The 6 brilliant teams of Garage48 Trafficking in Persons!

The Garage48 Trafficking in Persons hackathon is going on in full speed here at the Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn, Estonia. We are glad to have many mentors helping out the teams with technical, design, marketing and questions regarding the human trafficking field itself. We are also happy that 2 teams decided to join forces, because now there is 1 team with extra brain and skill power! To cool off a little, the participants also got to enjoy the startup-story by this year's TIP Hero 2015 Gita Miruškina from Latvia. 
As we have 24 hours from 48 more to go, we would like to introduce our teams now in more detail.

1. Trafficking of Humans Ad-Tracking Online (THATO) 

We are creating a platform with tools to help NGOs find and analyse advertisements that are evidence of trafficking. We are developing proof of concept prototypes of two tools during Garage48. The first program is to collect information of vulnerable persons whose services are being advertised on social media sites and create a database so NGOs can act on this information.The second is a program to recognise job adverts from traffickers, aimed at recruiting victims, that have been copy-and-pasted onto social media sites. We think these tools are needing in the race against traffickers and that there this great potential to develop them further into efficient investigative tools that could make a big difference. 

Team members: Mhari Lawson - Team Leader, Mike Nelson - Developer/ Marketer, Gary Hess - Back-End Developer, Indrek Lasn - Front-End Developer, Kaisa Jarvpõld - Front-End Developer, Roman Krylov - Estonian Trafficking Specialist, Liudmila Avtutova - Moldovan Trafficking Specialist, Tatiana Vladicescu - Moldovan Trafficking Specialist, Armen Abrahamyan - Armenian Cybercrime Specialist


A place where job seekers can read and write reviews about employers. This is a community based on open and transparent communication, where honest dialogue between users is encouraged. This could be a great monitoring tool for all, including public, private, and nongovernmental sectors.

Team members: Nina Nikolova - Project Manager/TIP Specialist, Martin Grigors - Engineer, Martine Päi - Designer, Janika Talts - TIP Specialist, Rauno Kullas - Social Media, Robert Grigoryan - TIP Specialist

3. EyesOnTraffick

Seen something wrong about a person? Report human trafficking NOW! A mobile application connected to a website allowing the general public to report suspicious activities or situations that could be connected to some kind of trafficking in humans, and send as evidence a photo and/or text message and GPS coordinates.

Team members:  Yurii - project leader, Leo - developer, Kiril - developer, Vanessa - designer and marketing specialist, Egle - TIP specialist, Gita - TIP specialist, Georgi - TIP specialist

4. F(r)iend: The Game

F(r)iend is a mobile video game targeted at the audience of children of 11-15 years. It is a project that combines both entertainment and education approaches in order to facilitate the prevention of child-abuse related trafficking by means interactive communication simulation. The game includes the elements of arcade and quest genres and strives to deliver simple, but engaging gameplay. F(r)iend is supposed to be employed as an auxiliary means of extracurricular education in schools and other relevant institutions. 
The game is expected to be distributed with the support of NGOs and governmental institutions involved in education process and anti-trafficking activities.

Team members: (Alexandra - Idea Owner), Natalia Bayram - TIP Specialist, Ecaterina Berejan - TIP Specialist, Ala Vechiu - TIP Specialist, Aleksei Boris - legal expert, Hafiz Abdul Manan - back-end developer, Ines Boski - web designer/developer, Robert Ly - front-end developer  

5. SafeBox Team

SafeBox is place for safe store copy of your travel documents and rescue system if trouble occurs. SafeBox is a free and easy-to-use service that provides:

  • Opportunity to safely store copies of your documents;-
  • Access to your documents when original documents are not available;
  • Rescue system for everyone in emergency situation.
Team members: Volodymyr - software developer, idea owner, Svetlana - TIP specialist, develop emergency protocol, Maya - TIP specialist, develop alarm triggers, Pranay - Designer, Artem - Front-end dev, privacy policy specialist, Alexander - Marketing guru, Reinis - TIP specialist, marketing, Dora - Visionary, advertising is a safe environment, where everyone can anonymously tell about the bad experiences that have happened. We will not reveal, who they are. They are safe with us. We provide them with help from specialists, who know what to do in such situation. We connect them with people, who have been in difficult situation. 
Team members: Anna Aseeva - Idea Owner (Ukraine)Margus Pärt - back-end, front-end developer (Estonia), Maria Deriaga - TIP specialist (Ukraine), Madli Maruste - TIP specialist (Estonia)   

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