The winner of the Garage48 Hardware&Arts in Tbilisi will try to help blind people!

The very first Hardware & Arts hackathon here in Tbilisi, Georgia concluded with great results - 9 teams delivered a stellar presentation and demoed their working prototypes at the final event. The hackathon was held in the not-even-opened-yet Techpark that will serve as a centre for all start-up activity in Tbilisi. 

During the next year Techpark will open its doors to a co-working space, an incubator, a fully equipped FabLab for prototyping and GITA's headquartes - all to support the local startup ecosystem. As the chairman of Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency Irakli Kashibadze said at the final event, the technical equipment and available workspace will be essential for all the strong teams from the hackathon to carry on developing their ideas! 

Our big thank you goes to the Jury members, who had the difficult decision of choosing the winners: Priit Salumaa (Garage48, Mooncascade); Indrek Rebane (Hedgehog, Buildit); Martin Melioranski (Estonian Academy of Arts); David Chechelashvili (Ilia University); Irakli Kashibadze (GITA); Martin Verrev (Microsoft). 

Also to all the mentors who were helping out the teams throughout the weekend: Renee Puusepp, Jaanus Kalde, Jaanus Sakkis and Anu Piirisild. 

And without further ado, here are the winners of Garage48 Hardware&Arts hackathon Tbilisi 2015:

Overall Winner

Prize: Nokia Lumia phones,
spot in the week-long Garage48 startup bootcamp
Helping blind people. Glasses for blind people that react to movement and direct them.


Prize: voucher for free training from GIPA, 
spot in the week-long Garage48 startup bootcamp
Producing energy from riding a bicycle. You can charge your phone while you ride.

Best Design Award

Prize: annual collection of architectural review "Maja/House"

Best Research Award

Prize: equipment for future research
Building smart prosthetics.

Special Prize from

Mystery Box
Prize: surprise tickets to an electronic music festival 
Music library. Social network for music.

Favourite of the Audience

Connected World
Prize: special Estonian liqueur "Vana Tallinn"
Smart home solutions.

Congratulation to all the teams - you are all winners! A big thank you to everyone who participated and to all our supporters and sponsors. 


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