Garage48 Minsk 2013 winning project- a system helping its users with visual optimization

Garage48 Minsk event, that took place in December 2013, was hosted by BEL.BIZ, who just recently got their brand-new and extra comfortable coworking space for startups ready. BEL.BIZ, being the Center for Business Communications in Minsk, was a good partner for organizing this years second hackhaton in Minsk. 

Garage48 Minsk 2013 jury members, who chose the winners, were representing several organizations:
Garage48, BEL.BIZ, AsthmaMD, TUT.BY


Winner - A system for visual optimization by A/B Testing with no source code changes.
Team: Evgeny Palchevsky,  Alexandr Teut,  Vitaliy Korbut,  Victor Paschenko   


Dogracy - Dogracy is a realtime geo-social game for dogowners. You conquer and fight for territories while walking your dog.
Team: Dima Koniuk, Dima Dyakonov, Andrei Panamapou, Pavel Andreevski, Petr Prisyazhnuk  

 Special fun-prize

Date with fun - Dating service- An auction, where you can purchase meetings with nice people in nice places. 
Team: Andrei Matsiavin, Vitali Yermakou, Irina Skapupo, Sergey Valuy, Polina Vaulina, Ilya Korneev, Denis Kondratovich - is a search engine for cars. On the site you get all the needed information about any car (models, testdrive videos, reviews, feedback) 
Team: Alexander Tatulchenkov ,Elena Fedosova, Olga Markitan  

Dreams Come True - ("KickStarter".BY) + =  We transform your dream into goal and help to achive it!
Team: Alexey Protaschik, Aliaksei Shytkin, Artiom Efimchik

Makeset -  We make e-commerce visual. It's fast and easy for you and your customers!
Team: Iryna Zdarevich, Andrew Lis, Vasya Shinkorenko, Ruslan Lev, Gleb Pastukhov - Web-service that would help consumers find cafes and restaurants at any point of Minsk, easyly book a table, get information about free tables, make preorder and prepayment.
Team: Natalia Selina, Viktoria Mjasnikova, Maria Maksimova, Dmitrii Homenjuk   

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