The Garage48 Virtual and Augmented Reality hackathon in Odessa showcased the technologies of the future!

On the night of  June 16 around 70 people joined us at Terminal 42, Odessa to pitch or listen to what VR/AR ideas our contestants have for us. We had 19 brave idea owners pitching and after that 10 teams were submitted into development. In 48 hardcore hours, we had all those 10 teams prepared and ready for the final pitches. 

Before congratulating our winners, we have to thank our amazing mentors who worked day and night to make sure the teams can bring their projects to new levels! THANK YOU!

No Man’s Island

Prize: 4 tickets to Get It! Game development conference in Odessa, Hover Board from Levira and Demo ride on the VR Chair
No Man's Island is a VR experience about surviving on an unknown island... alone. Thirst, hunger and cold are your enemies. And pray there are no predators here.
ME in VR

Prize: 4 VR Boxes and Demo ride on the VR Chair
 Our idea is to develop a convenient and easy VR tool for creating meshes from scratch, editing and saving them with ability of 3D printing.
We propose our solution for artists, designers and developers who would be able to create content on the fly.
Our target is the professional tool for creating precise and complete objects and environment.

Landscape AR

Prize: Terminal 42 subscription for 1 month and Demo ride on the VR Chair
 The product which help landscape designers present their project to potential customers with a help of Hololens.
VR Ideas

Prize: 3 VR Boxes and Special Estonian liquor Vana Tallinn
 WebVR tool for creating, editing and sharing mood boards.

Prize: 3 tickets to Get It! Game development conference in Odessa
The VR Platform for microDemos. You click, you like, you buy.

Here’s also a congratulations to the teams who made it until the end and presented their product to our jury!
Paper AR
Interactive manual instructions with AR.
Virtual Lab
Augment reality laboratory for education.
“Milli” is an augmented reality game for iPhone users.
Juicy Reality
Make VR porn affordable for all layers of our society :)
Our technology will help to take in real-time mode videos with the effect which is brought closer to 3D (though in fact it will be 2,5D effect).

Thank you to all of our sponsors who helped make this event happen and we are forever grateful for the support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid who is helping us continue our work in Ukraine! And last but not least, THANK YOU Terminal 42 with Sergey and Karina who have helped us organise these events in Odessa for the past 3 years!

This event was organised by Garage48 with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid.

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