Garage48 Minsk 2015 was the coolest event ever in Minsk!

The 5th event in Belarus Garage48 Minsk is now over but the dream, the attitude and the projects will keep on going. 13 amazing teams presented their working prototypes on the stage of Imaguru Startup Hub in Minsk on Sunday the 26th.  13 project leads showed to the whole audience what they  have developed during 48 hours of coding, designing, pivoting and bringing their new product or service to the market!

There are many people to thank for the amazing weekend. First of all, we need to thank Nastia Khamiankova, who is the co-founder of Bel.Biz and for organizing the event from the Belarus part. Another lady we need to thank for the whole event and for everything that we ever can imagine is Kai Isand, who is the link between Bel.Biz and Garage48. Go Kai and Nastia!

Another very HUGE über super thanks to our sponsors, without whom events like these would not be possible. Estonian Development Cooperation - with whom Garage48 has teamed up for 2 years already and for promoting development in Estonia. Startup Belarus, which is a community for ideas and entrepreneurs in Belarus for being an incredible support. And of course a big thank you to our co-partners Bel.Biz and Imaguru for everything! Once again we cannot say thanks enough to Microsoft, who is not only sponsoring us but who also provides Garage48 with mentors and know-how. 

The jury mentors were pleased with the result of this hackathon in Minsk and the level of the developers in this small country. Martin Verrev, serial-mentor and participant at Garage48 hackathons who has been to Belarus 4 times already said "So far every time I come to Belarus I feel how it has improved: ideas, execution and what is most important - the mindset."  

Jury member and mentor Anton Shunkov, Technical Evangelist in Microsoft Belarus shared his fascination: "What made this event special and stand out was that there was a lot of cultures. I really liked to see how Estonians, Latvians and the people of Belarus cooperated and how fragile ideas made progress and grew into major prototypes. Everybody put their passion and heart into this". 

Before we go to the winners, we like to thank all the jury members, who also have been mentoring during the whole weekend and gave the teams invaluable advice:


Ragnar Sass - co-founder at Garage48, Co-founder & President at Pipedrive

Elise Sass - Startup-Lead at Microsoft in Central-Eastern Europe

Cesar Zeppini - UI/UX Designer at Pipedrive

Martin Verrev - Developer, co-founder at Qminder

Anton Shunkov - Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

Anastasia Khamiankov - co-founder of BEL.BIZ & Imaguru

Vadim Nareyko - COO at Viaden

But now for the part what you have been waiting for - It's time to announce the winners of Garage48 Minsk!


Trip to Latitude59 Conference in Estonia & Imaguru prize


Imhobeer is mobile and web beer recommendation platform to never taste beer you do not like again.
People love different beers and there is no single best beer. So, there is a need in a personal beer barmen who know your taste and serves you with beer you love.
For the beer lovers!


Dmitry Kaigorodov - visionary, Jaroslav Likhachevski - project manager, marketer, Alexey Dubrov - back-end dev, Vlad Shevchenko - back-end dev, Egor Bukraba - front-end, design, Anthony Marchenko - iOs dev


Nokia 1320 Phones from Microsoft


Easy-to-use service to make drinks ordering faster and easier!
This solution will be helpful for both sides: bar clients to ease the process of ordering drinks and to bar administration to increase the flow of the clients and provide data analytics about sells.
Ilja Gubin: Front-End Developer, Ksenija Krilatiha: iOS Dev, UI Design, Martin Boze: Social specialist (PM), Ronald Sovas: Back-End Dev, Alexandra Zhos: Marketing specialist, Elena Pleshak: Marketing specialist, Julia Tolochkova: Design/Graphics), Emil Syundyukov: Visionary


Speky is product management software for small and starting businesses to get their projects going. Our sidegoal is to educate users and Speky community to become PM superstars. 
Mihkel Pukk - team leader, project manager, Andrus Asumets - back-end dev, Ihnat Yaruta - front-end dev, Artur Zaitsev - marketing, Jaan Kontkar - communications, community manager


