Galileo - the game-changing technology for location-based app developers - joins Garage48 SpaceTech: Integrated Applications Hackathon

Galileo, the European Union’s Global Navigation Satellite System has been operational since December 2016 and is delivering initial live services to the Geo-IoT community. The new generation of chipsets, smartphones, smartwatches, fitness devices are already Galileo-enabled and are available on the market.

What’s in it for you?

The availability of increasingly sophisticated devices able to track accurate location and offer unprecedented computing capabilities is leading the geo-location industry towards the development of innovative location-aware applications. Galileo is one of the major breakthroughs in the field of Location Based Services and offers – operated in multi-constellation mode together with other GNSS such as GPS - a range of innovative features: including accuracy and enhanced availability, especially in challenging urban environments where high buildings make  the reception of GNSS signals more complex, and a faster time to first fix, allowing the computation of the position  faster than ever!  Plus, specific differentiators are being developed to grant Galileo a unique role within the GNSS arena. One of these is the authentication of the GNSS signal, making the device able to verify that the  location is correct.

Galileo Hackathoners can also rely on the support of Here ™-the world’s leading location data company – that has joined the Galileo Hackathon by making available their APIs and SDKs to make the best out of Galileo positioning capabilities.  Sign up now for a 90-day trial and start coding before the event!

There’s more!

The goal of the Galileo Hackathon is to give participants the opportunity to meet with peers, experts and like-minded people, and explore the possibilities that sat-nav and other space technologies offer. Can you come up with exciting ideas on how to use different elements from Galileo or combine it with other data or technologies such as Earth Observation, new hardware or social media, and create integrated solutions that use space to improve life on Earth?

Fear not, GSA will be on site to empower participants with the knowledge and support needed to take their app to the next level with GNSS positioning.

We need you!

We need creative minds to come up with innovative applications, that make use of the full breadth of Galileo’s capabilities. It can be……. Anything! Just show us how your application can generate an added commercial or societal value by using the Galileo services. Applications include:

  • Fitness, sport and mHealth: fitness and mHealth applications rely on GNSS –in addition to other sensors- to monitor users’ physical performances

  • Augmented Reality and games: the integration of positioning with virtual information allows the development of pinpoint services aimed at entertaining or informing users

  • Geo marketing and advertising: consumer preferences are combined with positioning data to provide exceptionally personalised offers to potential customers

  • Mapping & GIS: the enhanced processing power of modern smartphones, their portability and the location capabilities make them very suitable to develop Geographic Information System applications and create crowdsourced maps

  • Smart mobility: innovative GNSS-enabled applications contributes to the reduction of congestion while implementing faster, greener, and cheaper transportation options

  • Enterprise applications: GNSS-based tracking solutions contribute to improving productivity and safety of workers through mobile workforce management solutions

  • Social networking: the location of people is a relevant information around which develop specific services in social networks.

The winning team will receive a dedicated consulting/advisory by Space3ac – a recognised 3-month acceleration program for start-ups making use of satellite technologies - including the invitation to “Space 3ac Demo Day", scheduled for 22nd of March, and present their idea in front of investors looking for innovative businesses. Additional prizes for participants will be provided by Here!

PS You can still sign up for the hackathon waiting list here:


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