Winner of Wood 2 will change the way how houses are built

The Garage48 Wood 2, that took place for the 2nd time, was again a makeathon that showed a really high level of prototyping power. This past few sleepless nights and days, 12 interdisciplinary teams of woodworking, design and architecture students and practitioners built prototypes ranging from new solutions utilizing wood in the open space to levitating objects and dog houses. 

Maarika Truu, Head of Startup Estonia and a long-time Garage48 team member who was the head mentor and moderator of the event commented: "Garage48 Wood is different from what we usually do, but after the success of this and the last one, we see that there is a need for these kind of events. It's amazing to see all these physical products that the teams can be only with 48 hours. I would like to play with the idea of connecting other industries as well like forest, metal and construction for example. "

To make these prototypes into a reality, the support of mentors is extremely important. A big thank you to all the mentors, who were ready to take the time durign a whole weekend and share their knowledge and skills: Moderator and head mentor Maarika Truu (Garage48, Startup Estonia), Jörgen Dobris (TSENTER), Martin Melioranski (Estonian Academy of Arts, Meliorad), Renee Puusepp (Estonian Academy of Arts, Creatomus), Aija Freimane (Art Academy of Latvia), Jaan Kers (TalTech), Maris Simanovics (wood engineering & bizdev), Nauris Grandans (MeKA), Marek Mardisoo (EstHus), Andre Visnapuu (UUP), Triin Kõivupuu (UUP).

Our great friends and supporters from Garage48 Hardware & Arts hackathons - MassPortal team with  Egils Arajs and Kriss Berzkalns spent the whole 48 hours printing 3D parts for the prototypes. Thank you so much again!

A big shoutout to the instructors of the Cesis School of Design and Technologies and TSENTER who helped the participants in operating with the power tools and woodworking machines - Tanel Velga (TSENTER), Martinš Jurcinš (Cesis School of Design and Technologies), Lauris Purinš (Cesis School of Design and Technologies), Andrejs Koklis (Cesis School of Design and Technologies).

Special thanks to the organisers that made all of this happen: Lauri Semevsky (TSENTER), Laima Engere (Vidzeme Planning Region), Ieva Bivina (Vidzeme Planning Region), Kadri Kõivik (Garage48, Contriber), Jörgen Dobris (TSENTER), Gatis Teteris (Vidzeme Planning Region), Saskia Jõers (sTARTUp Day), Sandra Eowyn Karu (Photographer),  Everiin Silas (volunteer), Sandra Verrevmägi (volunteer), Helen Eglit (volunteer).

We couldn't have chosen the winners without our jury: Maarika Truu (Garage48, Startup Estonia), Lauri Semevsky (TSENTER), Martin Melioranski (Estonian Academy of Arts, Meliorad), Jaan Kers (TalTech), Guntars Zvejnieks (Cesis School of Design and Technologies), Ervins Krauklis (Koka Dienas), Ilze Gutmane (Riga Technical University)

And now without further ado, let's see who were the specially smily faces  - here are the winners of Garage48 Wood 2.

The winner - DACHA

Dacha is a prefabricated hybrid house with hustle free transport and assembly.

Prize: Startup Estonia special prize, Wood Days passes and local goodie bags.

Team: Robert Männa (Manufacturer/Pitcher, EKA) Aivar Pehme (Manufacturer, TTK) Matis Velt (Team Lead, Q-House) Agate Eglite Drezina (Designer, Art Academy of Latvia) Marianna Zvereva (Designer, EKA) Vitali Valtanen (Designer, EKA).

The winning team commented: "We will move one with the project, we didn't expect to win anything when we came in on Friday. It was really a great surprise, it was mostly our own interest that pushed us to do this project. It's amazing to get validation for your idea like this."

1st runner-up - CNC

Men needed Garage48 where to build their own CNC machine.

Prize: Wood Days passes, local goody bags.

Artūrs Vēveris (designer), Kārlis Vēveris (engineer), Oskars Janševskis (engineer), Mikus Purmalis (carperter).

2nd runner-up - MLO

An innovative levitating bowl based on magnetic levitation. It flies in air and rotates. Impress your clients by having this in your restaurant, reception desk or office. Everybody who see this will be astounded.

Prize: Wood Days passes, local goody bags.

Team: Ingus Puķītis (author of idea/joiner), Lauri Mei (joiner/designer/engineer/pitcher), Mārtiņš Ciekurs (marketer/business developer), Pēteris Ciekurs (project manager).

Favourite of the audience - LaikAhouse

Making the best little houses for your dogs.

Prize: Coworking desk in sTARTUp Hub and Prototyping time at SPARK Makerlab.

Team: Ants Tiido (joiner, VKHK), Sirle Kont (marketing, SWA), Magnus Otsa (wizard, Haluvalgus OÜ), Sven Tiirusson (Industry wizard, Attel design OÜ), Verner Mättas (joiner), Oliver Kanniste (designer, EKA), Nameda Zemite (designer, LMA), Martin Varvas (team lead).

Special mention - Shelf

Modular shelf with no screws, so you can add additional elements without reattaching.

Prize: Wood days passes.

Team: Māris Bergs (designer), Roberts Rozītis (joiners/designer), Matīs Krauja (constuctor/engineer), Oskars Kreišmanis (constuctor/engineer).

Best presenter - Rolly Bench Creators

Tired of sitting on a wet bench? Waiting for the bus to come and you can't sit because the bench is wet from the rain? Well, Rain is no longer a pain!

Prize: sTARTUp Day tickets.

Team: Visar Hadri (Marketer/Business Developer, RTU), Gresa Morina (Architect, RTU). Elina Zarina (Designer, LMA. Andris Vanags, Joiner/ Technologist CTDV), Gundars Priedins (Company Practicioner, GPmetal).

Educational potential - Wood Do

WoodDo bed is dedicated to serve children up to the age of 4 - 5. Each element of the bed is constructed in such a way that it gives creative freedom to both parents and the kids.

Prize: RTU special prize, wood days passes, Wooch watch.

Team: Gaļina Asmaite (designer, LMA), Ēriks Kanaviņš (woodworker master in BPVV), Kaspars Aigars (business manager), Edvīns Sirmacis (woodworker, BPVV), Elmars Brants (woodworker, BPVV), Kristaps Ludvigs (woodworker, BPVV).

Let's remember once more, that all the participants, mentors and organizers are winners for taking the time for themselves to develop their skills, take on new challenges, make their ideas into reality, meet new people in and connected to the woodworking industry AND have lots of fun while doing it. YOU ROCK! See you at the next Garage48!

Garage48 Wood hackathon is a part of the Wood & Furniture project in the Interreg Estonia-Latvia programme. The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and co-financed by the Ministry of Finance and supported by Cesis School of Technologies and Design. Our supporters are MadeBy, Art Academy of Latvia,, SPARK HUB, Skola6, MassPortal, Võrumaa Kutsehariduskeskus and Riga Technical University.

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