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Garage48 Wood is happening for the second time! The fantastic feedback from last year has brought the event to Latvia in co-operation of Garage48, TSENTER and Vidzeme Planning Region as a part of the Interreg Estonia-Latvia program Wood & Furniture Project. The Cesis School of Technology and Design is filled with wood industry workers and enthusiasts excited to learn more about the wood industry

It’s the first evening here at the Garage48 Wood 2 and after a long evening of pitching and team formations, we are proud to introduce to you all the teams that will be working on their projects this weekend here in Cesis. From rotating benches to grid systems for designing module houses the teams have chosen many different problems to solve and now they are working hard, to show their first working prototype on Sunday night. As we wait for the first drills to start and the spirits are still high, we are proud to introduce you our 12 teams, that made the cut.

 Pixel- system platform where modules are used as a   building material and a 3D grid system that will help architects and designers to design a building in a quickly and easy way.

CNC machine- CNC machine using plywood to make the designs

Wooden swivel chair- a wooden swivel chair, made out of thin wooden strips that combine into one long strip that will be bent to a chair.

Doghouse- flat pack dog house that fits the nordic climate and could fit a dog that never seems to stop growing

Theatre- acoustic piano with semicircular keyboard, that will position the keys in a more ergonomic and comfortable way to help the players reach those octaves

Rotating bench- a bench made out of wood that can be rotated so after rain you don’t have to sit on the wet bench, but rather turn to the new dry side and have a nice place to enjoy the view

Dacha- a module house that can be packed together and put into shipping containers to ship them across the world with ease

Wood do- children's bed, that gives parents the opportunity to be involved in the crib design. It can be made to accommodate to special needs if needed and give some educational properties to the design.

Wave- wave liked shelter, that has multiple uses as a resting place, you can take shelter under the wave and enjoy the sun while laying on the back of it

Paliktenis- A tray with draws so that you won’t spill soup on your lap and keep some cool stuff in the draws

Magnetic levitation object- where two magnets push up against each other, while it’s wearing some cool wooden clothes

Growing modular shelf- Modular shelf that grows together with the kids, as the kids grow older they have different needs for the furniture, so you keep dangerous things away from your toddler or give some extra storage space for your kids by lowering it to a height they can reach

The ideas that were pitched, but did not make the cut

Let’s share- create triangle modules, that can be connected and put together to create new rooms and buildings

Modular roof- modular roof apartments that can be used for new or already existing buildings to add some more space and give a quick and easy option to create those penthouse apartments

Smart sledge- a sledge that can be used all year around, on all terrains by children and elderly alike

Wood sup board- a stand up paddling board that is made out of wood

Composteron- toilet using compost system that is comfortable, after the compost tank is full you can move the the toilet to a new spot without having to have to get your hands dirty

Personal space capsule- to give some privacy to people working in open offices, whether you need to make some personal calls or just some privacy you can wheel in your booth and get some alone time.

Easiest lamp to use EVER- Lamp that illuminates just enough to give a nice atmosphere, but the trick is that you can place the the block shaped lamp on a base and it just lights up.

Stilt house- Small prefabricated house on stilts, that can be placed on uneven surfaces that can be used in rocky and uneven areas.

The Garage48 Wood hackathon was organized as a part of the Wood & Furniture project in the Estonian-Latvian Interreg programme in cooperation of  Vidzeme Planning Region, TSENTER and Garage48.

Garage48 Wood hackathon is a part of the Wood & Furniture project in the Interreg Estonia-Latvia programme. The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and co-financed by the Ministry of Finance and supported by Cesis School of Technologies and Design. Our supporters are MadeBy, Art Academy of Latvia, Lift99.co, SPARK HUB, Skola6, MassPortal, Võrumaa Kutsehariduskeskus and Riga Technical University.

This webpage reflects the views of the author. The managing authority of the programme is not liable for how this information may be used.

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