of physiology.

1. What is personalised medicine and how does it differ from regular subscribed medicine? 

Personalized medicine or PM is a medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare. This involves decision making, practices etc being tailored to the needs of individual patient. In PM, selection of appropriate and optimal therapies is based on the patient’s genomic content. The use of genetic/genomic information has played a major role in certain aspects of personalized medicine (e.g. pharmacogenomics) and developments in genomics are driving force to advance the PM.

2. Could personalised medicine also be one of the treatments for cancer?

Yes, sure!

3. What will the future of medicine look like?

More precise than it is today. Clinical decisions are based on genome information.

4. A typical person in todays culture is very health conscious and is very keen on eating healthy food and keeping a healthy mind. But why do we still have so many diseases and so new viruses attacking us?

Most of the people do not trust the information from genome, even in cases when it is translated and illustrated for them.

5. What could athletes do to improve their performances?

They should have personalized coaching. Again, the cornerstone for scientifically valid and rational decisions is genome data.

6. What are your expectations for Idea Garage?

To see the Great Idea!

7. What apps or web services are your personal favourites at the moment?

I do not have a favourite app. This is like with food - I do not have a favourite food either.              

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