The first ever Garage48 e-Residency has started off in Vormsi!

After months and months of planning, brainstorming and 2 pre-events held - Garage48 e-Residency has finally arrived in the breathtaking island of Vormsi, Estonia! 
With around 80 participants, which is made up from a record number of 26 nationalities, coming from Japan, China, Anguilla, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Portugal, USA, Switzerland, Columbia, Australia, the Netherlands, Belarus, Finland, Poland, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Turkey etc. we were also glad to hear that even more noteworthy - there is a huge number of e-Residents participating in this hackathon! These people together with developers, designers and marketers will be creating exciting services for the digital identification platform, that will truly create a cornerstone for a new age of services! 

This is also the first time that anyone will build products and services for the e-Residency platform, as this idea  of a transnational digital identity is being copied by 3 countries already. Kaspar Korjus, the Program Director for e-Residency said this only proves the demand and brilliancy of the idea. Actually, the author of the idea of e-Reisdency came from Siim Sikkut, who is also one of the mentors present at the event. 

The other team members of e-Residency are also present and ready to help the teams with every advice possible - Katre Kasmel, Katrin Sepp, Victoria Saue and Ott Vatter! Also, we had welcoming words from the Major of Vormsi - Tanel Viks, who thinks the real challenge is how to get people back to "the real world" - Vormsi. Do not worry, we are already in love with this island, Tanel!

It also pays off to work hard during the upcoming weekend, as the prizes are absolutely fantastic: the main prize is a trip to Heslinki to the SLUSH conference for the winning team! Plus, we will give out tickets to the Latitude59 conference for 2 teams, 1 spot in the TOP30 in Ajujaht and Hedman Partners is going to give 1000€ worth of legal services! Wait, there is more: Ronimisministeerium is going to bring 2 teams to climbing, as part of team building! And last, but not least - 2 teams are going to the e-Residency acceleration program organised by Startup Wise Guys!

Now, without further ado, here are the ideas that got accepted as a team:

  1. Platform for loging in with e-Residency account. To build a outsorced platform, that gives you a code to add a button to any platform. Simple business model for the sertificate.
  2. Legalize outside the borders - A platform that provides legal contract forms for marriages, investments and writing contracts etc.
  3. A web-based solution that will generate the bylaws solution wizard.
  4. Eve (Estonian Visa Express) – the smartest and fastest visa service in the world
  5. Estonian State for e-residents- a complex view for e-residents, a interactive web-based helpdesk
  6. E- Lube – one smooth portal for startups that would combine all steps into one. One resident place where you can register company, open bank account, and later have standardised agreements and a accounting portal.
  7. The most secure business communication network. We’re doing this to optimize the cross-platform secure needs, to know with whom we’re talking to.
  8. Magic for entrepreneurs – automated company registration for entrepreneurs, it also gives company address etc.
  9. The artist’s vault design process – to claim authorship for artist’s work
  10. For people who can share their network knowledge and experience, for people without a successor to grow more young entrepreneurs

Ideas and idea owners, that can try their luck next time: 

2.     E-Jobs work and place, any time. Webpage for e-citizens where job seekers and employees connect.

7.     Digital Notary & depository for countersignature to record and storage documents

8.     Bank ID – id-card based credit card for retail card payments 

9.     Make it easier for people to optimize taxes and move more freely.  

10.    Pet as e-resident! To have a health report for pets!

12. –smoother shareholder meetings for crowd-funded startups, an environment, where signs in with a ID card and. You need to be identificed, a signature and e-voting!

14. Residency Room- collaboration network for e-residents, with vertified information in one account

17. uID – for services that need client identification with blockchain technology. 

18. Velox app –  Training system, if we take the teens and boost their brain and make then junior e-Residents. 

19. Web based service, that shows the countries that helps you apply for and gives you a support package, it shows you all countries that you are eligible for

20. Cross-border e-sign- a online tool and edit, share small contracts

22. To promote e-residency by companies 

23. One single card that allows to manage all these, user can decide what kind of data they want to give out

24. An event management system to 

25. E-lottery with e-resident card and everyone can play without going to casino!

26. Online shopping place, where you choose what would you want and it would be legally binding

27. A service that generates legal body government circus

28. Door lock using the ID card!

Garage48 e-Residency events are taking place in the framework of EU Structural Funds programme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society" and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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