Android app for selling positive reviews in return for free products.
We help services to get the crowd at the place, become more popular in social network, promote brand, get likes and shares. For all people who doesn't mind to be bribed for bonuses at the places. For all grateful people, who are ready to share with their friends what they like to try. For services that are ready to cheer up their costumers with free bonuses!
Natalja - designer, Miķelis - Android developer, Juris - front end developer, Alex - project manager and consultant

Online service for fast and high-quality translation of short texts.
Vitaly Mikulski - project manager, Vitaliy Korbut - developer, Anna Noviyskaya - marketing, user experience

But everyone is a winner, especially at a Garage48 hackathon. We truly mean it, as it is not easy to work under such time pressure and with totally new team members. So, we would like to give a huge shoutout to all of the other teams who deserve the same amount of recognition: 


Awesome educational game for kids about exploring the human body. The main character - Gummy Bear - will help kids (from age 6 to 13) learn biology and anatomy in a fun and interactive way. That would definatelly make the learning much more interesting and will help to increase kids knowledge about the processes happening in a live organism. 
Maris - Lead (our brains) and Game Artist, Fish aka Girts - The one, who demotivates competitors and also knows some camera/photo stuff. Our bacteria, Kaspars - Cool guy, who walks away from explosions and also knows something about coding, Linda - Very awesome-great-experienced Marketing Guru (also knows some stuff about advertising), Zane - Another awesome-great-experienced Marketing Guru and PR specialist

Olly Bee is gamification platform that provide applications for websites to build traffic, retain and engage visitors and capture leads. During Garage48 Minsk event we develop gamification platform and our first application "Find eggs".
Ivo Capins - project manager, Sergey Kolontay - marketer / designer, Dmitry Homenok - backend developer, Artem Shambalev - frontend developer

StageHook is a marketplace for musicians - a place, where people can book live musicians for their events. On the one hand, it will make the musicians, especially the young ones, more visible; and on the other hand, it will simply the lives of those, who are looking for performers for their events.
Merit Burenkov - designer, project manager, Triin Liiv - marketer, business development, Olga Salnikava - marketer, business development, Elena Akhramenko - front-end developer, Arkadzi Salnikau - back-end developer


Youtube unlisted video manager. Created with love to allow Organisations such as dance, martial art studios to batch Upload and Search (by name and tags) their youtube unlisted videos. 
Lyosha Sashevich - back-end developer, Kārlis Upītis - front-end / designer / team lead

SMATCH will help people find new opportunities by allowing them to start a new enterprise new with minimal capital. By giving them ability to rent instead of buying it. If you want to finish this iOS project for a client but you need a mac to compile the app, you can borrow a mac from someone else and do the project and start your own iOS programming business.
Tania - team leader, marketing, Sergej - front-end, Anton - back-end, Sofia - designer, Olga - designer

Madikt is a mobile advertising network, Google DisplayAds for mobile. We disrupt digital advertising industry by: promoting apps in mobile web,  increasing revenue for website owners from mobile traffic, making marketers happy: catchy optimized ads are automatically designed for any app in store. Like it or not, but big money and serious business.
Maryna - marketer, Ivan - mobile developer, Alex - fullstack developer, Dzmitry - backend developer

Inner Demon: The Two Souls
2D Story-driven Dungeon crawler-ish game, where the player controls a young mage, who travels the world with his "inner demon" in order to find the truth about the world they live in. Meant for mid-core to hardcore gamers, who enjoy a deep and not so easily accessible story .
Matiss - Programmer; Viktorija - Artist; Alesja - Marketing.
The main goal of the interviewland is to simplify interview process. It provide ability to build custom interview flows.(Firstly candidate should pass test, then first round interview, then second). The heard of the project is peer to peer video/audio/data sharing. Video call and chat build on top of this idea. The project helps you to take all information about interview in one place. Notes, chat history, code samples, test results. Good structure of this saves your time for important things, make decisions to give somebody job or not.
Oleg - backend developer, Anton - team lead, Lesha - frontend developer, Lera - design


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