Idea Garage: Estonian Wellbeing 2017 kicked off with great energy!

One of the big aims of Garage48 is to make the world a better place. Encouraging participants to propose and validate new ideas for Estonian well-being made us organize Idea Garage: Estonian Wellbeing 2017. In June, in the first stage  the social & medical sphere experts were invited to Brainstorming Sessions  all over Estonia.  In the second stage, on the evening of September 8th more than 80 people came to the SEB Innovation Centre in Tallinn to be mentored by 10 professionals and specialists Elise Sass (Garage48), Ilja Livenson (OpenNode), Mari Rull (Corrigo), Liis Narusk (Garage48 Elevate), Pirkko Valge (Heateo SA), Kitty Kubo (Tehnopol), Gunnar Läll (SEB), Maarika Truu (Garage48), Mari Arnover (Smart Creative). The aim of the weekend was to come up with a prototype which would solve a problem on subjects like social care, medicine,  child care and other similarly important topics.

The weekend was opened by inspiring speeches by Liis Narusk, the CEO of ELEVATE by Garage48 and our very special guest Kaia Iva, the Minister of Social Protection.  These two ladies were followed by pitches of 10 bright ideas, 7 of which managed to find a team. 

Here they are:


LAP is an online portal accessible by people with special needs & their close ones with information about activities available to them, places accessible etc.

Remember me?

Remember me?'s goal is to bring participatory culture to Estonian museums and initiate a discussion about social isolation of elderly people with dementia and the way that art could improve their well-being and social relations.


CareMate is a platform that matches care seekers with professional care givers providing care givers web based video courses.

Don't be a Burden

Don't be a Burden provides a marketplace to find a psychologist and register online.

Disability Hotel

Disability Hotel's aim is to create a hotel that has an environment where people with special needs could learn social skills for working and independent lives as well.

InFunds.EU aims financial inclusion for marginalised group of people & access to EU banking via Estonian E-resicency program.

Hope Holders

Hope Holders connects people in need of emotional support with peer experts.

Big thanks to those great people whose ideas didn't make it to the development phase

*Platform of community ideas


*Follow Your Lead

Keep checking back in our channels to find out what turned out of these excellent projects!

The event is organized in cooperation with Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs & CIVITTA Estonia. This event is financed by European Social Fund.

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