Garage48 Moscow 2013 projects in progress

Garage48 is proud to have joined forces with HSE Inc. to organize the very first Garage48 hacakthon in Moscow, hosted in brand-new Mail.Ru Group office premises. All together 23 ideas were pitched on Friday, 9 managed to attract a team and have intensively been working over the week-end. You can follow the live stream tonight starting at 17:30 (GMT+4)!

Projects being in progress currently at the Garage48 Moscow 2013 event: 

Let's Change Service for sharing and renting appartment closer to your working place! 
 Team: Eugenii, Andrew, Mikhail, Mikhail 
YeNoMe Ask any question and receive an answer as “yes”, “no” or “may be”. 
Team: Aleksey Omelyanchuk, Kirill Danilov, Andrey Salomatin, Andrey Pushkarev 
QuickMeet Service for finding friends with same interests
Team: Evelina, Sergey, Igor, Alicia  
Pasone  Service for easy and comfortable bicycle renting with smartphones 
Team: German Saprykin, Arseniy Nikulshin, Pavel Volodin 
ExamAtHome  Service that helps to study using FlashCards and SpaceRepetition methodology of learning. 
Team: Vladimir Rybakov, Sergey Shashev, Andrew Bogdanov, Ilya Nikanorov 
Takora Service, that helps to figure out ideas, solve problems by using creative thinking methods. Team: Albert Yanov, Filipp Dmitrov, Gleb Kunokhovich, Alexey 

FutureInTouch Idea of the project to develop service which helps you to preorder and pay your meal in any time you like and any where you are. 
Team: Andrey Fureev, Semen Barabash, Tatiana Podgornova, Artem Podlesnov 

CarWash Convenient service that allows car owners to choose and book time in a carwash with different options: commitment, desired services, prices. The development of the pr
oject involves a few basic parts: an opportunity for car owners to find the nearest carwash and get the 
full information about it, book and load, discount a loyalty programme 
Team: Mairbek Khostikoev, Gor Avakyan, Pavel Krivoruchko 
YoDa Guitar Online Academy for Musicians
Team: Kirill Karev, Anna Manannikova, Egor Lakomkin, Anton Griev, Konstantin Kuznetsov  

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