The Ideas Pitched on Friday at Garage48 Riga 2014 GameDev & Gamification

What an inspiring start to the Garage48 Riga GameDev & Gamification event! 26 ideas were pitched on Friday night and 14 teams were formed - so the hackathon is in full gear now. The halls here at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga are buzzing with ideas and excitement (and energy-drink-filled participants). Good luck to everyone and we are super excited to see the results at the Final Event on SundaY.

Here are all the ideas pitched and the projects that attracted the needed team members, marked underneath in bold:

1. Buzzcat - anonymous local messages                                            

2. Battle of the regions - flag capture game where each user represents a region of a country

3. Ludum dare - team plans to participate in Ludum Dare (online game coding competition) which takes place during the Garage48

4. Be the dictator - mobile game based on gps, players shoot virtual missiles at each other

5. Snowball Santa Claus in Virtual Reality- Oculus Rift and Leap Motion based game

6. QuestForYou - app that provides daily challenges for users

7. Galaxy Protector - shooting game for tablets 

8. Eclipse -  post apocalyptic game with all animations done using stop-motion

9. Monster of the Week - top-down shooter about boss fights

10. Smart Gym Systems  - application that awards badges in gym  

11. Balls - game about bouncing balls (just typing this in made me feel dirty..)

12. Piece of Shi#t - name derives from sentence players will be saying while playing it

13. Epic Deck - a card game where you use your friends as cards

14. Get Drunk - a drinking game app

15. Your Super Mario - Uber for technicians 

16. KreelCru - a platformer for mobile devices with good controls

17. It's coding time - an environment where people can create programming tutorials and coding exercises.

18. Mygym - community based all-in-one fitness app

19. Arena Fire - Metrovania style game with a combo system like Devil May Cry

20. Develop ourselves- application for personal development 

21. Hyperbug - app that controls your camera

22. Tank Shooter - 3D tank game for PC

23. Bulls*it - an arena based game for touch devices that can be played with 1 finger

24. Rat6 - 2D game with a plot based on changing gravity 

25. The MUG (Most Unoriginal Game) - an endless runner

26. Vindivs - a game about genetically modified mice

27. The Greatest Galactic Battles Anthology Vol.7 - Historic turn-based capital space ship battle simulator, reenacting famous space battles of our time. Because space ships are cool. For all those history nerds who want to experience glorious space battles.

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