The first Central Asian Garage48 Bishkek kicked-off in Kyrgyzstan

Mentors team spent their morning paragliding in the mountains near Bishkek to be ready for exciting weekend with almost 100 participants at Garage48 Bishkek 2015. Though many participants claimed their English is weak, the event was started with jokes and passion to create new mobile applications to help farmers know what is the price to platforms to sell your things for charity.

Jüri Kaljundi, co-founder of Garage48 & Weekdone pointed out that being at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Kyrgyzstan has an exciting role to build the digital Silk Road between the regions. Garage48 Bishkek 2015 is the first attempt in joining startup communities and creating the environment for innovation. 

Best teams will have great surprises. Eclipse Food Group has given out a trip for the overall winner to Estonia to meet the startup community there & to Finland to visit the SLUSH conference. Microsoft is rewarding a team who develops on Microsoft platforms with 4 brand-new Lumia 1320 phones and there are other surprises out there.
Here is the list of 18 ideas that got enough team members to start working over the week-end:
1. - Customer support audio and video calls live for customers running on web and mobile.  
2. Charity shop – sell any product or service and give the money for charity of your choice.  EducatorCharities could do fund raising on the site.
3. Esal  - website to give information about fun activities like rafting, paragliding and other things in Kyrgyzstan. They already have a mobile app. (Factory team)
4. InfoDigg – Platform for farmers that gives them useful information about farming and selling their crop (price and market data) to help them be more effective. 
5. Segmently -  Display the right message to the right people. They take customer database and analyze it to send the information to the chosen group -  for example female users who were on the site 1 month ago.
6. MiniAcc -  Small and medium shops have problems to get a good distributor for their shops and distributors need good solution how to be effective and reduce their costs. Website for wholesailers with all their products where retailers can make orders and make accounting.
7. The Moon - Donation system to give money to charity instead of eating an ice-cream.
8. The Trip - Create, share and find hiking trails their current situation and description by other hikers.
9. Look-Media – Advertisement in the public transportation and public places, start with small buses.
10. Easy Polling Test - Make a simple question and other people in the mobile application answer the question Yes or No.
11. - Find any gym in any city in the region easily from a web or mobile.  Start with Kyrgyzstan and move to all CIS.
12. Lost and Found - Platform for lost and found items and fixed advertisement fee to put them up.
13. Educator, University Guide - Information and platform how to get into universities. - challenge the world with tricks and challenges. Show them and show others and ask them to repeat. First focus for extreme sports
15. Kandai - Local tinder for Kyrgyzstan. 
16. Sonic+ - Shazam for radio or online playlists that recognizes all audio files in a stream. (Factory team)
17. Let’s Talk - Location based communication application.
18. MyCity -  Any citizen can post an issue or a problem like a traffic light.

Here's a list of ideas that didn't get a team together and can try their luck next time: 
1. - marketplace for independent sales agents to sell various stuff. (Factory team)
2. ElicLand -  Etsy for Central Asia, sell local handicraft to international market. (Factory team)
3. iTraditions -  helping people to remember culture and traditions. An app will build a profile based on your age and religion and location.
4. Obsudim – new forum platform that is easy to use on web and mobile.
5. Exprompt – social connections for small groups on top of other social media websites.
6. Forms -  Database for all forms and documents and how to fill them in Kyrgyzs language as it’s complicated now.
7. SmartPost -  Same post would go to different social networks like
8. Event Planner -  A platform for event organizers with needed functionalities.


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