Garage48 Open Data & Public Services Riga 2015: WINNERS

This weekend an amazing punch of developers, designers, marketers and visionaries gathered in the Hogwarts-like halls of University of Latvia to test their skills, write code and drink countless amount of coffee to make an idea into a working prototype in just 48 hours. What made the event special was the open data and public services focus which saw results that better the local life with helping them “finding a place to pee in one tap”, bringing a fun gamification element to available data with amazing looking games and many many more great ideas. But as the long-time Garage48 mentor and host of the event Elise Sass said to finish the event: “This is just the start. Keep up the spirit!” So all enthusiasts gather and let’s unleash the power of open data!

The rise of open data in the public sector has sparked innovation and fuelled economic development. We see the evidence of the potential of open data shaping the future of civic life and the opportunity to change the relationship between residents and government, especially at the local level. But there wouldn’t be an open data event without available machine readable data sets and for this we need to thank the support of Riga City Council. “Municipality of Riga have lots of data to share and we are proud to cooperate with Garage48 to popularize open data in Latvia. We can use open data to make the city searchable and smart and in Garage48 we will see practical outcomes of what open data can be used for.” said Agris Ameriks, representative of Municipality of Riga and a mentor for the weekend event.

Despite the energy and enthusiasm, open data still has challenges ahead. As the key factor to overcome any obstacle is passion we were lucky to have Clusterpoint as our platinum sponsor. (It cannot be anything else than passion when their tech team stayed up hacking with the teams!) Didzis Rutitis from Clusterpoint explained: “We are very excited to support Garage48 hackathon due to genuine interest and enthusiasm from the participant side. We see that this event is very much aligned with Clusterpoint values, and people here are really passionate about what they are doing.” 

We want to thank all our sponsors and mentors, all the organisers and volunteers and of course all the amazing participants for making this event happen! Without further ado, here are the WINNERS for Garage48 Open Data & Public Services Riga 2015:

Overall Winner + Microsoft special prize

Web based platform for searching public schools in Riga. The platform is based on the open data provided by Riga City Council and several public sources in internet.
The value of this project is based on the fact that parents can save their time and effort in order to get the most complete picture about the rating and condition of the school in Riga they would like choose for their children.
Additionally, the City Council and schools can analyze the conditions related to schools and school selection and improve the situation.

Team: Artis Ābolts - back-end developer, Ronalds Česnauskis - back-end developer, Rihards Beikerts - back-end developer, Krists Ozols - front-end developer, Jānis Vītols - front-end developer, Inga Ieraga - project manager, visionary, marketing

Runner Up + Clusterpoint special prize of €2000

"Public transport sucks. We’re here to make it better."
By leveraging Open Data sources, we will show public transportation statistics and thus provide a better public transport experience for the people of Riga.

Team: Janis Gruzis, Roberts Darģis, Alexander Rilin, Alexander Koshelev

The Greenest Idea
Startup Garden

Startup Garden is a community platform for City dwellers of Riga interested in urban gardening. Users can find vacant garden lots, upload their information and share experience through gamification. The goal is to engage the community and provide information about gardening.
The target audience are active citizens who care about the environment and their local community and take internest in gardening.

Team: Lauris Mikāls - project leader, front-end developer, Jānis Seržants - marketer, Aksels Ruperts - visionary, project manager, Kadri Sikk - advisor, consultant, Tomass Gavars - designer, Priit Tamme - back-end developer, Priidu Kull - back-end developer

Microsoft Special Prize of 3 x Nokia Lumia 1520 

Puzzle game with series of objects that have a number physical mechanisms on them. The player is challenged to figure out how to open each one.

Team: Aleksejs Voloviks, Andrejs Birzgals, Dmitrijs Voloviks, Jevgenijs Boiko, Jekaterīna Saliņa, Andrejs Jurcenoks, Andrejs Pelipenko, Vsevolods Golovins, Aleksandrs Kuvsinovs, Lev Bass

Biggest Technical Potential

CityDash objective is to make municipality/city open data easily available and understandable to people through metrics/visualization of numbers and representing this near to related news and tweets. Everyone should be able to see very personal dashboard with data selected depending on own interests and concerns. More to that - everyone will be able to upload,visualize and share own data from private spreasheets.

Team: Arturs Licis,  Aleksejs Beloglazovs, Vasiliy Popov

Most Needed App Ever

People need to loose some of body fluids once in a while. It becomes big issue when we are out of our homes and known places. And problem is exceptionally critic when feeling of loosing some fluids becomes urgent. Every second and every meter. We are linking people with nearest restrooms, based on their current location. We are saving their health for the best, because holding in causes health issues. We are helping tourists to find restrooms in unknown cities and keeping streets clean.

Team: Andris Pakulis - WindowsPhone + TeamLead, Alberts Pumpurs - Marketing, Edgars Ozols - Backend, Mark Bogdanov - Design, Mārtiņš Andersons - Android

Favourite of the Audience

Puzzle game with series of objects that have a number physical mechanisms on them. The player is challenged to figure out how to open each one.

Team: Aleksejs Voloviks, Andrejs Birzgals, Dmitrijs Voloviks, Jevgenijs Boiko, Jekaterīna Saliņa, Andrejs Jurcenoks, Andrejs Pelipenko, Vsevolods Golovins, Aleksandrs Kuvsinovs, Lev Bass

Other teams

We're making a web solution for anyone who is looking for an apartment. This lets people get instant notifications when a new apartment is on the market and enrich the ad with relevant information from Riga Open Data. Never again miss your dream apartment because you saw the ad too late, and find out all the important details about it immediately!

Team: Anete Cima, Anrijs Jargans, Osvalds Neiders, Ugis Balmaks


We are developing mobile app, where users will be able to see map with marked danger "zones" (areas with high crime rate). If the user has a information about something dangerous, he will be able to add that information on map. Also there will be pop-up messages, when the user will be near the danger zones. It is meant for every one who is spending time in the city.
It is nesseccary, to help our city to get safer.  

Team: Juris Tihomirovs - data analyst, Miķelis Kaņeps - Android developer, Alvis Berngards - designer, Zandis Murāns - back-and developer, Katrīne Jansone - marketer/ project manager


 Flubr simplifyes process of searching and applying for studies. It allows people to create their own profiles, where to upload files and whichever documents they need, choose studies - university, language course, private lesson - and apply for it. Easely - as if you are booking a hotel!

Team: Arkadi Zaitsev - visionary, project manager, marketer. Artjoms Tanigins - engineer, Anete Cema - designer (part-time)

CIKCIK.LV- VISUALIZE YOUR TAXES it is an easy way to understand how taxes are spent in Latvia.
We have based our calculations on an official budget information from Ministry of Finance and tailored individual tax calculation to each persons salary level.
People shall enter their salary and we will illustrate their tax money allocation to different sectors.

Team: Tomass Barilo - project manager,Ivo Capins - marketer, Janis Bukovskis - developer, Ronalds Sovas - developer, Peteris Grebis - designer


Strategy/Puzzle/Board multiplayer game about Riga which uses real-time government data from various databases.

Team: Kaspars Ruva - Front-end Back-End developer, Haralds Gabrāns - Marketing, Viktorija Postolati - Design , Jānis Zvirbulis - Project manager


Homaps is application that will help you to find the best place to live !

Team: Elio Suárez Santana (project manager, front-end), Po Hao Chen (back-end), Andra Neilande (designer)

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