Garage48 DiploHack Tallinn winner revealing the conflicts of interests in state owned companies

We are happy to say that this season in Estonia ended for Garage48 with partnering up with DiploHack and Embassy of Netherlands to develop projects in the field of human rights and internet freedom. All together 5 great projects were presented in the Internet Freedom Conference before a big crowd of diplomats and human rights advocates held at Radisson BLU Hotel Tallinn. 

 All together more than 10 ideas from NGO representatives were pitched on Friday, 6th Dec, which brought together many diplomats and human rights advocates for the Creativity HUB event held at Garage48 HUB premises. Full day workshops resulted in ready-to-pitch ideas for the Garag48 DiploHack Tallinn 2013 event and 7 great ideas managed to attract teams to start developing. By Sunday night 5 projects were in the stage to present before the audience of the Internet Freedom Conference. As already this was a prize enough Garage48 always chooses a winner from the hackathon. This time the winner received with the support of Embassy of Netherlands 1000€ to go forward with the idea. 
Garage48 DiploHack Tallinn 2013 jury members to choose winners were from representatives from different organizations:
  • Jos Schellaars (Ambassador of the Netherlands to Estonia)
  • Anders Ljunggren (Swedish Ambassador to Estonia)
  • Krists Avots (Garage48)
  • Andrei Korobeinik (EstBAN)
  • Jens Kasemets (Shaka)



Overall Winner, Favourite of the Audience Web-based platform that draws data from various open sources to reveals the conflicts of interest of state owned companies and foundations board members.
Team: Birgit Rosenberg (project manager, TI Estonia), Boris Maryshev (Back-end developer), Janar Palk (Front-end developer) 


Public Answer

Let’s turn public sector responses to our requests faster and raise their quality! This is the fastest and easiest way to get an answer to your request from the public sector. Sometimes communication with the public sector may cost too much time or the response doesn’t answer to your question exactly. Furthermore, sometimes it might be that your neighbour asked the same question two weeks before and the answer has already been given but you just don’t know about it. 

Team: Allan Laan, Priit Kuuseorg, Jaanus Sakkis, Kadri Pedas 



Michack is a web service which substitutes microphones on public events and conferences. You just take your phone, go to the event site, click if you have a question, and if the queue displays your turn you just speak on your phone. Voice comes out from speakers and everybody hears you.   

 Team: Kaspar Korjus, Kermo Pajula, Märten Soo    


The privacy tool for Citizens to fight back the giants of the internet. 451 is a privacy tool to protect people to remove illegal data/pictures from the web.  Team: Martin Sookael, Ele-Riin Kullamä    

Euromaidan Crowd Count

Right now, 5000 Ukrainians are protesting on Independence Square (Maidan) in Kyiv. Or is it 20’000? Wrong estimation makes us draw wrong conclusions. Euromaidan Crowd Count is a solution for crowd counting from photo. 
Team: Silver Meikar, Martin Grüner, Henrik Chulu, Ottokar Tilk 




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