The First Ever Garage48 (Analog) Design Hackathon Was The Bomb

Garage48 joined forces with the Estonian Academy of Arts to organise the first ever design hackathon. The Garage48 (Analog) Design was held at the premises of the department of interior design of EAA and was tailored for its students. Unsurprisingly, magical things started to happen when entrepreneurial mindset met with the aspiring creative geniuses.

The participating students came from various departments like interior architecture, graphic design, fashion design, leather art, ceramics and textile design to find design solutions for existing  problems. During the hackathon no code was written or electronics soldered, but people were hacking on textile, wood, clay and metal. 
A total of 8 ideas from the 15 ideas presented got the green light to start working on their project. And so the work started on a very snowy January week-end in the inspiring atmosphere of the Tallinn Old Town. 

Alltogether an impressive number of 50 students were mentored by professionals like Elise Sass (Microsoft), Kaie Kaas-Ojavere(Baltika Group), Kristjan Mändmaa (Viljandi Kunstikool) and Uku-Kristjan Küttis (AKU) among others, throughout the week-end event.

All the mentors and jury members were an amazing support for the teams. Thus a big thank you to: Kaie Kaas Ojavere (Baltika Group), Uku Kristjan Küttis (AKU), Henri Laupmaa (Hooandja), Kristjan Mändmaa (Viljandi Kunstikool), Marta Moorats (Marta Cycles), Indrek Narusk (GrabCAD, Viks), Lauri Kilusk (Asuurkeraamika, EKA), Priit Salumaa (Garage48, Mooncascade), Elise Sass (Microsoft), Anna Jõgi (Wunderkraut, EKA), Avo Tragel (EKA puidutöökoda), Rein Erdel (EKA puidutöökoda), Indrek Klaus (EKA metallitöökoda), Märten Peterson (EKA 3D Labor) and Kristjan Lepik (Estonian Development Fund).



Offers affordable, tasteful and easy solutions for storing clothes you've worn only for one day.

Team members: Lisette Eriste - interior architecture/teamleader, Maria Muuk - graphic design/marketing, Evgeniya Dolgopolova - fashion design ,Andree Paat - graphic design/marketing, Mariette Nõmm - interior architecture, Delija Thakur - interior architecture, Teele Poel- fashion design

Special Prize


Modulated playing space made of felt.  

Team members: Eeva Rank - graphic design, Maria Kesküla - graphic design, Joosep Noorväli - graphic design/branding, Laura Müüsepp - interior architecture/organizing, Martin Saar - interior architecture, Kaarel Kuusk - interior architecture, Egle Lillemäe - textile/teamleader. 

2nd Special Prize


Sound absorbing screen

Team members: Kaire Kartau - ceramics, Elise Roos - interior architecture,  Kadi Adrikorn - fashion design, Andrea Miku - interior architecture, Karolin Kaup - interior architecture, Heleri Koltšin - interior architecture, Gerda Kaasik - interior architecture

Here are all the other amazing teams:

1."Cupgripp" - A handle produced from recycled materials for cups and jars in various sizes. 

Team mebers: Maarit Helistvee- ceramics, Kris Ojasuu - ceramics, Kaspar kuldkepp- graphic design

2."Koffr"- A multifunctional bag with a minimalistic design. Possible to use  as a backpack, suitcase and luggage.

Team members: Johanna Sepp - interior architecture, Kätlin Tauts- fashion design, Mariann Drell - interior architecture, Kertti Soots- interior architecture, Eliis Kosseson - leather design, Kristiina Jeromans - fashion design, Henri Kaarel Luht - interior architecture.

3. "Lämmi"-Lämmi is a warm wallpanel designed for the cityscapes.  Everybody can get warm leaning on Lämmi.

Team members: Anni Leo - interior architecture, Alden Jõgisuu - interior architecture, Jekaterina Zakilova - interior architecture, Helena Leif - interior architecture.

4. "Kompu" - A foldable picnic landscape with comfortable seats and table.

Team members: Anni Kotov - interior architecture, Teele Tompson - interior architecture, Anna Viik - fashion design, Anni Ilves - fashion design. 

5."Lunchbag"- Trash insto cash. Multifunctional bikebag/backbag.

Team members: Vello lutter - graphic design/organiser, Kristiine Špongolts - leather/idea, Anna-Grete Konsap - interior architecture, Elise Saar - fashion design

Special thanks to our partners and supporters : Eesti Kultuurkapital, EAA 

Science Foundation; department of interior architecture, department of graphic design, department of fashion design, department of leather art and department of ceramics of Estonian Academy of Arts. 

You rock!
Organizers of the event were Hannes Praks, Piret Puppart, Urmas Puhkan, Indrek Sirkel, Lennart Mänd, Natalie Mets and Anu Piirisild. Our rockstar host was Priit Salumaa.

Stay inspired! 

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