Garage48 Spatial Hack: The Garage winner was bold enough to ignore the concept of garages and came up with an innovating furniture design instead

The second collaboration between Garage48 and the interior architecture department of Estonian Art Academy was once again a success. 10 ideas were pitched and 5 teams were formed who all did beautiful presentations on Sunday evening. The hackathon brought together architects, urban planners, product designers, artists, interaction designers and many more. It was lovely to see how different disciplines were mixed together combining a creative whole. 

You may remember the fast-solution wardrobe for the young and furious called DROBE or the trendy and cool looking wooden backpack KOFFR from last year.

This year greeted more conceptual and art projects than products but the overall victory went to Connecting Chair - a new kind of chair which is meant for seminars, festivals and whichever events really. Connecting Chair consists of chairs with two legs which can only stand when connected to another similar chair. In order to sit one has to start a conversation with a (probably) stranger who also has a chair. Next to the fun design this piece of furniture also gives a reason to start a conversation for the shy ones (and not only).

The Runner-Up award went to Social Hub - an absolutely fine and great idea how to give new life to the old garage complexes. The team will host an exhibition on the roofs of garages boxes and show all the stuff being stored inside. At the same time the boxes will get a function of stores, cafés, children playrooms etc. The exhibition will be in glass-cases which will be left on the rooftops also post-exhibition and turned into green houses.

All the teams were advised and helped by mentors with very different backgrounds - Elo Kiivet (TKTK, Linnalabor), Kris Tammistu (COBALT), Jaanus Juss (Telliskivi Loomelinnak), Pärtel Soosalu (TMW), Yoko Alender (Parlament), Flo Kasearu (Flo Kasearu Majamuuseum), Avo Tragel (EAA), Alexander Kamelhair (EAA), Priit Salumaa (Garage48,Mooncascade), Sven Kirsimäe (Pipedrive).

Big up to our jury members :

Jaanus Juss (Telliskivi Loomelinnak)
Pärtel Soosalu (TMW)
Yoko Alender (Parliament)
Rasmus Rask (LaMuu)
Rain Rannu (Garage48, Fortumo)
Sven Kirsimäe (Pipedrive)

We wish all the best to all the teams and encourage them to continue developing their crazy ideas!

Overall winner
Telliskivi Loomelinnak Special Prize : a furnished coworking space for 6 months in Telliskivi Loomelinnak
LaMuu Special Prize : 24 packages of LaMuu ice-cream straight from the factory


A new kind of chair design helping people to socialize

Team: Mirko Känd, Semel Kari, Ellen Sepp, Kirke Mae Pähn


Garage 48 Special Prize
Garage48 hackathon by your own choosing


Interactive art installation bringing life to the forgotten part of Tallinn

Team: Roland Arnoldt, Andre Tamm, Siim Karro, Andreas Krigoltoi, Maria Luiga


Tallinn Music Week Special Prize
Free festival passes


Turning garage complexes into contemporary creative districts

Team: Tiina Pärtel, Sarah Maria Thees, Anastasija Malkova, Emely Mihkelsoo, Liina Soosaar


EAA interior architecture department Special Prize

Free access with consulting to wood workshop, electronics lab and welding studio


Team: Magnus Sirelmets, Mark Kristian Küttim


Great thanks goes alsot to team #5


A room in public spaces for disconnecting from the outer world

Team: Lill Volmer, Saskia Epp, Lõhmus, Veera Gontsugova, Dan Docherty


Thank you and see you soon!

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