Garage48 Circular Economy 2017 hackathon winners creating disruptive solutions 

On 6-8th October Garage48 community gathered in Tallinn, where circular economy experts, environmental specialists, software developers, marketers, project managers, designers, UI/UX gurus, product engineers & visionary entrepreneurs from around the world were finding eco-innovative solutions - action towards the sustainable future and growth.

The overall crowd that took part in the hackathon was truly international! Spring Hub hosted 110 devoted mentors and participants from 21 different nationalities (Estonia, Ukraine, Latvia, Georgia, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ecuador, Finland, China, Cyprus, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Brazil, France, Netherlands) that worked together for 48 really intensive and fun hours to find new and innovative solutions for transition to circular economy through eco-innovation. This time Garage48 hackathon event was part of the EU Presidency programme partnered up with Estonian Ministry of the Environment, financed by European Regional Development Fund and Estonian Environmental Investment Centre.  

The mentor & experts team consisted of specialists from the local and international circular economy & startup field: Elise Sass (Lift99), Harri Moora (Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre), Christiaan Kraaijenhagen (Innoboost), Matthew Fraser (Circle Economy), Marie-Helene Morvan (AirFrance), Sven Kirsimäe (Pipedrive), Jordan Valdma (, Erko Risthein (, Cesar Zeppini (Pocopay), Maido Parv (Skype), Kair Käsper (Pipedrive), Piotr Barczak (European Environmental Bureau), Roman Zinchenko (Greencubator), Andres Susi (Garage48).

Special thanks also to our wonderful JURY - Jana Pavlenkova, Marie-Helena Morvan, Ado Lõhmus, Piotr Barczak, Roman Zinchenko, Erko Risthein & Ragnar Sass.

Siim Kiisler,
Estonian Minister of the Environment opened the hackathon event on Friday hoping that great ideas will be brought to life and presented on Sunday. He said that more needs to be done for change in the economic models than just talking about the pressing problems.

Let's see the projects developed over the intensive week-end. We will announce the winners of Garage48 Circular Economy 2017: 

2500 EUR
3CULAR (Sawdust 3D Printer)

Creating a 3D printer that uses wood waste and circular design to produce new value objects.
Team members: 
Mikheil Kelenjeridze (Georgia) - Engineer, Alexander Tkeshelashvili (Georgia) - Marketer, Kaisa Hansen (Estonia) - Project manager

Ajujaht Prize: 
Ajujaht is giving a DIRECT pass to their TOP30 development program. Since most of the teams who made it last time to TOP30 had some kind of prototype to show beforehand, we’re giving away with the pass first 500 EUROS from the prize pot.

Prototron Special Prize: 
Prototron sends two teams out of more than 300 applicants through its TOP40 program in autumn and gives the team an opportunity to take part in the Prototron training day (they can compete with the prize money).

1st Runner-up
Circular B2B

Circular B2B is a marketplace for European Union B2B circular materials.

Team members: 
Rainer Pesti (Estonia) - Marketing, Denys Potapov (Ukraine) - Developer, Dmitriy Basan (Ukraine) - Developer, Jan De Vries (Germany) - Developer, Viljar (Estonia) - Graphics Designer, Ivars Bergs (Latvia) - Developer.

Cleantech ForEst Special Prize: Cleantech ForEst is giving Circular B2B a DIRECT ACCESS to the Climate Launchpad 2018 programme!

Prototron 2nd Special Prize: Prototron gives its second pass for its TOP40 program in autumn and gives Circular B2B an opportunity to take part in the Prototron training day (they can compete with the prize money).

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Special Prize: The Foundation granted Circular B2B showcase in Disruptive Innovation Festival (22-24 Nov). Value for the teams: Exposure of an idea/concept with an audience that is relatively well-informed about the circular economy topics.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Special Prize
Plastic Hero, RECO & Circular B2B 

The Foundation granted TOP3 teams showcase in Disruptive Innovation Festival (22-24 Nov). Value for the teams: - Exposure of an idea/concept with an audience that is relatively well-informed about the circular economy topics.

