The trials of the 12 teams of Wood 2

As the dust settles for the night it’s time to reflect on the second day of Garage48 Wood 2. The teams are trying to finish up their prototypes, making sure, that what has to move moves and what doesn’t doesn’t. It’s already been a day since our teams started working on their projects and we can start to see first signs of meltdowns and panic setting in, as the deadline is approaching ever faster.

We went around in the teams and asked them how they are doing and what they will be presenting tomorrow.

Pixel- We are experiencing deficit of nails in the whole of Latvia, it’s truly overshadowing the 100th anniversary celebrations, but if this gets resolved we hope to show different sized modules tomorrow. As the idea is to create a design platform that uses modules as building blocks we will show how the modules will fit together and look like in the end product.

CNC- Right now everything is going slowly. It’s a bit more difficult than we expected, but we are determined to have a working CNC tomorrow. Right now most of our job is dedicated to drilling holes, lots and lots of holes.

Rock the chair- During the final presentation we will test our chair for the first time, it’s much more fun to break your chair during presentation than to go to the presentation with a broken chair. Hopefully the chair will stay intact, but as there is so little of us, we might not have the time to make the chair strong enough

LaikAhouse- They said that there were two guys snoring in our room, but I only heard one. Right now we are building a small prototype of the end product, but tomorrow we will present the real size dog shed.

Theatre- We have finished a foam prototype to try the positioning of the keys. For tomorrow we hope to have 2 octaves of keys with some functioning to show how it’s more ergonomic than the traditional piano layout and overall look of the end product.

Magnetic ufo- Before we even arrived to Garage48 we hadn’t had much sleep, one team member of ours had been up for 36 hours straight. Now he had some sleep and things are going better. We will be presenting a floating bowl tomorrow, we are excited to see it work.

Shelf- The shelf will have 2 main pieces that can be combined together to build shelves in different shapes and sizes. The first prototype is ready, but we will make a new one for the presentation that looks a bit nicer. In general we really don’t have a plan written down, but we do have a plan. Mentors seem to like our idea, so we got that going for us.

Rolly Bench Creators- Things are going well, we hope to have the bench ready by tonight, so that tomorrow we can focus on painting and making the bench look nice. During lunch I wanted to ask for the chicken, but the lady kept asking me if I want to come into the kitchen, other than that no communication errors.

Dacha- By tomorrow morning we will have a 1:20 model of a house that can be packed into shipping containers. We have had some great feedback from mentors and possible business options, we probably have to build another container to hold all the money we will get.

Bed for kids- Our model is almost ready, just need to tweak some parts here and there. We have a large team so everyone can have enough sleep and things are moving fast, right now we are waiting for some parts to be laser cut.

Paliktenis- We lost 4 of our team members, apparently they were only going to be here yesterday, but we didn’t know that. We still have 4 members left so we will be able to present a real size prototype tomorrow.

Wave- Our project is coming along fine, we talked with some architects last night and we discovered that there might be a flaw in the design that will make it more difficult to build. We decided to go ahead with our design anyway, but we’ll figure it out as we go along.

Garage48 Wood hackathon is a part of the Wood & Furniture project in the Interreg Estonia-Latvia programme. The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and co-financed by the Ministry of Finance and supported by Cesis School of Technologies and Design. Our supporters are MadeBy, Art Academy of Latvia,, SPARK HUB, Skola6, MassPortal, Võrumaa Kutsehariduskeskus and Riga Technical University.

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