The power of Open Data: 22 ideas pitched at Garage48 Open Data & Public Services Riga 2015

The halls here at the University of Latvia are filled with open data enthusiasts. 22 great ideas were pitched and the finding of future team mates started. Out of 22 ideas 13 teams were formed (marked in bold below) who are going to have the challenge to deliver a working prototype in this unforgiving timeframe. We have great mentors, great prizes and kick-ass teams - seems everything is set for an awesome event. Screw it, let's do it!

1. Flubr - Education social network to allow allow people to discover and apply for educational opportunities.  

2. Riddle Box - Puzzle game with series objects that have a number of physical mechanisms on them and that player needs to open. Gamificiation of open data game.

3. Where Does My Taxes Go - Mobile solution where the taxes have gone. clone-iteration.

4. Outdoor billboard & human interaction map - Service to trace and monitor people around the specific billboards. Existing API based service to analyze 4sq, twitter and other social media feeds. 

5. Patronage - Selecting a transport that is not overcrowded. Opportunity to show users to show how many people are on bus where and when to avoid. 

6. HelpMate - An mobile app to help user to avoid dangers in the city based on the criminal data of the district.

7. Salary Analytics - Tool to analyze/benchamrk your salary data, free for personal use and in-depth analytics. 

8. CityDash - Aggregate different open data about the city. For Sunday build MVP only about some domains like crime and ecology.

9. Mazdardini Urban Gardens - Platform for urban garden owners to engage younger generation using gamification elements to promote green and healthy lifestyle.

10. Witt - Loyalty cards in one mobile application and an offer feed for Riga. Need all kind of developers but has tons of same things done already.

11. WIPT - Where is a public transport. Place to show where a public transport is. Like In MVP they want people with devices like phone to broadcast the signal to server.

12. GiftAdviser - An application/website that recommends what to give to as a present to specific person based on that persons responses

13. Homaps - An application that finds the suitable home location to foreign students.

14. - An app to find a new apartment and show its locations.

15. Kid-UUID - An application that recommends a name for the child according to statistics, frequency etc. 

16. Grand Ripoff Riga Edition - Game based on real statistics of Riga, a web based HTML5 strategy game like Monopoly, but based on real life.

17. Science Books - A recommendation engine to discover books and journals based on what you have read already.

18. Needpee - Mobile app-service that shows the location for the nearest public toilet based on crowdsourcing and open data. Price monitoring for paid toilets. 

19. Black Riga - A game where a person needs to run from different dangerous buildings.

20. Roguelike stategy board game - Open data driven board game taking place in Riga.

21. The Best School - Using people to help parents to choose the best school for their children based on open data. Create a score rating for the schools in different areas. 

22. Fun Open Data - Citizens do not know about the availabilty of open data and what a person can do with that. The idea during weekend is to create a quiz that shows the fun aspects of the open data. Fun = interesting for common citizens.

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