The 16 Seriously HILARIOUS prototypes of Garage48 Serious FUN 2016 Hackathon

Garage48 Serious FUN 2016 teams are on fire! We are halfway through of the 48hours at this super funny hackathon with a twist. The day started off  with real entertainment by Mart Normet and Kaaren Kaer. Mart Normet, who is the Head of Entertainment Programmes at Estonian Public Broadcasting, gave his views on jokes and told the participants what jokes make the cut into the programmes of our national television. Kaaren Kaer, who is one of the brains behind the popular sketch show "Tujurikkuja", went through the sketches that were even too funny to be aired. Mart and Kaaren gave also their insights into professional comedy and how to conduct a real joke.

As this is not a usual hackathon, there weren't even the traditional mentoring round after the first Checkpoint. Instead Mart Norman, Kaaren Kaer and Andrus Purde, accompanied also by our design mentor Maido Parv, visited all the teams to tell them how to make their prototypes even more FUN. 

Check yourself if they succeeded in this task of brining a little serious fun into our lives. Here are the 16 prototypes being currently developed here at Garage48 Serious FUN 2016 hackathon in Tallinn.

1. Placebo
Why pretend you're something else other than what you are?
Placebo works. Even if you know it's a placebo.
We're bringing to market a line of products that have no effect on you, except for what you wish to believe in. Placebo. Works.
Team members: Joao Rei - Project lead, Jordan - Developer, Verner - Front end - e-commerce, James - 3D / Design, Liis - Web Design / Product Design, Nik - Copywriter, Kristjan - Front end / Android, Siim - Developer (Full stack), Iulia - Project designer

2. Passthapoop
Social game where you have to 'pass tha poop' ass fast as you can. Goal is to come clean out of this. But if you want to get pooperized, then floor is yours.
Team members: Jüri Siilivask - team lead, Mart Siilivask - idea author and marketer, Martin Grüner - fullstack dev, Daniel Raissar - Marketing, Maido Parv - designer

Today, more than ever before, talking about food is a "cool" thing to do. People stress out in public that they are vegan, others even go on a clay diet. Some of us even keep track of the things we eat. But what about the other end? It's just as important for your body to have regular healthy visits to the toilet. The Throne helps you keep track of them. The Throne is a smart toilet, powered by a smart app that gives the user info about aspects of using a toilet - usage regularity, duration, correct sitting position, dehydration, etc., and integrates it into useful health data, vital tips and feedback on a mobile app.
Team members: Marko Klopets - Developing, full stack, Jaan Kruusma - Social Media, Marketing, Tarvo Metspalu - Hardware, Design, Peep Uudeküll - Marketing & Managing, Idea generator

4. Screaminder
Anger makes people achieve more. And anger they will get. Loads of anger. Motivational anger. Thats right. We are building an app that will make you very angry. And make you do stuff. Better, harder, faster, stronger. Can not wake up in the mornings? - The app will call you and scream the s…t out of you to get the f…k up and do something meaningful with your day. Can not remember mothers new boyfriend's birthday? What the hell xxx. Work assignment deadline is approaching? Loads of use cases that need motivation. Anger is the answer.
Team members: Agu Suur - Epic presenter/ Front-end Fairy, Andres Kukk - Android developer, Anton Narusberg - iOS developer, Carolyn Lizbeth Einmann - UX/UI designer, Janika Liiv - Back-end developer, Kadri Tuisk - Team lead/ Marketeer, Paul Vahur - Marketeer, Taavi Rehemägi - Back-end developer

5. StartupGag
TechCrunch of 9GAG
Team members: Aleksander Tõnnisson - IT, Siim Lepistik - IT & Editor, Sander Gansen - Marketing, Victor Cane - Managing Director, Ranno Päi - Design, Anna-Greta Tsahkna - Marketing, Piret-Klea Velleste - Marketing, Maarja Pehk - Marketing

6. Readems
Readems connects worldwide literature enthusiasts: curious readers, creative authors and sharp reviewers. Our mission is to encourage authors to bring out hidden gems in literature.
Team members: Anu Piirisild - project manager, Cesar Martinez - front end / back end, Margus Metskivi - back end, Laura Toomast - marketing, Raigo Lilleberg - design

7. Catlip
Chasing a cursor is so 2015. Hologram is what makes generation Y cats smack their lips.
Team members: Janek Valdsalu - design stallion, Merit Burenkov - marketing & business guru, Kair Käpser - cat person

8. Donald 'Bot' Trump
Add Donald Trump to your company group Slack / Skype chat
Team members: Lauri - dev/lead, Rain - product/marketing, Sven - content & copywriting, Roberts - picture API, Jüri - product management, Ardi - dev/spiderman, Jevgeni - dev/batman, Katrin - customer support, Mihail - dev/aquaman, Jaanus - backend designer

9. FunMyLife
Are you having enough fun? Want to challenge your friends to have more good time?
An app which helps you to keep track of your fun and share it with friends. Now you`ll always know what the fun happened!
Team members: Ilja Livenson - team lead, Michael Yee - Business,  Martin Verrev - developer, Mert Celik - developer, Maris Heinaru - designer, Ingrid Hermet - marketing

Expressive true opinion about news
Team members: 4 - front-end, disain, disain, android

11. GlowBeat
We are revolutionizing the way you drink. Tune in your favorite songs together with your classy drink.
Rhythm of colors will pleasure your eyes. Drink stand will connect your music and will glow with the same beat.
Team members: Mathias - Market, Kristo - Designer, Oliver - Developer, Artur - Developer

12. Rusikas24
Rusikas24 is like Taxify for private security. Tap a button and a professional problem solver will be on his way to save your ass.
Team members: Markus Villig - team lead, Andres Susi - marketing, Sander Saarsen - developer, Edgar Miadzieles - developer, Pavel Karagjaur - designer

13. Hey, Beer!
Once upon a time, there was a bottle of beer - we made him talk!
Team members: Sven - hardware & stuff, Carl - landing page, Lembit - graphic back-end, Kaspar - communication, Jevgeni - pixels & borders, Henri - management

14. Beat Boxers
A new level of pants technology. Smart pants for a smart future. Beat your pants off!
Team members: Andrew, Fabio, Vadim, Reinis = developers. Karlis = marketing. Mehmet = designer

15. Find Your Lawyer
We help people to find competent lawyers. By simple visualisation of their court case aggregation.
Team members: Siim Schults - Backend Desinger, Priidu Kull - Backend Desinger, Eero Raun - Backend Desinger, Mihkel Lukats - Backend Desinger

16. Funny Waffle 
The next generation waffle machine 3000!

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