All the ideas of the very first health tech hackathon of the Baltics!

The Garage48 Health Tech has kicked off here in the brand new building of Academic Centre of Natural Sciences. On Friday we had the main hall buzzing with great (and some crazy) ideas - 33 of them were pitched and 14 of them attracted a team around them. While the teams are hard at work and mentors busy giving advice, here's an overview of all the ideas we heard Friday night. The teams submitted are marked in bold.

1. Doc 2 Mama
Platform connecting doctors & patients during pregnancy. Pregnancy diary that communicates directly with the doctor. Team of 4 already in contact with medical professionals.

2. 3D Print in clinics
Put 3D printers in clinics. CT scan will be sent to the the 3D printer. Work with injuries, create 3D bone structures.

3. Arrangear
Hardware marketplace platform for biotech solutions that connects retailers and costumers. Easy purchasing process.

4. Go2doc
Problem is that the waiting list for specialist doctors are very long, aproox 6 months. We are creating a platform for the doctors to notify patients about the free time slots. Get a time with a doctor simple, fast and easy!

5. Suntime
70% of people are suffering from vitamin-D deficiency. The solution is to gather data about how much time you spend outside with different health gadgets and smart watches.

6. Thing Mind
It is a brain scanner that helps disabled people to live a better life in a wheelchair. Control smart devices with your mind.

7. MemoDrug
Help yourself to remember about getting your pills always when you have to. It would improve the use of medicine.

8. Smart Pill Box
The problem is the misuse of drugs. The solution is a smart box to keep your pills in that also reminds you to take the right pills at the right time. Take your medicine smart!

9. Smart Clothing
Virtual coach for picking out the gear for snowboarding. Sensors in the clothing track data while you are snowboarding and gives you live feedback through your headphones.

10. Top Doctor
Database of all the doctors in the region to find the best ones, get feedback and read reviews.

11. It takes more than words to ask for help
“call a nurse” button that activates with eye-gazing used in hospitals and day care centres.

12. AlcoGame
Prevention is the key in health and education is the key for prevention. Open ended and interactive role play game for health education subject like sex ed, alcohol etc. Health education made more fun!

13. Cheap and Quick
App/web to compare prices and quality of different doctors and medical services.

14. dpress
Mobile mental health app. Encrypted location-based chatting app where people can talk about their mental health issues, share similar experiences etc.

smart health cloud - your medical details in cloud
Digitalisation of personal healthcare data. The data is entered by yourself or your doctor and the details are gathered in a bracelet or necklace.

16. ICD
ICD records health data for arythmia patients. Patient friendly app to get the data from ICD device to use by the patient.

17. Cogunity
A system for deaf people that helps them to find the right way using vibrations. The system uses a bracelet with a GPS.

18. Yelp for drug dealers
Make sure that the source is clean. Supporting responsible use of drugs. Review-based system to find

19. Computer aided cancer detection
The problem is that cancer is detected too late. Solution diagnosing tool to detect cancer on images to assist doctors.

20. Throne
gathers data on your physical activities.

21. Food Dynamics
Filter through food based on your diet. The app suggests what kind of products you can use for your special diet, like vegan, gluten inotelrant etc

22. IT solutions in radiology
Cancer detected on images.

23. Exercise
A system that motivates to you exercise. The device turns off your internet connection when you don’t reach your exercise goals.

24. Enough is enough
Anti binge drinking apparatus. It locks your door when your drunk.

25. Accesible everyday exercise apparutus with cloud IoT
You get exercise with opening doors.

26. hand device for nerve rehab
Target is to recover from a stroke related disabilities. Device can be used by the patient without supervision.

27. Smart Brace
EMG sensors for rehab. EMG measures the potential from your muscles, the device can detect muscle fatigue.

28. Distressify
Monitor the face of the user, monitors pulse, reward is given if you’re calm, building your virtual village.

29. Microbath
Building a bath, complete isolation.

30. Killer detector
Find out who might kill you based on image recognition. It is a wearable device to compare faces to killer’s faces.

31. Be healthy 
Hardware project. We want to brainstorm an awesome idea here. 

32. Smart Drop counter
cheap and efficient solution for hospitals to manage drop counters. The hardware solutions measures weight and notifies the nurse when it needs to be changed.

33. ASSP
The device that uses vibrometers to gather data about magnetic fields. That helps deaf and blind people to feel magnetic fields. 

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