Cogo eats your social media data and wins Garage48 in Riga

Check a full story from the weekend of extreme start-up schooling in Riga in Storify! See all projects pitched in video from the final demo event! 

Here are the heroes of the weekend!


The Winner | Rubylight special prize | Game Insight special prize | MTGx special prize | Credit24 special prize

Watch out for Cogo to take over the world of social media! Cogo is a creature that lives in your mobile device. In order to keep him alive you have to feed him updates from your social networks. 
 Team: Toms Burāns, Kristaps Grinbergs, Viktorija Juskevica, Andris Priedīte,  Eduard Ruzga, Janis Sneiders, Kristaps Taube

Runner up | MTGx special prize | Credit24 special prize is your easy decision making app. IOS & webpp for instant statistical opinions multiple choice questions. 

Team: Jegors Ivanovs, Andrejs Adamovics, Kristers Jursevskis, Teodors Zeltins, Kristaps Cirulis 

Best Friends Game

Runner up | Game Insight special prize | Credit24 special prize

Best Friends Game is exciting new social Facebook quiz game, where you can challenge yourself to find out how good you know your friends! 

Team: Ivo Čapiņs, Jurijs Guščins, Vadims Guščins, Konstantin Garkavenko, Kārlis Skuja, Andrejs Konstantinovs

Microsoft special prize

Use GameW.IN smart controller to play games and control music playback with your phone. Create custom controller for your games layouts with controller editor. 
Team: Nikita Cornijs, Edgar Meinart, Dmitri Maslakov, Konstantins Bogdanovs, Janis Ozols, Grigorijs Kovjazins 


Game Insight special prize

Social media/big data analysis to determine the happiness of people in regards to location and language. Happinex is also finding the causes of peoples happiness and what influences it. 

Team: Pāvels Reško,  Jānis Peisenieks,  Andrejs Čumakovs,  Uģis Bērziņš,  Dmitrijs Ščegoļevs,  Līva Pilvere,  Ronalds Sovas,  Daniel Cho,  Dāvis Jaunzems,  Gundars Kuļikovskis App

MTGx special prize

Unleash your inner cook! Windows Phone & Windows 8 apps for the biggest recipes portal in Latvia - Phone application shows recipes and can be used as a shopping assistant.

Team: Edmunds Medvedevs, Kristaps Skutelis, Edgars Ozols, Viktors Romaņuks, Raivo Fišmeisters, Didzis Potapovs, Andris Pakulis

TechHub Riga special prize

An online platform for systematizing world’s online education. We pool online university courses in one place and arrange them in a map that tells users the sequence in which the courses should be taken. 

Team: Edgars Pelna, Peteris Lauris, Stanislav Filatov, Juris Vigulis.

Favorite of the audience

LivePrayer is a platform for the Christian believer to connect for a collective act of praying.To pray for the divine common goal of kindness. 

Team: Kaur Meressaar, Arno Skipars,  Andrievs Niedra, Reinis Lūsis, Kristaps Felzenbergs, Kārlis Bērziņš, Pēteris Brosovs, Jānis Līdums 

SEE MORE PROJECTS: is a secondary marketplace for flight tickets Team: Rolands Mesters, Edgars Simanovskis, Zigmars Rozentals, Emils Solmanis, Roberts Bernans

LaikaDarbi is the first Latvian freelancer site which unites people who are searching for work to people who need work to be done. Team: Māris Vilks, Zane Dorošenoka, Aldis Sans, Artūrs Terehovičs, Valerijs, Nils Liepiņš

Pouble: Short important news service only. Team: Mihails Butorins, Nikita Chernov, Dmitriy Ivanov,  Andrus Valulis 

Vintage camera app brings retro camera user experience to mobile phone. Users will be able to enjoy it and remember old times, when 35mm films was a mainstream. Team: Ritvars Freimanis, Didzis Gruznovs, Dainis Voronins, Andrejs Stepanovs

Feel Riga is your ultimate guide to Riga. Browse through a curated shortlist of the best events in Riga every night. No need to remember anything, we're 100% mobile. Team: Kristaps Keselis, Alvis Berngards, Juris Tihomirovs, Andris Urtāns, Vilnis Dreimanis

Cut for Me is an online platform that lets you turn digital design files into unique products using laser cutters - computer controlled lasers that cut and etch very precise patterns into a wide range of materials.
Team: Andrejs Puķītis, Gunārs Frickauss, Jānis Tims, Inese Priedīte

BizsCards is business card network where users can create their own cards based on what they do or are talented in.Team: Alberts Pumpurs, Kristjan Prik, Kaspars Rruva

Melu provides healthy lifestyle offers in the region that you will want! Team: Taavi Lindmaa, Rene Mustasaar, Meelis Kosk

Fastr Books* is a social bookstore. An app for iPhone and Android, where you can buy books, read them and see, what your friends are reading. 
*Factory team

A round of applause goes to our jury members:

Aija Perta, partner at Rubylight Elina Parhomenko, partner at Rubylight
Anatoly Ropotov, CEO of Innowate | GameInsight
Elise Sass, CEE Start-up Lead at Microsoft
Priit Salumaa, co-founder of Garage48 Yashar Moradbakhti, CTO of MTGx 



See you in Riga event in 2014!

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