Ragn-Sells Special Prize 
Game of Circularity
Game of Circularity is a board game which aims to inspire thinking in the principles of circular economy.
Team members: Andrew Yip (Saudi Arabia) - Game Concept, Aleksei Boris (Estonia) - Game Mechanics, Johanna-Maria Lõhmussaar (Estonia) - Designer, Hanno Võsu (Estonia) - Designer, Mariia Zhevlakova (Russia) - Circular Economy Expert, Maryna Razakhatskaya (Belarus/Ireland) - Creative technologist, Janis Kolosovskis (Latvia) - Marketing, Konstantin Tretyakov (Estonia) - Game Mechanics.

Prize: Ragn-Sells AS is giving out a Special prize to one of the teams in Garage48 Circular Economy 2017 which shows great potential, is determined and brings an innovative idea to the field of waste management. Ragn-Sells Special Prize includes 500€ prize money, mentorship from the true leaders in the field, validation & testing of the project with Ragn-Sells!

Fondation Nationale Entreprise et Performance &
Favourite of the Audience Prize
World Cleanup Day 2018

World Cleanup Day 2018 is a communication gateway for the worldwide civic movement.

Team members: 
Batuhan Avucan (Turkey) - Marketer, Jorge Chavez (Ecuador) - Engineer, Silvar Laasik (Estonia) - UI/UX designer, Kerttu Põder (Estonia) - Product owner/project manager, Mait Roosvalt (Estonia) - Back-end developer, Kris Haamer (Estonia) - Front-end developer, Kristjan Roosild (Estonia) - Back-end developer, Kadri Maripuu (Estonia), Jürgen Kask (Estonia), Lisandra Roosioja (Estonia).

500€ Special Prize for SOBRIETY and FRUGALITY, rewarding a high-performance circular economy innovation that is simple to implement, easily scalable without requiring many resources.

Embassy of the Netherlands &
Innoboost Special Prize

The teams received The Circular Business book. It offers a practical 10-step approach for professionals in small, medium-sized and large organizations on how to initiate, lead and execute from pilot to circular businesses.

Descriptions of other great teams in the Garage48 Circular Economy 2017 hackathon:

Plastic Hero

Plastic Hero is web service that helps enthusiasts create strong community
Join your your plastic recycle community and be part of sustainable city.
Team members: Daniel Raljov (Estonia) visionary, Karina Lapina (Ukraine) product manager, Igor Smolkin (Estonia) UI/UX designer, Jegor Meister (Estonia) engineer, Viktor Kirjanov (Estonia) Full stack developer, Maksim Krivonos (Estonia) engineer.


Oblock is collaborative platform for Sustainable Businesses to create and distribute their loyalty programs.
Team members: Kostantin: UX: Latvia, Aleks: BE: Estonia, Katja: FE: Estonia, Misha: FE: Georgia
Faradj: BE: Kyrgyzstan , Riho: Data Analyst: Estonia, Joy: Product Dev : Germany, Villem: BE: Estonia, George: Lead: Bulgaria and Rando


A mobile platform to get recommendations and tutorials for using waste materials to create practical or artistic designs.
Team members: Katja Dianoff, Finland, Graphic Designer and UI; Ge Gao, China, Graphic Designer; Natig Babayev, Finland, Mobile Developer

Our website provides information on a local community level in finding businesses that can support people in adopting a more responsible/sustainable lifestyle.
Team members: Jelizaveta Zatkina / Estonia / r&d, Anna Bass / Estonia / dev, Kristjan Pikk / Estonia / dev, Ingrid Hermet / Estonia / expert, Alexandros Ioannou / Cyprus / business dev


Outlets and switches which give feedback on energy usage
Team members: Maria Rahamägi Estonia Project manager, Hannes Karask Estonia Technical, Vidhya Chandrasekaran India Environment, Ucha Vekua, Georgia, Marketer, Nika Oniani, Georgia, Marketer, Giorgi kakhoshvili, Georgia, Front end Developer

Another big thank you goes to our sponsors and partners who are helping us realize one more successful hackathon where the true magic happens:

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