Garage48 Kiev 2013 winner is

Garage48 took place for the second time in Kiev, Ukraine 26-28th April. 81 visionaries, developers, designers and marketers gathered this weekend to make awesome things happen. Alltogether 31 ideas were pitched, the best 14 were turned into working prototypes during the weekend. After careful consideration on Sunday, the jury picked as the winner and as the runner-up. Favourite of the Audience was Monekid. Award for the Most Fun Demo went to 3D-Lab and for the Boldest Idea to Monekid got the Microsoft Special Prize and Help4Free Skype Special Prize.



Interactive on-screen tutorials for complex interfaces. 
Team: Mari Raudsepp, Bogdan Suchyk, Igor Pashinnik, Mihkel Karu 
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Planto is an innovative project management tool that combines the power of Gantt charts with the simplicity and immediate understanding of mindmaps. 
Team: Ottavio Cambieri, Hanna Danilchik, Boris Morachov, Alexey Kuriyanenko, Maksym Mikheienko, Ivan Sirosh, Igor Kachura, Oskars Gauks 
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Favourite of the audience!

Teach your kids to understand the value of money. If your kid wants to get a new toy, he uses Monekid app with you to set the goals, follow the progress and behave well to earn it. There will be no misunderstandings and "forgetting" of homework or buying the new toy. 
Team: Margus Pala, Ilja Livenson, Kārlis Zenne, Ance Laganovska, Tanya Zavyalova, Maxim Galushka, Tarmo Annus 
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Most Fun Demo!

We are making a gadget for mobile phone which will make 3D scanning portable. You will be able to scan any object into 3d model with the sensor as cheap as $200. This is crucial thing for 3d designers, artists, architects and engineers in many industries. 
Team: Dmitra Kyianytsia, Vania Pasichnyk, Andrii Zhdanov, Iskander Mamedov and Artas Bartas

Boldest Idea!

For users of Bitcoin we provide insurance-like products, which guarantee exchange rate at a future time when users need to transact. Important for all Bitcoin users who prefer price stability. 
Team: Alan Tobin, Andres Viikmaa, Anton Kasyanov, Serhii Karpenko 


Skype Special Prize

Service that will shorten the distance between a desire to help and real needs of people with disabilities. Find convenient time, place and activity to help! 
Team: Serhii Mykhalyshyn, Dmitriy Budnik, George Slotvinsky, Kirill Arshuk 
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Microsoft Special Prize

Teach your kids to understand the value of money. If your kid wants to get a new toy, he uses Monekid app with you to set the goals, follow the progress and behave well to earn it. There will be no misunderstandings and "forgetting" of homework or buying the new toy. 
Team: Margus Pala, Ilja Livenson, Kārlis Zenne, Ance Laganovska, Tanya Zavyalova, Maxim Galushka, Tarmo Annus 
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Service allow to users sell or buy free space in their luggage and order or bring staff from abroad by your friends.  Team: Roman Pronskiy, Georgii Dolzhykov, Salo Ievgen, Golub Borys, Alexander Yerokhin, Gribenko Alexand 
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The interactive platform for collaboration and promotion in adventure. There is a good way for fun with friends, there is the best way to promote some goods and brands. Team: Olexandr Shalakhin, Kirill Karmadonov, Nikita Chadyuk, Richard Tiutiun, Serhiy Timoshok, Igor Kuzmenko, Viktor Kharchevskyi. Find them on Twitter and Facebook


Crowdsourcing platform for personalized trips. Team: Elena Palchykova, Jaanus Sakkis, Cristo Pajust, Yauhen Klimovich, Sergei Veras, Dmitriy Vasin is a service, that provides an opportunity for monetization of graphical content, connecting tagged elements of photo to the sites where you can buy these things. Tagging is made by users and that procedure is motivated by paying for relevant clicks on tags. It can be easily inserted into thematic websites.
Team: Sergei Lubkin, Oleksandr Onyshchenko, Oleksandr Bondarenko, Nik Kalinich, Valeriy Seryi

Lonely Walls

Augmented Reality Mobile app, smooth way to decorate your space with visual art (sculptures, art installations) Team: Tatiana Sianko, Marina Lopyrova,  Janis Peisenieks, Yaroslav Kovalchuk 
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We want to create a platform that unite pet nursery owners and give them a powerful tool to manage their business. They can: - Create pet site (using constructor). This is a small page about pet and his awards including photo and BIO Data. - Buy & Sell platform. - Search platform for finding partner for mating animals.
Team: Alex Troush, Alex Borisov, Maria Trufanova, Vollodimir Hostyk


Our team is working on smart home control system. With this one, You can control all devices in your home, including light, temperature, music etc. Also we have proposition for security and safety, like sensor of moving, of opening door… Moreover there is solution for save your money, which you pay for utility bills, up to 30% per year. MoonBox is consist of some sensor with main box, which control all their working & send notification to your home. And now You can control all your devices with Smartphone from every part of the world. Team: Ivan Revchuk, Andrei Gordeev, Yurii Samsoniuk, Ievgen Osmuk, Anna Kalashnik

Questing is about new way of surfing, studying and looking for new interesting information on Wikipedia. We bring gamification and interactive presentation to form a Quest for studing content of Wikipedia. Team: Bohdan Danilyk, Denis Pysmennyi, Oleksiy Malytskyy, Maksim Zaporozhets, Mykola Marussyk, Igor Gulanitskiy, Alar Maerand, Anton Diatlov Find them on Twitter and Facebook 


Ragnar Sass

Priit Salumaa

Elor Pruvli

Viktor Tsykunov

Nikita Lukianets

Denys Sytnyk

Volodymyr Tarasenko

Tanel Vari

Vlad Morozov

Alexey Fedorov


Garage48 Kiev 2013 event is organized by Garage48 Foundation, DOU

Platinum Sponsor

Microsoft Corporation is a tech giant with it’s network all over the world and has special programs for startups and developers. 

Microsoft® BizSpark®  is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, and providing marketing visibility. The program also includes access to Windows Azure and many other useful tools for startups. 

Premium Sponsors

Skype is the startup success story from the Baltic-Nordic region - still innovating and looking for talented people. Check out jobs available at Skype.


  • Expertorama - unlimited power of pure experience
  • DOU
  • Casual - a visual project management for small and medium teams
  • Eastlabs
  • IDCEE 
  • Happy Farm
  • BeTV
  • FluidUI
  • Startup Vitamins
  • Edicy - simple online website creator, everyone can create a website in 3 minutes!
  • Seedcamp - European most respected startup acceleration and mentoring program Seedcamp started a cooperation with Garage48. Garage48 can send one team from each event straight to Seedcamp.

Garage48 Kiev 2013 activities are partly funded through Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by means of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

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