Garage48 Lviv 2015 Friday!

Lviv is an amazingly gorgeous city with it's loving and warm people. It has truly won our hearts again. And do you know that the motto of Lviv is "Semper fidelis", that means "Always Faithful"? No? Well, the slogan is there for a reason. Although there have been many events in Lviv this Autumn, we are sure that the Garage48 event is a nice addition with it's practical and edgy standpoints. On Friday evening, the 6th of November, 80 people from all over Ukraine (and some from Poland) gathered to make history at the second ever Garage48 event in Lviv. And might we say, that Lviv is the capital of engineers- they are literally everywhere! Well, altogether 19 ideas we're pitched of which 11 managed to attract a team. By the way, this time it's all about the quality not the quantity of the ideas. 

You can find all the pitched ideas below - the teams that are still continuing in the hopes of winning the event are in bold: 

1    What Where When
Not only where, but also in what time. Platform to learn about activities, locations and invite people.

2    Amber School
Students, parents, school – all lie. Amber School is an E-school solution. 

3    Online shop for Apple TV
Engine for e-shop owners.

4    Crowdaton
Recycling hackathlon ideas between developers. 

5    New friends from anonymous social Messenger
Mobile chat roulette.  

6    PetSitter
Find people to look after your pet when travelling.

7    Purssher
Easy way to create mobile application. 

8    Team to travel
Find travel buddies, find a team for idea.

9    Adventure Quest
USG adveture guest market place.

10   Validea
Fastest way to validate business idea.

11   We saw you naked 
How would the girl in your office look naked?! Match them to pornstars. A tool to present any girl naked based on similar pornstar photos.

12   Kid
Smartwatch app for children health monitoring.

13   SMS  Net
Get information over SMS on roaming. Tool to get data when you are offline.

14   Cat In the box ("Põrsas kotis" in Estonian)
An application that allows you to buy surprises.

15   Beer Rates
Beer rates, reviews.

16   Happy button
Content aggregator for happiness.

17   Comics translator
Opensubtitles for comics- Google camera translator with animations and sound effects.

18   Lin-lead
Chrome extension to scrape Linkedin profile data.

19   Choose master
Simple evening exit app – Call taxi.

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