The new generation of entrepreneurs is developing in Chisinau and Garage48 is here to witness it!

Garage48 is in Moldova for the fourth time and we're truly happy and satisfied that there are so many familiar faces and talented young minds who keep on joining our events and also brining their friends with them. One of the biggest goals of  Garage48 is giving back to the community and building a new and strong generation of tech entrepreneurs

Despite of the beautiful weather, long vacation weekend and exams at universities all at the same time 65 sharp and motivated people came together  and took the challenge to find new and world changing solutions in healthtech, fintech, telcom and creative industries. 
The event was hosted by Kai Isand, former CEO of Garage48 joined by a team of experienced mentors including Joao Rei who managed to motivate and inspire the participants to keep on coming up with new ideas. 

Altogether 13 ideas were pitched and 10 teams started to work towards MVPs.

1. Kant iOS
Create a personal cabinet solution for patients of Medpark both through a web interface (via the website) as well as the development of the iOS and Android application that would allow visualisation of all patient extracts, laboratory and radiology history and contact with the doctor through this cabinet.

Fintech idea based on the currency exchange for people to know what is the exact currency at the given time

Platform to contact talented, artistc people

Computerized medical info of patients (using blockchain). Mobile + webapp for patients; desktop for doctors.

Easy to find and book mobile photographers.

Mobile application that will VR spray and show messages and art to buildings and walls. 

7.The Comics
Personalised comic books for educational purposes. Chemistry, physics, etc. Online and printable. 

8.Telco challenge
Chatbot for technical support.

Smart contracts between people so that freelancers will not get cheated.

Website for the teenagers and young people that has content interesting for them.
Different articles about the tech, different topics etc. that is interesting for the targeted audience.

We wish best of the luck to all the teams and are very excited to see the final results on Sunday!

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